Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Wait... Horatio actually *can* feel depressed? *feels the world stop* :lol:

    Aww, Colton feels like he has to out-piss Speed... how cute. ;)

    Great update!
  2. Anni Grey

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    Fantastic updates! Ha...Speed says something about Katie's attire and BAM! She comes in the next day looking very professional... SO she does care what Speed thinks :D.

    Someone attacked Horatio, and the only person he remembers arguing with is Speed. Now , if Katie was doing her job, wouldnt she have had to question Speed? Just guessing :D.

    Kudos to Speed however, for keeping it professional, even though deeply, I think that he still feels for Katie, he just doesn't want to let her know. But then again, I still think that Tim loves Anni...Wow, they still have a very thick web that they've weaved. :guffaw: .

    Excellent updates!
  3. Finch

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    Hehe, thanks so much for the reviews!

    Bah, yes, a fantastic weave of complicatedness and subtext. :lol: Plus, I've always been a strong believer that there's a huge difference between 'lust' and 'love' so he may very well feel for both of them but in different ways. And I say very well because well, I don't think I need to explain it. Y'all are smart. :lol:


    Marina, Miami

    Katie: *takes off shades* I got a page to meet you here.

    Colton: PD found a canister of paint in a dumpster behind the lab. That canister had motor oil on the bottom of it.

    Katie: And that made you think of boats...

    Colton: It's marina paint. So I did a little digging and turns out, this marina is the only one that sells navy blue paint. The only person using navy blue paint is right over there. *points*

    Katie: You get a warrant?

    Colton: Yep.

    Katie: Who resides here?

    Colton: *looks down at sheets* Dezzy Eagleson.

    Katie: Interesting name. Okay, let's check it out.

    Inside boat

    Colton: Mr. Eagleson!

    Katie: *draws weapon*

    Colton: Miami PD!

    Katie: *looks around*

    Colton: *walks away*

    Katie: *picks up envelope* T.S.

    Colton: *walks back over* It's clear. Dezzy's not here.

    Katie: *lifts envelope* Take a look.

    Colton: T.S. So?

    Katie: Kind of weird since the guy's name is Dezzy Eagleson.

    Colton: Maybe he has a roommate.

    Katie: What's listed in the papers?

    Colton: Maybe it's an illegitimate roommate.

    Katie: Right. Cuban refugee or something?

    Colton: Pretty common in these parts. So, the can of paint was the weapon, which leads us to this boat which leads us at a dead end. So, what would this Dezzy character want with Horatio? I've never even heard his name before.

    Katie: We should look through his records. I'll be out at the Hummer.

    Colton: I'll look around in here.

    Katie: *walks to door*

    Colton: *steps forward, floor collapses* AH!

    Katie: *looks back* WHOA! Are you okay?

    Colton: *steps backwards* Jesus H. Christ. I hate boats.

    Katie: Evidently, boats hate you too.

    Colton: *looks down hole*

    Katie: Anyway, try not to break anything else, kay?

    Colton: Uh...Katie?

    Katie: We don't want to have to pay to fix this guy's boat.

    Colton: Katie.

    Katie: That is if he's innocent.

    Colton: *grabs Katie*

    Katie: AH!

    Colton: *points*

    Katie: Oh. Guns.

    Colton: Lots of guns.

    Katie: And the guy used a paint can to attack Horatio?

    Colton: Maybe he didn't want to kill him. Maybe he just wanted to send a message.

    Katie: Still. You can shoot someone or hit them with a gun and not kill them.

    Colton: We need to find this character.


    Katie: *typing*

    Colton: *walks over* I spoke with the captain over there and he said Dezzy never left a credit card. He used cash to pay for everything.

    Katie: Yeah well he's smart. There is nothing in the system. At all.

    Colton: A guy with this many guns does not slide under the radar.

    Katie: This one did.

    Colton: Well maybe Dezzy isn't his full name.

    Katie: You mean like Desmond or something?

    Colton: Try it.

    Katie: I did try it. I came up with nothing but I'll tell you one thing, this letter is going to help. *lifts letter*

    Colton: What, T.S. So what, it's a phone bill.

    Katie: Maybe Dezzy's an alias.

    Colton: Kind of a gay alias.

    Katie: *typing*

    Colton: *places hands on hips*

    Katie: *looks at Colton*

    Colton: *removes hands from hips* Sorry. Habit now I guess.

    Katie: *looks at screen* Ugh. Nothing. This is hopeless.

