Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    Great updates SC. I'm really looking forward to your next update. As I said earlier. I've read this from the begining, and really enjoyed it. I will be sure to comment more, as I don't do it often enough.

    So update soon. Cause I'm really intersted in seeing what's going to happen with Katie. And whether Eric and Jess will decide on becoming parents.
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    Great update, Geni! Of course, as usual, there were many wonderful things in there, but, knowing me, I pounced on one in particular...

    This just cracked me up so damn bad... :lol: :guffaw: Now my computer classmates think I've completely lost it... :rolleyes:
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    Great chapter, Geni! I just loved how nonchalant Speed is. Some guy named I suppose he's not too keen on having to be there in the first place. At the very least, he knows what Horatio thinks about him. Kudos to Calleigh, though, for trying to get him to open up.

    I still can't wait to see how this pans out for Katie...

    Excellent work!
  4. Finch

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    Thanks for the reviews everyone. :D


    Miami--beach, boardwalk

    Katie: *sips drink*

    Jess: So, how was the day?

    Katie: Oh, fun.

    Jess: *lifts brow* You don't sound entirely convinced.

    Katie: It's not you, it's me.

    Jess: I didn't realize we were breaking up.

    Katie: *laughs*

    Jess: Hee, see? Happiness is much more becoming.

    Katie: I guess. Look, I'm really sorry I've been such a grouch lately. I guess with all of this happening, I lost focus.

    Jess: It's okay. It's understandable that you feel cruddy. I just hope that you're willing to open up and be the Katie I remember for a while.

    Katie: *smiles* Well I have been meaning to buy some Cheez-its and splatter them with mustard.

    Jess: There ya go! *looks at watch* We'll have plenty of time for that...tomorrow.

    Katie: Why? What's now?

    Jess: Um, well you seemed kind of down and out about the whole, you having crappy relationships so I took the liberty to set you up on a date.

    Katie: No no no no. No.

    Jess: Why?

    Katie: Because.

    Jess: *crosses arms* Because why.

    Katie: ..Because I have my eye on someone else, alright?

    Jess: Speed?

    Katie: *rolls eyes* No, for the last time.

    Jess: Then who?

    Katie: ...I don't want to say.

    Jess: Come on, you can tell me.

    Katie: No I can't. You'll end up telling the entire state of Florida by tomorrow.

    Jess: No one else here knows you, it's alright.

    Katie: *angry sigh* It's....Colton.

    Jess: *gasp* I knew it. You go girl! He's a hot tamale that one. And he cleans up well.

    Katie: *smiles*

    Jess: Sooo, do you think he likes you?

    Katie: I don't know. We had one date and it wasn't even a date. It was really awkward.


    Katie: ...Yes.

    Jess: Hot damn girl. Okay, when we get back to Vegas, you two are going to have a good time together. And you know why? Because you can't go wrong with someone on the team.

    Katie: *frowns*

    Jess: Anymore.

    Cellphone rings

    Jess: *looks down at phone*

    Katie: Who is it?

    Jess: It's Josh.

    Katie: Great. Melrose Place and CSI. Welcome to Miami everyone!

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    That one line made my night :guffaw:

    Loved that Katie was able to get back to herself - But with Josh calling, I don't think it may last.

    Great update, Geni!
  6. Finch

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    Thanks for the review! :D


    Josh's house

    Katie: *walks in slowly* Josh? ...Josh! Your text said to come here.

    Josh: *runs downstairs* Hi.

    Katie: So...what do you want?

    Josh: I didn't have your number so Eric had me call Jess a-

    Katie: Josh, just tell me what's going on.

    Josh: You're off the hook.

    Katie: *stares at Josh* ...Seriously?

    Josh: *nods* Yeah. DA doesn't want to press charges.

    Katie: so wonderful! *hugs Josh*

    Josh: *smiles*

    Katie: TEEHEE! *lets go* Man now I have to call Jess! OH! I have to call Horatio! OH I HAVE TO CALL UH UH UH...UH EVERYONE! *jumps up and down*

    Josh: Well hold on a second. Before you start calling everyone, I just want to uh, apologize for what I said before.

    Katie: It's okay. I would have called me a slut too.

    Josh: I didn't treat you with respect and I'm sorry. Even on my worst days, no one deserves that kind of attitude.

    Katie: *nods* It's fine.

    Josh: You're welcome to stay here until Eric gets them to release your home.

    Katie: I don't want to impose.

    Josh: I insist. Besides, it's kind of...empty around here.

    Katie: What about Ethan and Cait?

    Josh: Adult empty.

    Katie: Oh. *smiles* Well, count me in.

    Josh: Great! While you were out, I took the liberty of washing your laundry and having everything dry-cleaned. It's all upstairs for you. And I know how much you like pizza so there's a bunch on its way. And because beer is unhealthy, I bought you a gallon of water. *smiles*

    Katie: ...Water. Oh, good. I like water. Wait, you did what to my clothes?

