Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Ack! Gee, thanks, now that song's stuck in my head... CURSE YOU, BIG & RICH!!! *shakes fist* :lol:
  2. Anni Grey

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    What awesome updates Again, Josh continues to surprise me. I think his near brush with death has put things in perspective. He's actually very cool!

    And what's this about Katie??? Do I sense that there's a Katie we really don't know? And finally, she admits readily to still loving Speed, although I could've told anyone that. I mean , look at him...

    Horatio and Grissom continue to baffle, yet entertain me. THis is the true reason why the both of them couldn't be in the same show together. They would drive each other batty...Case in point:

    Now that was hilarious!:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:

    WOW....:eek: Speed taking drug money for Anni's mounting bills and lack there of...Interesting in the fact that he couldn't accept from her parents, but I totally dig that he's doing it for his girl:), even though it's illegal as hell. SOmething's going to happen though. It was just too clean of a transaction. And let's face it, its the Road Trip- something always happens.

    And the Pornstache....I'm still:wtf: over it.... Im glad it's fake.

    Ryan and Greg...Classic! So classic!

    Excellent updates, Geni!
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  3. Finch

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    Hehe thanks so much for the reviews! :D

    Bwah, I'll have an update in a bit--I'm just trying to finish up the rest of 'Twilight' and I'll be right back. :lol: (curse my sister for making me read it)
  4. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    I know this is about the road trip, but Geni..>Twilight...SO worth it:D
  5. Finch

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    ^ Yes. :D


    Miami, Morgue

    Delko: *walks in* Hey Alexx.

    Alexx: *smiles* Good to see you back, Eric.

    Delko: Good to see you too Alexx. So this our dead guy?

    Alexx: Yep. I just got finished with my autopsy. 5 gunshot wounds to the chest, neck and face. The headshot killed him.

    Delko: Got some bullets for me?

    Alexx: Mhm. *lifts jar* I'm no bullet expert but these appear to be from a 9mm.

    Delko: Yeah. It's weird, they uh, kind of look like the ones we use. Maybe it's a coincidence.

    Alexx: *scoffs* The day there's a coincidence down here is the day I become a millionaire.

    Delko: Is there anything else you can tell me about the body?

    Alexx: TOD was roughly three weeks ago.

    Delko: Was there any evidence of freezing?

    Alexx: None that I could see. There are none of the tell-tale signs that the body is in a delayed state of decomposition. I'd say this is an average progression, especially in the Miami climate.

    Delko: *nods* His tox screen come back yet?

    Alexx: *hands over paper* This morning.

    Delko: *grabs paper, looks down* ...Large amounts of alcohol.

    Alexx: 3 times the legal limit at this point and the body is three weeks expired.

    Delko: So it would have been more than that during the murder. Okay, so he wouldn't have been much of a threat.

    Alexx: That's for you to find out, honey.

    Delko: *scratches head*

    Alexx: Something wrong?

    Delko: It's just looking really bad for my only suspect. Thanks Alexx. *walks away*

    Alexx: No problem baby.

    Ballistics Lab

    Delko: *walks in* These all the firearms from Katie's house?

    Josh: *writing things down* Mhm.

    Delko: Find any matches yet?

    Josh: I've gone through all of the weapons. None of them match the bullets you got out of the body.

    Delko: So we're out of suspects.

    Josh: Not quite. They might not match anything here, but they do match a firearm in the system. *clicks mouse*

    Delko: *scoffs* No way. Horatio Caine?

    Josh: I quadruple-checked.

    Delko: There's no way he killed that guy.

    Josh: His gun certainly did.

    Delko: He carries it with him everywhere.

    Josh: *tilts head* Which doesn't look to good for the guy, does it.

    Delko: Well, he seemed shocked when Katie confessed to killing the guy.

    Josh: Wasn't he also the one who sent her back down here?

    Delko: I think I need to have a little chat with Horatio.

  6. Anni Grey

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    :eek: HORATIO CAINE! *cue the bad soap opera music* Yes, it seems that Horatio does have some questions to answer. I for one can't wait to hear this Q&A session. Well, it looks like the RTers are coming back to Miami...:devil:

    Who knows what can happen next?

    Excellent work, Geni!
  7. Finch

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    Bwaha. :evil:


    Miami, next day

    Delko: Yeah, yeah okay, thanks. *closes phone*

    Horatio: *walks off elevator* Eric.

    Delko: Hey H. Where's the rest of the team?