    Colton: Well, maybe not totally hopeless. I know of someone with motive who also happens to have the initials T.S.

    Katie: *frowns* Yes who also doesn't live in a boat with a bunch of guns.

    Colton: *shrugs* He needs money somehow.

    Katie: Speed is not the one who attacked Horatio. He's helping us with the case.

    Colton: He's..observing. Following our progress.

    Katie: Calleigh hired him.

    Colton: You have an answer for everything, don't you.

    Katie: I do.

    Colton: We have to interview him.

    Katie: No we don't. We have a bunch of circumstantial evidence. The last time I checked the initials T.S. in the Miami phone book, I had a hell of a lot of names.

    Colton: How about the boots?

    Katie: *frowns*

    Colton: Okay, we'll try to find this Dezzy guy then.

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    Looks like things are heating up...GUNS! WOW...and what kind of message is being sent by Horatio getting clocked in the head instead of pumped full of lead? I have a feeling that the interview with Speed is going to happen. Now,what happens because of the interview, I can't speculate, but I'm sure, Geni, that you'll blow us all out of the water with it!

    Excellent work, as always!
  5. racefh853629

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    ^^Agreed. Can't wait to see that interview! :)

    I like how Katie and Speed always seem to go back and forth as to who's saving/protecting who from whatever comes. It shows that there's still a deep rooted... caring for one another. Then again, I supposed you couldn't be married as long (or as many times) as them and just stop caring for one another when it's over...

    Great job!
  6. Finch

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    That would make such a good question for a promo trailer. :lol:

    Heh, I'm not sure if an interview would blow anyone away but I always hope to make things interesting for sure. :D

    I feel much the same way. (I know, I'm the author but I agree in general with these situations) Of course there are also times when people have been married for 30 years and when they break up, they want nothing to do with each other. Ha. But yeah.

    Thanks so much for the reviews!


    Interview room--Miami PD

    Speed: *walks in* You wanted to see me?

    Katie: *shuts blinds* Yeah.

    Speed: *looks around*

    Katie: *shuts door* Have a seat.

    Speed: I prefer to stand.

    Katie: I prefer that you sit.

    Speed: *nods* Fair enough. *pulls out chair, sits*

    Katie: *opens file*

    Speed: Am I a suspect or something?

    Katie: How do you mean?

    Speed: You closed the blinds.

    Katie: I just want a little privacy. And no, you're not a suspect otherwise you'd already be off this case. I just wanted to get your input on a few things.

    Speed: Sure.

    Katie: *lifts picture* We found this at a marina downtown. The suspect's name is Dezzy Eagleson but this phone bill suggests the person's real initials are T and S.

    Speed: You check the database?

    Katie: Mhm, now I'm checking with you.

    Speed: May I see the actual evidence?

    Katie: It's being processed for prints.

    Speed: Did you find anything else on the boat?

    Katie: Guns. Underneath the floor. I'd have Calleigh run them but she's hands off so Carly's taking a look at 'em. At first glance, there appeared to be some 9mils, .45s, .38s, compound rifles and some fire crackers. We suspect they're being sold on the Black Market but for all we know, the guy might just buy a lot of guns for hunting or defending himself against cougars or sharks.

    Speed: *leans forward, interlocks fingers* If Carly's working on them, you should get a name then.

    Katie: It's going to take her several hours. had every reason in the world to hurt Horatio.

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: I know I don't have much evidence but I'd be lying if I said you didn't come to mind as a possible suspect. *scoffs* I mean...purchasing methanphetamines, assault and battery, domestic violence, theft...and well, the fact that Horatio suspended you without pay, doesn't trust you to protect a kitten's life and regards you as somewhat of a disappointment.

    Speed: *nods slowly*

    Katie: Are you angry?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: Why?

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Katie: Well, I mean, at this point, you should be arguing your case. You know, telling me how bogus this is and how quick I am to judge based on only past knowledge.

    Speed: *shrugs*

    Katie: So you're saying you should be a suspect.

    Speed: What does the evidence tell you?

    Katie: Not a whole lot. Yet.

    Speed: *leans back in chair*

    Katie: *looks down at file*

    Speed: Do I seem violent to you?

    Katie: *lifts eyes* ...It doesn't really matter. People can kill without acting violent. They can also be perfectly calm during interviews and trials.

    Speed: I'm not asking about other people.

    Katie: Right now, you don't. *sits in chair* But right now isn't my concern. I want to try a couple of things and officially, they're unrelated to this case. But I would like to settle my conscience just a little bit before I continue with the investigation. I want to be sure that the person overlooking this case won't be a problem.

