Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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You're welcome, that's all I could fint hus far. I'll be looking more later.

The suits still need to be scaled down a bit. The jackets on Ryan look like they are a bit heavey for the Miami heat. I agree about somethhing like Eric's shirts for Ryan as well. They would look just as nice with dress pants, or even jeans.

And yes the t-shirt in that pic is very nice, most t-shirts Jon wears in public are very nice. :devil: Really wish they would give the t-shirt more of a chance, heck take a poll with the fans. We will definetly tell them what we want and what needs to go! :D
I could see him in the style of Eric's shirts, but I'm not so sure about the prints. The flowery prints look good on Eric, but I think a solid would work better for Ryan. Then again, it might look weird if the two of them started wearing the same type of shirt...I'd have to actually see it first, I guess.

But yeah, I like the idea of more t-shirts (I think that's made up a majority of the preferences of people on this thread), too.
I also like the idea of the t shirts - the tighter the better! :devil:

Wolfesgamergirl - I am likely very late in replying to this but SU2 is great. I did not think I would like it either....but it is kind of funny and Jon plays such a great adorkable character!
You see that second picture Wolfesgamergirl posted? Thats when he was working at the gun range when he was fired right? Why cant he wear shirts like that now that he is back on the team? Those are pretty cute :lol:

I saw Mystic River the other day. It was made like 3 or 4 years ago so Jon looked a little younger (not much though). How cute was he with his boston accent :lol: I bet it wasnt that much of an act because we've noticed a little accent he's been trying to hide on the show. I was cracking up but he did a good job as usual. If you have seen it, please say what you think :)
Yes, indeed ILJT that is from when he was fired and working at the gun range to make ends meet. I did like the stuff he wore there, thank goodness it's not goot o wear loose clothing around guns. ;)

I've only seen Mystic River once around the time it came out and I semi remember him. It was more the voice/accent that I remember best. It sticks in my head, I love accents! :D But from what I can remember he did a great job.
I didn't go here at all yesterday - I'm such a fan failure. D:

Oh, I'm really liking the pics you guys posted! I agree that his clothing at the range was very cute. I'm going to check on that SU2 video later. :)

I haven't seen Mystic River, but I heard it's pretty good.
I had a Togo experience tonight. Running errand with my mom is usually boring, but as we were going on down the road I saw this sign. And mom was nice enough to turn around for me. :)

That's awesome! I love it when people share random Togo experiences.
I wonder what Wolfe Bombs are anyway...Looks like the sign is from a bar. Could that be a drink? No clue.
It is a drink - it's a German liqueur you can either drink as a shot by itself or drop in a beer and then it becomes the Wolfe Bomb.
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