    Horatio: We all drove back down. What's the emergency?

    Delko: You know Katie's case?

    Horatio: Yes.

    Delko: Well we have a new lead're it.

    Horatio: *lifts brows* I'm it.

    Delko: The victim was killed with your gun.

    Horatio: Okay, let's take a walk. Come on. *walks away*

    Delko: *walks away*


    Horatio: *walking* I understand you found weapons in Katie's home.

    Delko: Yeah. It's not illegal if you have them registered.

    Horatio: Okay and you're sure my gun was a match to the bullets?

    Delko: 100% match.

    Horatio: What type of gun was it?

    Delko: ...Standard police issue 9mm.

    Horatio: *stops walking*

    Delko: *stops*

    Horatio: My weapon is a Sig-Sauer.

    Delko: Well that changes everything.

    Horatio: My previous weapon was decomissioned and kept in storage at the lab.

    Delko: So you're saying Katie took the gun from the lab and used it so hers couldn't be traced back to her?

    Horatio: It's possible.

    Delko: Then we need that gun.

    Horatio: We do. I'll be in Trace.

    Delko: Sure.

    Horatio: *walks away*

    Cellphone rings

    Delko: *looks down at phone*


    Delko: *walks in* Hey, you said it was important?

    Alexx: I was just ordered to turn the body over to the FBI.

    Delko: *lifts brow* What? What for?

    Alexx: I don't know. They wouldn't give me any details so I figured it was serious.

    Delko: And I hope you stalled them.

    Alexx: *smiles* Nobody takes my tenants away without me knowing why. So I did an extended autopsy before they took him away.

    Delko: You found something?

    Alexx: The autopsy I performed the first time was not an extensive investigation. Because of the level of decomp and the bullets, we're not required to cut the body open. The head shot should have been the cause of death.

    Delko: Should have been.

    Alexx: There was no hemorraging around the bullet wounds.

    Delko: *shakes head* That's weird, right?

    Alexx: Very weird. He was dead before he was shot.

    Delko: What was the cause of death?

    Alexx: Cocaine overdose. And not the cheap stuff. 100% pure cocaine hydrochloride.

    Delko: So why was he shot?

    Trace Lab

    Horatio: *walks in* You speak to Katie?

    Josh: Yeah, she's signing some papers.

    Horatio: I thought the gun we agreed on was her previous service pistol.

    Josh: It was disposed of last year so we had to improvise. The FBI knows you're clean on this.

    Horatio: Okay, this is a sample of cocaine our bartender victim was fronting.

    Josh: *grabs slide, sticks it under scope*

    Horatio: *places hands on hips*

    Josh: *lifts head* Looks pretty good to me.

    Horatio: Good enough for the runners?

    Josh: They sell this, they've just killed all the buyers in Colombia.

    Horatio: I gather that's the idea. The only problem is, if this gets on the streets, the users could also die and a percentage of them are children.

    Josh: Collateral damage.

    Horatio: Let's prevent that. You get any intel on Lori's group?

    Josh: Yeah, narco has a guy on the inside named Tony. He confirmed they were getting ready to fly the stuff next week. I called the FBI and for some reason they gave me Katie.

    Horatio: *nods* She's been working for them.

    Josh: So she fudges a murder in her diary to get sent back to Miami. Does Delko know about any of this?

    Horatio: No and it's going to stay that way. He shouldn't have been a part of the case.

    Josh: Your team's a little hard to stop when they're fighting for their own.

    Horatio: Indeed, however he's the cleanest on the team so that's why he was chosen to drive Katie back down here.

    Josh: She couldn't have driven herself?

    Horatio: She's been taking a hallucinatory drug to include her as a suspect. I wouldn't have wanted her to drive in that condition.

    Josh: Right. Well, I guess this is my cue to exit the investigation?

    Horatio: You are correct.

    Josh: Good luck. *takes off gloves, walks away*

    Horatio: *sigh*

  8. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    Wow! Some very incidentals going on there! It seeems that everyone is involved with Lori somehow and these drugs! Well, everyone except for Eric- he seems to be the innocent in all of this. Very interesting....every interesting indeed:devil:

    Can't wait for more!
  9. Finch

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    Hehe, thanks for the review. :D


    Large house, Miami

    Tony: *grabs files* So it's settled, we're heading out tomorrow then.

    Lori: I was under the impression that we were leaving next week.

    Tony: *opens crate* The white gold couldn't wait.

    Lori: *looks down at crate* How many more of these do we have?