    Speed: How?

    Katie: First, I'm going to poly you. And then I'm going to have you sit down with the department psychiatrist.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: You think it's a stupid idea?

    Speed: I think it's a waste of resources.

    Katie: Well you haven't been very forthcoming and that concerns me.

    Speed: I don't have to be forthcoming because this conversation, from what I gather, isn't officially part of this case.

    Katie: Guilty people deflect. Truthful people tell the truth.

    Speed: Ask me a straight question.

    Katie: Did you do it?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: *shrugs* Now you get to answer it during the polygraph examination.

    Speed: A polygraph isn't going to help you solve this case. The evidence will.

    Katie: Why, do you know this from experience?

    Speed: Not exactly. I didn't stay too long for my last polygraph.

    Katie: Why?

    Speed: Because the examiner was a bitch.

    Katie: Did you pass?

    Speed: No.

    Katie: *flips through page of file* I have the question that ruined the whole thing here if you'd like me to read it.

    Speed: You know, for someone who is doing all of this unofficially, you sure put a lot of research into it.

    Katie: *looking at paper* Did the suspects have any reason to kill Officer Hollis...
    but only wound you?

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: *tilts head* You failed that one pretty badly.

    Speed: *staring at Katie* That had nothing to do with the question.

    Katie: *laughs* Well, past violence, a motive to hurt the victim and evidence that said suspect was shown to be deceptive during a polygraph examination that asked whether or not he was involved in a criminal act is pretty damning, don't you think? What makes you think I'll believe you now?

    Speed: Don't rely soley on past information. That can place bias on a case.

    Katie: *shakes head*

    Speed: Alright. I'll do what you want.

    Katie: Okay. *stands* You'd better get down to the testing area down the hall. *leaves*

    Speed: *frowns*

    Ballistics Lab--several hours later

    Katie: *walks in* Hey.

    Carly: *typing* Hey.

    Katie: Get anything?

    Carly: You know, Calleigh would be much better at this.

    Katie: You're perfectly capable.

    Carly: *smiles* Thanks. *clicks mouse* One firearm came up as a match to a case back in San Antonio. It was a murder suicide in a residential area. The gun belonged to Damon Willis, the shooter and subsequent victim.

    Katie: Dead people can't own boats.

    Carly: No. But the San Antonio PD owned this weapon until it was scheduled for disposal get this, three weeks ago.

    Katie: Well the gun is in Miami so it was never disposed of.

    Carly: The disposal vehicle was intercepted and millions of dollars worth of weapons were stolen.

    Katie: Mm, this is sounding vaguely familiar. Okay, did you run any of the other guns?

    Carly: *picks up gun* One Desert Eagle. There were actually 7 more of these stashed away inside the boat.

    Katie: Did it come from the disposal truck too?

    Carly: ...Not the one in San Antonio.

    Katie: What do you mean?

    Carly: I tracked this back to Baton Rouge. The PD in that area scheduled this gun and the other 7 Desert Eagles to be disposed of 2 weeks ago. Now, I checked the rifle here and it was also to be disposed of but this time, in Jacksonville 1 week ago.

    Katie: Sounds like these crimes are closing in along the same highway.

    Carly: You found the boat in a marina, did you find a vehicle?

    Katie: No. And the captain at the yard claimed the person purchased the boat three days ago.

    Carly: Sounds like your suspect is planning another heist.

    Katie: *crosses arms*

    Carly: What is it?

    Katie: I need to get some information. Can you call Eric and have him meet me-

    cellphone rings

    Katie: *looks down, grabs phone* Yeah....okay, I'll be right there. *closes phone* Tell you what, bring Colton up to speed and have him meet up with Eric. I want to know the lab's policy on drug and weapons disposal.

    Carly: No problem.

    Katie: Thanks. *leaves*

    Behind Interview room

    Katie: *walks over* You have the results?

    Examiner: Just like you asked.

    Katie: Was he cooperative?

    Examiner: ...Cooperative?

    Katie: Did he throw a fit?

    Examiner: No.

    Katie: Okay. Break it down for me, just what I need to know.

    Examiner: *opens file* I asked if he was directly related to the attack on Lieutenant Caine and he answered no. The test proved that his answer was truthful.

    Katie: Alright. Thanks for your t-

    Examiner: There is another part of the exam I think you should know about.

    Katie: What is it?