    Josh: They're laying in order of colour and season.

    Katie: ...I don't own a lot of colors and I only brought three shirts.

    Josh: Yeah I know. I bought the rest for you. You really needed an update my dear.

    Katie: *laughs* Uh, thanks, I think. I didn't realize you knew my size.

    Josh: It's a talent, what can I say.

    Katie: ...You didn't put roses on my bed or anything did you?

    Josh: Why, would you like roses on your bed?

    Katie: *stares blankly*

    Josh: You look exhausted, I could start a bath for you if you want.

    Katie: No, no. You've been...very hospitable up to this point..for some strange reason.

    Josh: It's just so good to have another adult in the house. *sigh*

    Katie: Where are the kids anyway?

    Josh: Ethan's at his friend's house for a sleepover and Cait's upstairs on her computer pounding away at it.

    Katie: *nods slowly*

    Josh: What is it? You look..panicky.

    Katie: Oh, it''s nothing. Really. I um...well, it's just...thanks.

    Josh: *lifts brow* For what?

    Katie: *sniffs* Um...*fans self* Ah geez, remember the song Katie, big girls don't cry. *wipes eyes*

    Josh: Excuse me?

    Katie: No, no I was just talking to myself. *sniffles* I uh, *covers eyes* Great.

    Josh: You want to sit down or something?

    Katie: *bursts into tears*

    Josh: What did I say?

    Katie: *crying* I...I...I...BAAAAA!

    Josh: *hands over tissue*

    Katie: *blows nose*

    Josh: Did I do something wrong?

    Katie: No. *sniffles* No you didn't. As a matter of fact, this is the first time in a long time that someone has treated me like a human being. Which is stupid, because yesterday you were acting like I was Hitler or something and now that you're not all crazy, I finally feel like I'm worth fussing over and stuff so it's nice. *exhales* And you even apologized.

    Josh: *lifts brows*

    Katie: Thank you. *walks upstairs*

    Cait: *walks downstairs* What's her problem?

    Josh: She's just tired.

    Cait: Did you make her cry?

    Josh: *throws hands up in air* I don't know what I did.

    Cait: Mhm. Never fails.

  7. Anni Grey

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    What a great update! Katie's off the hook....YAY!!! And what about Josh....he's doting on her almost excessively...I suppose he does miss the adult element. It was cute to see them both lighten up, however.

    Great update!
  8. Finch

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    Hehe, thanks for the review. :D LOL, looks like it's just the two of us again!


    Josh's House--Bathroom

    Katie: *moves bubbles around, grabs book*

    Josh: *walks in* Hey K-

    Katie: *screams* JOSH! What are you doing!

    Josh: *lifts dresses* Which one compliments your skin better? Dark blue or scarlet red?

    Katie: *frowning* I'm trying to have a bath.

    Josh: Well there's this art show downtown tonight and I was invited but I need to bring a guest.

    Katie: Bring Cait.

    Josh: A guest over 18. The art is rather risqué. I think. Well, some of it anyway. So which dress?

    Katie: No dress. You don't barge into the bathroom when I'm..naked.

    Josh: *laughs* Really? You're going to have this conversation with me?

    Katie: ...

    Josh: You have an hour to get ready. I hope that's long enough.

    Katie: I was hoping to use the hour to relax.

    Josh: If it's any consolation, the leather seats in my Camaro are very comfortable.

    Katie: Good, because I don't think I'd want to step into a giant Hummer or sit on a motorcycle wearing that...very..pretty dress.

    Josh: Oh the red one? You deserve a little sexiness.

    Katie: I do?

    Josh: Definitely.

    Katie: Well then. I guess we're going to an art show.

    Josh: Excellent.

    Miami Art Museum

    Katie: *grabs wine* I didn't realize you appreciated art.

    Josh: I didn't before.

    Katie: Before what?

    Josh: *stares at painting*

    Katie: *looks around* You know, for a room full of people and alcohol, it sure is quiet.

    Josh: *points* The composition of this piece is really quite exquisite. You can even see the individual brush strokes. They add so much definition, don't they?

    Katie: ...These are all painted with brushes, right?

    Josh: No. Some have been hand painted. Some artisits choose to utilize arbitrary items like feathers or strips of paper.

    Katie: Right. Because that totally made sense.

    Man: *walks over* Josh!

    Josh: *smiles* Hey! Long time no see.

    Man: *hugs Josh* Been a while man. *lets go* Heeeey lovin' the new look. Love the whole...*waves hands* dirty grunge feel you have goin' there. Or are you just gettin' lazy. HA.

    Josh: *laughs* Andy, this is Katie.

    Katie: *nervous smile*

    Andy: *grabs Katie's hand* En chanté.

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Andy: I've always wanted to say that at a posh event like this.

    Katie: So how do you two know each other?

    Andy: We went to highschool together. Josh was quite the queen back in the day, eh Josh? *punches Josh* I remember you used to jump around the drama stage in a bright blue sparkly leotard singing..oh what was Liza Minelli's famous song?

