Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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I vote that we make the Wolfe bomb the official drink of this thread. All in favor?
We have an official drink over in the CaRWash thread (which is the cosmopolitan, and virgin cosmos for those of us who aren't the legal age yet), so we could do the same over here just for fun. I would suggest non-alcoholic Wolfe Bombs for in here too, but I guess that's not possible...
Hello! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

Wolfe Bombs! Love it! The first thing I thought of was Love Bombs, though. You know, when everyone has an overdose of hugging and cuddling. It could be an overdose of Wolfe? (I hear there's a CSI:Miami marathon coming up.)
Wolfe bombs! LOL I love it! I actually feel like I have gone through Ryan/Togo withdrawal the last few days!

I hope everyone had a safe fun night last night. Happy New Year!
HoratioStalker said:
How about we make it with non-alcoholic beer and non-alcoholic blue Curacao? Then anyone can enjoy it, regardless of age :D

That's perfect! :D

AliGtr said:
It could be an overdose of Wolfe? (I hear there's a CSI:Miami marathon coming up.)

Oh, I don't think that's possible... ;)
Another marathon? Very exciting.
Glad everyone liked the Wolfe Bomb pic!

Sounds like a good combonation, HoratioStalker. Have to try that some time and report back. :D

I'm excited yet sad for the next new ep, it's the last one till this annoying strike ends. :(
That is a real sad episode! I just wanted to give Ryan a hug!

Did they play any good Ryan episodes in the marathon? I missed it.
Kat, I caught a bit of the marathon and they did play the ep where Stetler makes him go over all the paper work because he was fired. Slippers were flying at the tv...not a happy ep.

It's really sad to relive him getting fired...though he was the dumb one to gamble on CSi time. Perhaps he and Warrick should get together and have a nice chat.
In Kill Switch it was one of the things that Calleigh threw at him, that he'd gambled on the clock. He looked very hurt that she was having a go at him like that. He did do the right thing, after all, in paying the guy what he owed rather than allowing himself to be blackmailed.

Something else that bugged me about Born to Kill was that when they realised that the killer was left-handed, they jumped to the conclusion that it must have been the sister. So she's the only one in Miami who's left-handed and used to live in Boston? I suppose we're lucky that no one noticed that one, because Stetler would probably have come down on Ryan about the possibility that he could have been involved in that as well as the (ridiculous) possibility that he would have taken money from people he'd stopped for speeding. :rolleyes:

Was that money that had been put into his bank account ever explained, BTW? The $6400? :confused:
Was that money that had been put into his bank account ever explained, BTW? The $6400?

I don't remember that ever getting explained and it has really bugged me!
As far as I can remember they haven't accounted for the $6400. I wish they would...i kind of want to know if he hit the lottery or not. Scratch offs are better than gambling on horses.
Happy New Years!! *passes out stale cookies* yeah I'm late I'm a procrastinator. That was my New Years resolution, o well maybe next year...

I think I'll take one of those alcoholic WOlfe Bombs To Go!!!

That could be up for a thread name next time "Wolfe Bombs To Go"

Most of the whole gambling thing being unexplained bugged me. Like how the hell did Stetler find out about it anyways? How did he find out Ryan paid the guy? The only ones that knew was H and Yelina? ONe of them tell on him? I'm annoyed at all the unexplained Ryan stuff. They leave us hanging on everything.

Ali, I found that interesting to the fact she was from Boston and a lefty like Togo. Since we don't really know for sure Ryan is from Boston we can only assume. I'm guessing the $6400 was from a winning but who knows!!
Thanks for the stale cookies *passes out wolfe bombs to go with them*

I agree Twiz! it sucks they leave so much unexplained. Especially since Stetler made such a big deal about that $6400.
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