    Examiner: Well, it's not that he failed but...he passed with flying colours.

    Katie: So? Isn't that a good thing?

    Examiner: One of the questions was if he had ever recently thought of hurting someone close to him. His answer was yes.

    Katie: *nods* Thanks.

    Examiner: *walks away*

    Katie: *sigh*

    Psychiatrist: *walks over* Detective?

    Katie: I'm not exactly a detective.

    Psychiatrist: Well, I just finished my examination with Mr. Speedle.

    Katie: And?

    Psychiatrist: *shrugs* He's perfectly stable. There's nothing to indicate to me that he's a danger to anyone or himself. In fact, he seems to care a great deal about the people around him.

    Katie: Thank you.

    Psychiatrist: Anytime. *leaves*

    Colton: *runs over* Katie!

    Katie: Yeah.

    Colton: I just spoke with Eric. Policy is the lab supervisor attends all drug and weapons disposals.

    Katie: Horatio.

    Colton: Exactly. And get this, the lab's due for a weapons disposal tomorrow.

    Katie: Horatio won't be out of the hospital by then.

    Colton: I bet that's what this guy is counting on. And because of the personal nature of the crime, he probably knows Horatio and knows that his little plan would never work with him there. So who knows Horatio that has a motive and also knows how disposals work?

    Katie: I don't know.

    Colton: Uh Speed.

    Katie: Uh, where's the evidence?

    Colton: *frowns* Katie, the guy's practically a smoking gun all on his own.

    Katie: My evidence says differently.

    Colton: What evidence?

    Katie: *hands over paper*

    Colton: Wha-what is this, some kind of brain scan? Don't tell me you invented that memory box thing.

    Katie: That's a polygraph examination. And he passed.

    Colton: These things aren't always acurate. It's not like they can scan your thoughts--I mean, if he believes what he's saying, he might get past it. Maybe he learned how to cheat through them.

    Katie: And maybe he didn't. You want to run him through another polygraph to see if he was lying to the first polygraph? Look, this is insane. We're wasting our time.

    Colton: No. You wasted YOUR time. I know the guy's guilty, I can see it in his face.

    Katie: The psychiatrist didn't.

    Colton: ...You sent him to a shrink?

    Katie: *shrugs*

    Colton: *shakes head*

    Katie: Go get Calleigh and Eric. Fill them in. Then I want you to go back to that marina and talk to the captain about the man who purchased the boat. See if there are any surveillance cameras or ATMs in the area that he could have gone to. I'm going to go make a couple of phone calls. *leaves*

    Colton: Aye aye.

    Trace Lab

    Katie: *walks in*

    Speed: *unfolds clothes*

    Katie: You got here quick.

    Speed: Someone has to process these.

    Katie: We've actually had some developments. So I doubt that'll give us anything we didn't already know.

    Speed: *nods* Still, you need all the evidence you can get and I need something to do. *lifts shirt*

    Katie: Get something? *grabs labcoat*

    Speed: *squints* Yeah. Looks like...a piece of fingernail on the shoulder area.

    Katie: *grabs magnifying glass*

    Speed: *picks up trace with tweezer*

    Katie: So when do you think we'll be back on the road?

    Speed: Probably when Horatio's feeling better.

    Katie: *nods* Sounds like a good plan. You want me to run this to Valera?

    Speed: No, I'll do it. Carly said you were busy.

    Katie: Do I look like I'm busy at the moment?

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: So, I got your poly results back. You passed.

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: Yeah. Apparently you considered hurting someone close to you. *looks down at shirt*

    Speed: Anni asked me to kill her.

    Katie: *lifts head*

    Speed: She's miserable, scared and has little control over anything. She asked if I would put her out of her misery. I said no.

    Katie: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: But yeah, I considered it.

    Katie: I'm sorry.

    Speed: Don't be. You had to ask your questions. I just hope you don't go out and buy a polygraph for road trips as 'something to do'.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: No I uh, I think that polygraph did more bad than good. I should have just left it alone.

    Speed: *tilts head* You did what you thought was right.

    Katie: Are you okay?

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: I mean, you''re not ever angry with the stupid things I do anymore.

    Speed: *places hand on Katie's shoulder* You're going great with the case. *leaves*

    Katie: *lifts brow*

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    Hmm... interesting... seems like Speed's acting a little strange...

    And, by a little, I mean a lot :lol: He's too calm.

    But, yeah, I agree. People can be together a long time and when they split, they either still care for each other or out right hate each other. I'm not sure there's a middle ground to that... haha.

