Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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I'm still not sold on the stubble. Sure, Jon looks great in pretty much anything (and he did look good in the premiere), but I'm just not sure it I am in love with the scruff yet...maybe if he keeps it I'll grow to like it, but I don't know. It's cool to see how much he has evolved. Just look at sweet clean-shaven season 3 Jon, and then look at season 6 scruffy beefcake Jon. Quite a difference, and he looks hot either way... ;)
I think he has the scruff because he's not sure whih way he's going. Ryan was clean shaven when he held the full time job and was doing what he loved. With the stubble he's sort of hiding his real self, almost as if he is trying to hide his true self.
I think the beard is a little of him trying to change himsself, sinec his self wasn't doing so good. And I think it's also a disguise because he doesn't want anyone to know where he's working. He did tell Natalia not to tell anyone he works there, like he's embarassed of it. Or maybe he's just getting lazy or he's rebelling. It could be a lot of of things but all I know is it's hotttt. I don't like facial hair but he wears it good!

Ok togoholics, I can't believe that not everyone one of you are voting for ryan in the elimanation game. He's in last place right now and at this rate will probably be the next elimanated. Do we want that? Hell no I don't. GO VOTE. Show you love for the Wolfe man. PWEEEAAASSEEEE
i know!! i have been!!!! actually i'm going there now......VOTE FOR RYAN!!!!! lol!!! i had a total flash in my head of Napolean Dynamyte saying Vote for Pedro....wierd lol.

i don't know about the rest of you but i like the stubble :D i think it fits him right now....but if he gets his job back...shave it!

and whoa!!! Red flag!! the whole brother named Tim rumor just gave me a good plot line!!!! OMG!!! because as you know there was a certain CSI we know named Tim :D aka Speed...what if Ryan was Speed's brother!!! oh wait.... that wouldn't really fit seeing as acording to Speed's backstory Speed's little brother is 13 years younger than him. but it would make for a great fanfic!!!!!!

anyways go vote for Ryan!!!!
I saw 'Death Emiment' today.

wow, Ryan had a lot of screen time in this episode.
I liked it. :D
Sure, it was stupid as he shoved the other cop, he shouldn't have done it, but he only wanted to help the family. Next time he should think more, but I think he learned his lesson last season.
At the end he looked so sad. :(

Tonight is the bodyguard episode. :D
i know!!!! *crosses fingers for a shirtless scene* i really hope that we get a shirtless scene...if we did ratings would OMG shoot through the roof!!! i'll bet he has nice abs...... :devil: only 3 and a half hours for me!!!! :D
You can uncross your fingers need4speed, didn't work. Ok, this ep was much better for Ryan screen time but lame for one of the dumbest story lines. YAY, for Ryan being so awesome though. I won't spoil anyone yet since West Coast peeps are still waiting.

Inge, I gotta agree with ya that him shoving that cop wasn't the smartest thing. He really seemed to suffer from stupidity last season, lets hope he took some classes over the summer. But at the same time I really like seeing agressive mean Ryan, gets my blood pumping.
Aw! That's the old Ryan Wolfe we all know and love. He wasn't just the girl's bodygaurd but sort of a friend too. If that makes sense. I mean, she had no one to talk to and Ryan was really nice to her.

WOLVERINE. :lol: That scene was awesome. "Don't be fooled, we can't wait to have to back."
he shaved :D and i personally like it :D and OMG!!!! I loved the Wolverine part!!!!!!
if i recall.... it went like this....

Eric:whoa take it easy there WOLVERINE, you want a fistful of hair too just in case?

It was GREAT!!!!! OMG!!!! it had to be one of the most hilarious parts i like forever!!!!! and :( no shirtless Ryan :( but on the plus side we saw the old Ryan....who is sweet and caring.
Oh yeah I loved Eric calling him Wolverine, so sweet how they have nicknames for each other. That scene was very moving showing how his co workers miss him and want him back. Reminds to visit another thread on here...

I'm seeing a few more of you going to the ELIMANATION THREAD here > http://talk.csifiles.com/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=1285131&Main=1275913#Post1285131 <
and voting for RYAN...YAY, too but not all of you are doing it. Maybe he wouldn't still be struggling not to get elimanated.. Come on show some luv for the Wolverine...Go Vote.
Wolferine, I love it. Twiztid4Togo, I'm voting. Next thread name should have to do with Wolferine. I miss the stubble, it was cute. But he still looks good clean shaven.
I still can't get over that nickname. It makes me laugh so hard, especially since it came from Eric. Why didn't they think of that sooner?

Last night's episode was good. I'm glad that Ryan had a lot of screen time.. And we were very much back to the old Ryan. I just hope we see more of him soon.
Thanks GNR259, for voting.

Every vote helps and now since it's down to only a few peeps they have changed the game and giving all the peeps the same amount of points, 10. So it's kind of a new game and Ryan made it to the finals, YAY. Now everyone that has already voted today can go vote again. You can vote twice a day just wait for 3 peeps to vote after you or 10 minutes...Come on he made it to the finals now it's time for him to win this...Wolverine power.

I agree the next thread should have Wolverine in it, it's kewl. Luv your icon Heather, very nice!
Thank you! I was making it, and I knew that I had to include his new nickname, but I couldn't figure out what font to use.

So I used the font named Wolverine. :lol: Fitting, right?

I'm going to go and vote, congrats on making it to the finals!
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