    Tony: 40 more. There's also a few testers for you an I. *smiles*

    Lori: Testers.

    Tony: We might as well test what we're running.

    Lori: *places hands on hips* Go ahead.

    Tony: ...You're not going to have any?

    Lori: It's your success, it's only fair you should be the first to test your own product.

    Tony: There's a pile of cocaine sitting in your living room and you're not even..tempted.

    Lori: *stares at box*

    Tony: Just one hit. One big hit.

    Lori: *shakes head* No, I plan on staying cool-headed. Someone has to run this operation afterall.

    Tony: So let me run this for a while. You sit back, relax, and say hello to an old friend.

    Lori: *closes crate* I run it, I don't sample it. That's where the line is drawn in this organization.

    Tony: *sigh* You're right. As always. *pulls out syringe*

    Lori: *looks at syringe*

    Tony: But I took the liberty of cooking up a recipe for you anyway. *grabs Lori*

    Lori: *pulls out gun*

    Tony: *slams Lori against wall*

    Lori: ERGH! *drops gun*

    Tony: *pulls out badge* Miami Dade PD.

    Lori: *staring at badge*

    Tony: Whoops. Guess your men didn't do their job properly.

    Lori: *struggling* Let me go you son-of-a-bitch.

    Tony: See, we've been following this organization for months. And you know what really pisses me off? The disgusting amount of money you people make in a given day. And the funny thing is, you're not even selling real dope. Of course, narco didn't find that out, I did when I performed a field test so I'm the only one who really knows what's going on, right?

    Lori: Yeah, congratulations to you.

    Tony: It's pretty admirable what you're doing and all, y'know, anonymously funding triage centers, hospitals and water refining facilities in South America. I'm a little disappointed. You do realize the FBI is after you, right? They're expecting some big illegal operation and all they're getting is bags of oregeno and flour.

    Lori: God forbid their little investigation doesn't come with gunfire, explosions and the satisfaction of saying they closed down one of the largest drug pushing companies in America.

    Tony: Some of us worked hard to catch you and the people before you. I've been on narco TEN years and my only job was to sit through intel and infiltrate organizations like yours. And to learn that it meant nothing? That what you're doing is only hurting the bad guys? I want my promotion and you are not going to get in the way of that by botching this with some panni anni 'save the children' bullcrap.

    Lori: So what are you going to do, kill me? Is that going to get you your 'promotion'?

    Tony: I've already killed once, I don't have a problem with doing it again. *points to crate* You see that? That's 100% pure cocaine. It's the same cocaine I killed one of your bartender henchmen with so the FBI could head the investigation with a pretext. *tilts head* Of course an overdose was just not enough of an excuse for them to stick their fingers in so they had to riddle him with bullets.

    Lori: *kicks Tony*

    Tony: AGH!

    Lori: *punches Tony's face*

    Tony: *grabs Lori's arm, pushes her against wall*

    Lori: *struggling*

    Tony: *sticks Lori with syringe* See this, this won't be quite enough to kill you but it'll be enough to sufficiently keep you out of the way until I finish my mission. The FBI is going to get their real drugs, I am going to get my promotion and you are going to go to prison. Just like it's supposed to be.

    Lori: *kicking and punching* Let go of me you bastard!

    Tony: In a few seconds you'll be off to la la land and I'll be off to my superiors.

  10. Jenna_Caine

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    o_O Whoa... Damn, this is getting intense... I guess it's fitting, though, huh, considering it's supposed to be the last Road Trip... *sweatdrop* Wow... :lol: Keep it up, Geni!
  11. Anni Grey

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    I concur, Jenna! It's very gripping, and keeping me at the edge of my seat! I simply cannot wait to see what's going to happen next!

    Excellent work!
  12. Finch

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    Teehee, thanks for the reviews! :D


    Outside Lab--Miami

    Delko: *walks over* H.

    Horatio: *turns around* Just a second, Eric. *puts phone up to ear* Yes, I understand. No, I can assure you that--...I..excuse me? What-what do you m-

    Delko: *grabs phone*

    Horatio: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: This can't wait.

    Horatio: *looks at phone* ...Eric, that was a very important call.

    Delko: I don't care. You sent me here on a wild goose chase, you know that.

    Horatio: *shakes head* I don't know what you mean.

    Delko: *lifts brows* So the whole FBI angle...that was just...nothing? They always take over our cases?

    Horatio: You're not supposed to-

    Delko: You don't give me a lot of credit. Look, if this case was part of something bigger, you could have told me.

