Ryan/Jon #17: Ryan, where have you gone?

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Can I just say that with the stubble and the hair, I am going to enjoy this season. (Sorry for just jumping in with both feet, but Ryan/Jon just raised my temp. :) ) Anyway, the personality is back, the sly smile is back. I'm just waiting for the wink to appear. ::Le Sigh::

Thanks for allow me to take a dip in the pool. :)

Holy Hottness!!! :eek: I am still drooling. That last pic you posted FieldMouse - smokin' :devil: :devil:
I loved his attitude - awwwww we got to see a glimpse of the sweet vulnerable Ryan!!!
I agree it was not enough - but hopefully we see more of him next week......but it looks like it will be minus the stubble.
Twiztid4Togo said:
Inge, I'll make sure to come on afterwards to you informed of Ryan's parts.

Thanks for your review! :) *gives Twiz a cookie*

Thanks for the pictures FieldMouse. :D
I have to agree with you, he looked good. I like the unshaven look.

I have some questions about the episode though:
What is his date of birth? Maybe someone could read the info about him.
Did he only interact with Natalia or with H, Eric or Calleigh too?

Maybe there will be more screen time next week. :D
I thought he was so cute all stubbly, I even brought a present :)


also the profile:


It says:
Gender: M
Race: Caucasian
Height: 6'10"
Weight: 170 LBS
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Blonde :confused:
Date of Birth: 7/3/81

SS# 997-05-3184
DR'S LIC#: 0924-702-01-732-1
Great pictures athlov. WOW :eek: that muscle is amazing! Makes a gal go all dizzy and breathless..... :lol:

Although still only halfway through S5 in the UK, I couldn't help but read the S6 info. It's awful that Ryan is stuck in a shooting range. It's not right; he should be back in the gang where he belongs!!!! :mad:
And since when was his hair blond??? :confused:
Actually Athlov.. Ryan started in 2004, so he was 23... Not 21.. which is plausible. when you think about it.. maybe he skipped a grade. (thinks optomistic)

I do agree though... not much thought into that profile. (And my oh my.. he looked good last night :devil:)
ok yeah that profile is total bogus!!!!! they probably just threw a bunck of crap on it thinking no one would look at it!!!! and his hair is NOT BLONDE!!! but there is a possibility he was 21 when he started remember in Legal when Calleigh asked him when she came to lecture his class was? he said last spring right before finals..so that would explain things a bit.
Ryan is a smart guy, who made a few dumb choices, and like Need4speed said it's quite likely he was 21 when he started. Unless he dyes his hair the blonde was quite the far reach there...great going props people...
LOVING the new pics of Ryan!!! hehehe ***drooooools*** He looked incredibly HOT last night!!! My mom even said to me during a commericial, that he is looking Hot!!! hehehehe
Thanks for the various pictures ladies. :D I must say he was looking mighty fine last night. Please, please, keep the stubble. Please.

...Please? lol.

I actually like where this is heading with him this season. They're still including him and yet I can't wait to see how he re-integrates back with the team. (Although I personally think it was an unfair decision to have him lose his job in the first place)

inge said
Did he only interact with Natalia or with H, Eric or Calleigh too?

I don't know if anyone has answered this question yet--Unless I'm particularily blind tonight, lol. But he only interacted with Natalia (Closer to the beginning of the episode) and he was in the same room as Calleigh while she and Natalia were conducting an interrogation. (See the first picture _Hush_ posted) Hope this helps. :)
Oh gosh...can't breathe...thanx so much for posting those pics! I'm now highly prone to a nose bleed or asthmatic attack.

There had better be some 'error' in Ryan's profile. Hope he won't redye his hair to the original blonde color (that is, if it REALLY was blonde). & Jon's really been working out...
Oh my goodness!! Athlov thanks so much for sharing these pics with us!! He is so hott!!! Love the muscles - thanks for poing that pic out!! Hope all is well with you!!!
Awesome pics! Thank you ladies!

I was sad to only see him in a couple of scenes because he was looking good - stubble and all.

I do have a question - in the episode, Natalia asked him about what's going on with his job and he said that they are going to be investigating him for up to a year. Do you think this means that he is won't be a CSI at all this season?
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