    Great update!
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    Speed's definetly acting calm, but I suppose that's what people do when they are innocent. I love how you brought back the poly and retreaded over Dispo Day! Fond memories...

    Colton really doesn't like Speed. I'd gather that much, but really what they have is circumstantial- nothing really solid to put Speed there in the first place. Yes, Speed may know protocol and may have motive ( but let's face it, who doesn't have motive to take out H?) but that doesn't put the gun( persay) in his hands. I certainly love the case! And I can't wait to see who really is doing it. I will feel cheesy if it is in fact Speed, thus telling me that I shouldn't think about a career in forensics:guffaw:

    Excellent work!
  9. Finch

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    Heh, don't worry Anni, even if you were wrong you could still have a career in forensice. :lol:

    Thanks for the reviews!


    Disposal truck, 9am next day

    Katie: *puts on kevlar vest* Okay, you get that information faxed over yet?

    Colton: It's coming now. *grabs paper*

    Katie: DNA results?

    Colton: Yep. And you'll never guess who our guy is.

    Katie: Who?

    Colton: Guess.

    Katie: *frowns*

    Colton: ...Trevor Saunders.

    Katie: You mean THE Trevor? Our Trevor?

    Colton: Yep. One in the same. He's the one who whacked H.

    Katie: Good. Because he'll be here soon and we need to get him off the streets.

    Colton: Are you relieved to hear it's him?

    Katie: I'm not relieved to hear it's someone we know.

    Colton: But you're glad it's not Speed.

    Katie: Colton, can we please focus on the task at hand?

    Colton: Sure.

    Guy: Hey, there's a truck coming up fast on the left side.

    Katie: Slow down.

    Guy: Slow down?

    Katie: Yeah but don't let him pass.

    Guy: Okay.

    Colton: *loads gun*

    Katie: *grabs gun*

    Colton: This is it.

    Katie: Mhm.

    Colton: Good luck.

    Katie: You too.

    Guy: He's trying to pass.

    Katie: Stop the van.

    Guy: Should I call for backup?

    Katie: Yeah and make it an emergency. I want rescue teams ready.

    Guy: Sure thing.

    Katie: *opens van doors*

    Colton: *jumps out*

    Trevor: *jumps out of truck, guns in hands*

    Katie: *lifts weapon*

    Trevor: Ah Katie. Didn't know you were still alive out there.

    Katie: Same to you. *looks down* Nice boots.

    Trevor: Thanks.

    Katie: Yeah, you stepped in my crime scene with them. Not to mention your DNA got all over the victim's shirt.

    Trevor: You mean Horatio Caine? That egotistical, nothing-can-hurt-me bastard? Well looks like someone finally hurt him.

    Katie: Yeah so you could get a bunch of guns. Sounds pretty lame.

    Trevor: Everyone knows Miami has the best Black Market. I chose to take advantage of it. I'll be raking in the money.

    Colton: Except you won't. You'll be going to prison.

    Trevor: Wow look at you all growed up. Didn't you used to be about 40 pounds heavier with thick glasses?

    Colton: Yeah and look who's hotter than you. *smiles*

    Trevor: Got enough gel in your hair?

    Colton: *lifts brow* It won't stand up if I don't do that.

    Katie: Guys.

    Trevor: Right. *pulls trigger*

    Colton: AH! *falls backward*

    Trevor: *runs*


    Guy: *runs off*

    Katie: *kneels* You okay?

    Colton: *sits up* He's a terrible shot.

    Katie: Yeah he is, especially for a so-called gun expert.

    Colton: Desert Eagles right? Explains the Dezzy Eagleson alias.

    Katie: Man I can't believe we didn't connect it right away.

    Colton: *stands* Not your fault. *holds ribs* Ugh.

    Katie: I can't believe you two got into a pissing match about who's hotter.

    Colton: Am I?

    Katie: *rolls eyes*

    Colton: Hey you didn't roll your eyes last night. Well...actually, you did but that was for a different reas-

    Katie: *slaps Colton*

    Colton: OW. Gunshot wound here.

    Interrogation room, few hours later

    Trevor: *sigh* This is so lame. What's the point in an interrogation if you have evidence?

    Speed: You shot Colton.

    Trevor: So? Dog eat dog world. By the way, is Calleigh around?

    Speed: *stares at Trevor*

    Trevor: Just wanted to say hi.