    Horatio: Unfortunately it doesn't work that way.

    Delko: It had better start.

    Horatio: *stares at Eric*

    Delko: Now tell me what the hell is going on.

    Horatio: In the truck, okay?

    Large house, Miami

    Tony: *slams lid onto crates*

    Lori: *holding head*

    Tony: Guys! Get in here!

    Guy1: *walks over* Boss, the captain keeps calling me. You haven't checked in yet.

    Tony: What did you tell him?

    Guy1: I told him you were negotiating.

    Tony: *lifts brow* Negotiating what?

    Guy1: *shrugs* A new sell date.

    Tony: Where's the rest of the team?

    Guy1: They're out back.

    Tony: I need them in here.

    Guy1: What are we supposed to do with her?

    Tony: Does she look like she's about to get up and foil us? I didn't think so. Just leave her there. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll go into a coma.

    Lori: *blinking*

    Guy1: She doesn't look very good.

    Lori: *vomits*

    Guy1: Ew.

    Tony: *tilts head* Maybe I gave her a bit too much.

    Guy1: Well, in any case, the guys she hired are wrangled upstairs. They shouldn't be a problem.

    Tony: Good. You know, all the years I've been doing this... Drunks, drug dealers, pimps, none of those have pissed me off as much as HER. *looks at Lori*

    Guy1: *laughs* She give you the shiner there boss?

    Tony: Shut up. She should rot in hell like the rest of them as far as I'm concerned. Hurry up and nail these things closed.

    Lori: *reaches for coffee table*

    Guy1: Where's the nail gun?

    Tony: How am I supposed to know? You were the last one to have it.

    Guy1: Why the hell would I have a nail gun?

    Tony: I thought you were nailing the other crates.

    Guy1: I was upstairs kicking ass.

    Tony: *rolls eyes*

    Lori: *grabs gun*

    Guy1: HEY! *runs over to Lori*

    Tony: *looks back*

    Guy1: *punches Lori in face*

    Lori: UGH! *rolls over*

    Guy1: The little bitch just tried to shoot us.

    Tony: They're like roaches. *walks over* No matter how hard you step on them, they just. don't. die. *kneels, grabs Lori by the hair*

    Lori: *squints*

    Tony: You're persistant, I'll give you that.

    Lori: *kicks Guy1*

    Guy1: UGH! *falls backwards*

    Lori: *slams fist into Tony's head*

    Tony: AH! *holds head*

    Lori: *grabs beeper from Tony*

    Tony: *rubs head* What the hell..

    Guy1: I thought you said you had her!

    Tony: Shut up and cuff her!

    Guy1: *grabs cuffs from back pocket*

    Tony: GIVE ME THAT! *grabs beeper* Trying to call your drug lord friends huh? I doubt they'll come and save you. *looks down at beeper*

    Guy1: Who'd she beep?

    Tony: ...*lifts brow* 9-1-1. Extension 32.

    Guy1: She called the cops?

    Tony: *laughs* That cocaine drive itself a little too far into your brain there? *slaps Lori's face* You're just callin' us sweetheart.

    MDPD parkinglot

    Horatio: *starts engine*

    Speed: *runs over, knocks on window*

    Horatio: *rolls down window*

    Speed: You heading to Coral Gables?

    Horatio: No, we're heading to the air strip.

    Speed: No you're not. *lifts pager*

    Delko: Hey, that's my pager.

    Horatio: *takes pager* ...A 9-1-1 from a cellphone.

    Speed: Yeah from another PD number. Narcotics unit.

    Delko: How does that translate to Coral Gables?

    Horatio: ...Um...Narco has a team in there right now. Lori's house.

    Delko: Why would someone on narco be calling me?

    Speed: Open up, I'm coming with you.

    Horatio: No you're not.

    FBI agents start running to their vehicles

    Horatio: *looks around*

    Delko: Where are they going?

    Agent: *runs over* Lieutenant, meet us in Coral Gables. We've got an issue. *runs off*

    Delko: How do you even know what's going on?

    Speed: Katie.

    Delko: Of course.

    Horatio: Alright, get in.

    Large house, Miami

    Tony: Pack up the stuff, let's head out.

    Guy1: *looks out window* Uh...boss?

    Tony: What.

    Guy1: There's a bunch of cop cars outside.

    Tony: Narco task force?

    Guy1: *squints* Not unless we have trucks that say 'Crime Scene Investigation' on them.

