Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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Ok - In honor of Jon's Birthday - here is thread #17

Here are some important guidelines.....

Inge's Suggestions for viewing Jonathan Togo pics:
1. Always remember: breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.

2. Don't eat or drink while you are watching the pics. Otherwise you're in danger.

3. Tell someone what you are doing and this person should check on you every five minutes or so. Note: This person should be able to call 911.

4. Be sure that in case of fading or fainting that you have a cozy place to land. Place some pillows on the floor, for example, or tie yourself to the chair.

Life_style's Guide to 'The Togo Fan's Proper Techniques For Viewing CSI: Miami:'
1. It is also important to add that someone should be present while you watch CSI Miami, but that it is illegal for them to talk during Togo's parts. Preferably a doctor of some kind, so that he or she could regularly check your breathing etc.

2. Bring a bucket or some tissues, because there will be major drooling going on when you watch an eppy or some pics. You don't want to ruin your clothes, or the floor or something.

Link to thread #16 is here.

Thread #16

Here is a nice pic to get us started.

Ryan pic

When we get a thread name - I am sure one of our lovely mods can add it!
Re: Ryan/Jon #17

YAY....I know I just posted in the old thread but I'm here and excited to be the first to post in the new one..sry

*throws more confetti* for new thread.

Here's a hot pic to start off the thread.

Re: Ryan/Jon #17

Yay!! *throws confeti* oh and Kat i'm pretty sure the new thread is supposed to be called "Ryan/Jon#17:Ryan, where have you gone?" after all it did win the poll. am i not right?
Re: Ryan/Jon #17

*happy dances with everyone in the swirls of celebration cofetii* Was there ever a title agreed upon for this thread?
Re: Ryan/Jon #17

Hooray! A new JT thread! What a great picture to send me off to Denver with. ;) Now ladies, don't wear him out, so when I get back in 2 weeks he'll be able to greet me. :devil:
Re: Ryan/Jon #17

I was not sure if the poll ended.....just got back from vacation......if it did I am sure it can be edited right away by a Mod! Sorry - was not sure.
Re: Ryan/Jon #17

...Do we not have a thread title, again? I thought we did. Oh well.

Yay new thread. *brings sprite for all the underage kiddies*


rotfl, just kidding. Well.. not really but it's fake, for everyone who hasn't seen it. Irma (Silhouette) made that. Come back soon, hun. Causelikeomgzyousaidyou'dpost2weeksago. :p
Re: Ryan/Jon #17

I so wish that was a real pic of Jon!!! and i'd love to get moe some of that!!! mmmmmm....yummy :D
I've added the thread title which I hope is the one you guys wanted! If not, let me know. :)
stephanie20, if you keep posting the same comments over and over again, we will have to give you another warning, this time for spamming. As has been mentioned to you before, the Board Rules state that:
You can't post the same thing multiple times on the board, or post the same thing over and over in a certain thread or forum, or continuously make posts that have no real content or relevance to what is being discussed.
Please bear this in mind. Thank you.
That picture of shirtless Jake Gyllenhal with Jon's head on it gets me everytime!! What a tease! :devil: :p

YAY a new thread!! Fun and exciting! Hopefully we can keep this one spam and Ryan/Jon-bashing FREE!!

*wishful hoping*
Thanks for the title, Lucy. It's quite fitting going into the new season wondering what will happen to our hottie. :)

*crosses her fingers that we get shirtless Ryan and he gets his job back*
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