    Speed: You hijacked a bunch of dispos in various counties, you assault a police officer, attempt to hijack another dispo and shot an officer. You do realize you're not going to get away with a slap on the wrist, right?

    Trevor: Colton's not an officer. He's barely a human being. Didn't he steal your daughter and send her to some foreign country?

    Speed: *frowns* This is about you. You caused a lot of trouble.

    Trevor: I live for that.

    Speed: Get him out of here.

    Cop: *walks in, grabs Trevor*

    Speed: *sigh*

    Colton: *walks in* So he's going to jail, huh. He probably won't stay there long if I know him.

    Speed: Probably.

    Colton: So what were you two talking about?

    Speed: Nothing. Good job with the case. *leaves*

    Colton: Um okay. *scratches head*

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    Speed still has some guilt with the way things went down for Lori, I think. Which is understandable.

    Great update! :)
  11. Anni Grey

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    Hahaha,.. Trevor! Whoa, I was wondering where he would've went off to. Seems like he's still making trouble for everyone. Glad that he was caught, though. And you've got to be kidding me- an expert, yet a bad shot? :guffaw: Classic.

    Katie and know, I can see this working. He's just as wacky as she is, if not more. And aside from the whole Lori situation, I think that Katie's pretty solild with him. Their banter is cute though.

    Excellent work, Geni!
  12. Finch

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    Hee. Thanks for the reviews everyone. :D And sorry for not getting here sooner. :eek:


    Miami Lab, next day

    Horatio: *takes off shades, walks off elevator*

    Katie: *runs over* We solved the case!

    Horatio: Yes, that's what I understand from what Colton told me.

    Katie: Trevor attacked you. He wanted to pull off a heist for the weapons that were being disposed of. He knew you would be there because of lab policy and he figured if he took you out, he'd have an easier job. But he underestimated us. MUAHAHAHAHA.

    Horatio: Interesting. Well, thank you for heading the case.

    Katie: *lifts brow* I didn't head the case. Speed did.

    Horatio: *stares at Katie* Speed did.

    Katie: ...Oh wait, did I say Speed? I meant Calleigh.

    Horatio: *walks away*

    Katie: I suppose it's too late to say OOPS!


    Horatio: *looks around*

    Yelina: *walks over* Hey!

    Horatio: *looks at Yelina*

    Yelina: I heard you were better.

    Horatio: Um, that's one way of putting it.

    Yelina: The team got your guy too. I didn't think you'd be back to work this soon.

    Horatio: Have you seen Speed?

    Yelina: He's in my office.

    Horatio: Excellent, thank you ma'am. *walks away*

    Yelina: *lifts brow* Glad I could help.

    Yelina's Office

    Horatio: *knocks on frame*

    Speed: *writing things down* Yeah.

    Horatio: A word.

    Speed: *lifts head*

    Horatio: I didn't realize I hired you back.

    Speed: You didn't. Calleigh was in charge.

    Horatio: What are you signing?

    Speed A death certificate.

    Horatio: Whose?

    Speed: Trevor's.

    Horatio: *lifts brows* Trevor's dead?

    Speed: He was found dead on the prison bus when they got to the facility. Alexx sent this over because he was in the PD's custody when it happened.

    Horatio: Okay. Hand over the case to Calleigh and Eric.

    Speed: I already did.

    Horatio: Good. The certificate please.

    Speed: *hands over certificate*

    Horatio: Thank you.

    Speed: Let me guess, go home?

    Horatio: Apparently you headed the case.

    Speed: Calleigh asked.

    Horatio: Mhm. I heard from her that there were a few issues but you were never mentioned.

    Speed: Look, I'll just go. The issues involved me anyway. *walks to door*

    Horatio: Speed.

    Speed: What.

    Horatio: Good work.

    Speed: *frowns, walks away*

  13. MacsLovlyAngl

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    SC, that's it, I want more. It's getting interesting. Please update soon:)
    I want to know what's gonna happen next.:lol:


    Edit: I agree it's always interesting she's does an awesome job with it. It's always a great read.:)
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  14. Anni Grey

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    It's always interesting! Interesting that Trevor died...Interesting that Horatio still doesn't trust Speed, even though he helped solve the case without any problems. Interesting that they haven't all gotten in trouble in the last few updates:D

    Very excellent work, Geni!
  15. racefh853629

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    Good thing to wake up to! lol

    I agree, it's interesting... Is Trevor really dead, or just kinda dead and gonna pop up again later to kill someone else? :lol:

    Great update! :D
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