    Tony: Damnit. *looks at Lori* What did you do, you bitch!

    Lori: *stares at Tony*

    Tony: *smacks Guy1* You were supposed to call the captain back and explain why I didn't check in.

    Guy1: I thought I did.

    Tony: Piss poor excuse my friend. Now the FBI's all over the place.

    Doorbell rings

    Guy1: Oh hey maybe that pizza I ordered finally got here. *walks to door*

    Tony: NO! N-

    Guy1: *opens door*

    Clicks are heard

    Horatio: *holding gun* Good evening, gentlemen.

    Guy1: Uh, Tony, it's for you. *backs up*

    Horatio: *walks in*

    Delko: *walks in*

    Tony: All of this because I forgot to check in with my captain?

    Guy1: And I accidentally beeped the wrong thing to the wrong number. *clears throat*

    Katie: *walks in, gun lifted*

    Speed: *walks in*

    Horatio: See I think that 9-1-1 was from the young lady on the carpet over there.

    Katie: *looks at floor, walks ahead*

    Speed: *grabs Katie*

    Horatio: Care to explain, officer?

    Tony: I stopped her from selling this pure cocaine. She resisted arrest.

    Agent: 3 tonnes of cocaine went missing from the Narcotics Division last night. Pure cocaine, I might add.

    Horatio: Didn't even try to cover your tracks.

    Tony: I'm not a CSI.

    Delko: Then I guess it's a good thing we are. Get on the ground.

    Tony: *gets to knees*

    Agent: *grabs Tony*

    Katie: *runs over to Lori* Lori? Lori, look at me. *kneels*

    Lori: *grabs at Katie*

    Katie: We're here, we're here. Calm down. *touches Lori's head* She's running a high fever.

    Horatio: I'll get rescue in here. *grabs cellphone*

    Katie: *lifts head*

    Speed: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *leaves*

    Katie: It's okay, you'll be fine.


    FBI people scrambling inside the house, others on radios

    Speed: *walks over to car*

    Tony: Hey could you loosen the cuffs? My skin's very fragile.

    Cop: Live with it.

    Tony: This is harassment you know. You guys know I'm a cop!

    Speed: *slams Tony against car*

    Tony: HEY! AH!

    Delko: *runs over* Forget about him.

    Speed: *stares at Tony*

    Tony: *stares at Speed*

    Delko: I'm sure there's enough people on the inside that had the pleasure of knowing him and probably won't make him forget.

    Speed: *lets go*

    Delko: Get in the car.

    Tony: Get a leash for your pit bull. *gets into car*

    Delko: *slams door* Take it easy.

    Speed: He's a real piece of work.

    Delko: I know. It's unfortunate that some people who get hired onto the force are somewhat unbalanced.

    Speed: I get your point.

    Delko: Don't give Horatio more reasons to distrust you.

    Speed: What difference does it make?

    Delko: The difference is the person sitting in that car and the person standing out here.

    Speed: ...

    Delko: *walks away*

    Speed: *looks around*

    Inside house

    Delko: Everything's secured.

    Horatio: Good work.

    Delko: Did rescue get Lori to the hospital?

    Horatio: Mhm. Tell you what, let's go through the accounts and see where this organization was heading before the FBI get their hands on it.

    Delko: Sure. I'll give Calleigh a call.

    Horatio: And let the team know I'm sorry for cutting their vacation short.

    Delko: We'll get back on the road again soon.

    Horatio: *puts on shades* Yup. *walks away*

  13. Anni Grey

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    Very smart of Lori to page the CSIs! That Tony...deserves whatever Speed was going to give him:D. Too bad Delko was there to pull him back from that ledge...

    I still hope that Lori is okay through this. She has had a lot to happen to her, poor girl. And it turns out, she's not doing the wrong thing here! Although that Tony guy was a poor excuse of a human being.

    Great work! Can't wait for more!
  14. Jenna_Caine

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    Oh, man... the whole RT team's coming back to Miami, huh? Oh, boy... Wonder how Jenna's gonna react... :lol: Nicely done, Geni! :thumbsup:
  15. Hunter

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    I say, at the end of everything. At the end of RT, we bring out Stetlers middle name in front of everyone. *snickers* Ah now i gotta go find that chapter again and laugh my ass off. Anybody remember what thread its in again?

    Hokey crap so much has happened! I'll give my review later, right now i'm a tad busy. I'm so sorry i've been out!

    *hugs geni and everyone*
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