Ryan/Valera #2 - Pushing the Dinner Plate Aside for Her

We are all going through Valera withdrawls. And with broken promises and hopes for Valera to have a scene with Ryan in the season finale, well, we are all going stir crazy now.

Valera would have been an excellent choice for the last shot with Ryan, helping him out. She looks like she has nothing else to do. (I'm still in a sour mood for the lack of Valera, can you tell?)
I miss her :(. So does Ryan. Who is he gonna check out now?


He looks like he's ready to jump her right there.

Her hair looks cute there, but I wish it was dark brown again.
Oh, Ryan/Valera fans are writing I like it. I started writing a fic but it just went nowhere and I got frustrated. It's hard not knowing anything about Valera. All I know about her is she wants Ryan badly.

And judging by that picture, it seems he kinda wants her, too.
At least they didn't kill her off, like at one point I feared they would do in the finale. They need to make her a regular already so we don't spend all our time wondering where Valera is.

Here's to more RV scenes in season 6.
LOL! Small world, huh? Or maybe you linked it here once before and I'm just an idiot! :D;

Anyway, you did a great job. You got the characters spot-on. :lol:
One of my new fics has Ryan/Valera in it. You can read it here. I'm also working on a RV WIP but I don't know when I'll start posting it cause I have a WIP I haven't finished yet.

Also, I read Natalia is getting a love interest this season, so that means no Ryan/Natalia, maybe. Good, cause he belongs with Valera!
Oh, God, somebody please write a R/V story. I mean, technically I should be the one writing them, but I'm in such a RV mood and I wanna read fics that aren't written by me.

Also, is everyone happy about Valera going back to brown hair? I'm sure Ryan will be!
Like I said I have an idea for a WIP, but I don't know when I'll be able to start. I wanna finish my other WIPs before I do.

But I'm excited about the new season and Valera's hair. Good things happen when Valera's hair is brown. Do you guys think we'll get a scene when Ryan goes back to the lab? I keep hoping Valera will see him walk in, run over, and jump into his arms, causing them both to fall on the floor. That'd be funny and a very Valera thing to do.
How hot did they look tonight? Valera was rocking the brown hair and Ryan was all buff and scruffy. It's a good thing they weren't on screen together, or else the entire island would be without power right now.

Skylar, you better get started with that fic or else
You're such a pain in the ass. I told you I was gonna write it.

Valera was too cute last night and Ryan looked hot, which surprised me because I've never found Jonathan Togo attractive. They'd make a hot pair.
I think if they had been together, the lab would have exploded. They were both looking great. You know, she probably goes to the shooting range after work to get her aggressions out at Boa Vista getting all her lab time, and probably runs into him.

But it begs the questions, do they make sure they are out of camera range when she visits, or do they like the idea of the camera catching everything?