Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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Hey Sandersidle! Happy birthday - hope you have a great one! :D

You know I didn't even notice that profile until someone else brought it up. Now it is bugging me!!!

I really hope he gets more screen time next week. I would actually like to discuss his role in the epsiode....... :rolleyes:
HoratioStalker said:
If Ryan is 6ft tall, I'm Gulliver and the rest of the CSI's are the Lilliputians.

How did I miss this? :lol:

Great pics Athlov - not reading any spoilers (on the whole) but loving the new shots. :D
I dont think he is 6' either. I think he's only like 5'10 if that :lol: I also hope he gets more screen time. I hope next week, they discuss the possibility of him gettin back on the team.
Actually according to the preview I saw during Vegas tonight, it's the ep where Ryan is the body guard. Potential for wet or missing shirt. *crosses fingers and toes*
I thought that too Wolfesgamergirl, when I read the girl he's protecting is a swimmer. I was thinking maybe she'll almost drown and he'll rip off his shirt and jump in to save her. A girl can dream *crosses my fingers and toes too*
Hi athlov *waves*

Oh, disappointed to know he didn't have a reasonable ammount of screentime. Well, I guess it can be reasonable if we consider he is not working as a CSI. See, anoter reason he has to go back to the lab, there's an entire fan base who need to see their Jon fix ;) :p

Anyway, he looked good. I can't make my mind, yet, if I prefer the stubble rather than the clean shaven look :rolleyes:
Guys!! im finally back! sorry i havent been on its just i didnt have my computer for 2 weeks and then my internet wouldnt install properly till tonight so iv been gone for almost 3 weeks, but im back!!
Hey Guys. So there's this site I found jonathan-togo.com, that has a link to the director of Racoon, Trey Nelson, who has a video clip of the movie, Racoon.

Just wanted to let you know about both places, the video is pretty intresting, and it makes me want to actually see the movie. ;)
OMG!!!!! if Ryan went wet and shirtless that would make up for him not being on the team by like a bajillion times!!!!!
something is bothering me...

I read at wikipedia that Ryan has a brother named Tim. :confused:

So, did I miss something?

I know he has a niece and so he has to have at least one sibling, but I never heard or read that he has a brother.
We are uncertain as to whether or not Ryan has a brother or a sister. We know he has at least one niece, and an uncle, and obviously parents, but as for siblings, we are still in the dark as to which one he has, and their names.

Maybe this would be the perfect time for the show to introduce us to his family? :D

Hope that helps.
I went over to Wiki and read it...you're right, and they are wrong! It's one of the things that Ryan fans find so frustrating that there is little backstory for Ryan (though it helps the fanfic writers out no end).

*As for not having any addy details on his records..maybe he's had to move because he couldn't pay his rent; well he isn't getting paid as a CSI and he wont earn much at the gun range.*
inge said:
something is bothering me...

I read at wikipedia that Ryan has a brother named Tim. :confused:

So, did I miss something?
lolol. That's funny. But yeah, like Heather said, we don't know if he has a brother or sister. ;)
Don't belive anything at Wikia. They lie.....Oh yeah, do they ever. ANyway. Ryan/Jon ain't 6 foot, it's nice to think he is tho. I seen the promo pics for next week, can't remember if he has stubble, hopefully he does....even if it's just a little.
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