    Katie: *smirks*

    Josh: I'm real happy you left highschool Andy.

    Andy: Hey no problem. You know, I was this guy's only friend in the whole wide world? His own brother wouldn't even talk to him...well at least not on school grounds.

    Katie: *lifts brows* Oh really.

    Andy: Yeah this little faerie here always made quite an impact but probably not one everyone approved of. He cracked me up so I stuck with him, thick and thin.

    Josh: Gee, and I thought it was because I was such a free spirit.

    Andy: *sigh* Oh yes. Remember when you signed up for the cheerleading squad but you refused to do the routine unless you could have a tutu?

    Josh: First of all, it's not a tutu and she'll believe that.

    Katie: *giggles*

    Andy: So how goes it man? You stalkin' me here in Miami? Ha.

    Josh: Don't think that highly of yourself, And. I settled down here.

    Andy: Oh. Well good for you. What do you for a living? You still own a salon?

    Josh: Actually, I'm a police officer.

    Andy: *laughs*

    Josh: *stares at Andy*

    Andy: ..Dude, you're serious?

    Josh: *nods*

    Andy: Wow. I feel like I should...hide my traffic tickets or something.

    Josh: Don't worry about it, I'm a detective, not on patrol.

    Andy: Uh anything else I should know there buddy?

    Josh: I have two kids, a steady 401K and my own lawn.

    Andy: *looks at Katie* OH! So this is your uh, wife? I guess? Dude you changed.

    Josh: She's not my wife.

    Andy: ...Ex-wife?

    Josh: She's a friend.

    Andy: *smiles* Excellent.

    Josh: Andy...

    Andy: Sorry man. Look, we should catch up sometime. I part-own an art shop down the street, you should come check it out. We can grab lunch or something.

    Josh: That's a good idea.

    Andy: Well, see you two later. *walks away*

    Katie: *snorts*

    Josh: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: Sorry, I was just picturing you in a tutu.

    Josh: *rolls eyes*

    Hotel room, Vegas

    Ryan: Okay, I can't believe you've never played Monopoly.

    Greg: It's just never really come up at any family functions or rainy nights.

    Heather: But everyone has played Monopoly. Even Horatio.

    Greg: Well I'm not Horatio.

    Ryan: Look, it's very simple. You buy properties, gain money and monopolize the entire game.

    Greg: Seems kind of cruel.

    Ryan: It's not real life.

    Greg: So, when do I get one of these barns?

    Ryan: This is a hotel.

    Greg: Oh. *puts hotel onto board*

    Ryan: No, no you can't have a hotel. You need 4 green houses before you can get a hotel.

    Greg: Why? Regular people can build hotels without owning 4 homes.

    Ryan: This isn't real life and it's just the rules of the game.

    Jenna: I feel like I'm watching 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'.

    Heather: *nods*

    Ryan: So you've landed on Marvin Gardens. You want to buy it?

    Greg: Why?

    Ryan: Because it's worth money when people land on it.

    Greg: But I don't like yellow and I don't want my property to be called Marvin anything.

    Ryan: It doesn't matter what it's called.

    Greg: As a property owner, it does.

    Ryan: You're not a real property owner.

    Greg: Then why are we playing this?

    Ryan: UGH! *throws houses*

    Greg: *wide-eyed* ACK! *holds neck, coughs*

    Lora: Did you just throw a little green house in his mouth?

    Greg: *turning purple*

    Ryan: You weren't supposed to swallow! NO! STOP CHOKING!

    Anni: Quick! Who knows the evasive maneuver!

    Heather: No, it's called Hi-lick.

    Jenna: No it's not. It's Heins Spit.

    Heather: What? That doesn't even make sense.

    Jenna: Neither does Hi-lick.

    Heather: Yes it does. You grab 'em high and give 'em a lickin'.

    Jenna: Well with mine, you Heins 'em and they spit.

    Heather: Heins is ketchup.

    Jenna: Exactly. You gotta pound the end of the bottle to get the ketchup out.

    Lora: Look, who cares what it's called, just someone save him!

    Ryan: Okay Greggo, hold on. *grabs Greg*

    Greg: *turning blue*

    Ryan: One, two, three! *hoists upward*


    Ryan: Uh oh.

    Colton: Did you just break his rib?

    Ryan: Does he look like he's in pain.

    Heather: His eyes are rolling back into his head.

    Anni: Call Horatio.

    Heather: Horatio? Screw Horatio, call 9-1-1. It's not a crime scene..yet.

    Lora: Screw Horatio? Yes ma'am.

    Heather: *rolls eyes*

    20 minutes later

    Horatio: *takes off shades*

    Everyone: *sitting on bed*

    Horatio: It's not enough that you have to spend every day finding new ways to kill each other but you have to do that to Grissom's team as well.

    Lora: Well in my defense, I wanted them to call you first.

    Horatio: Stop talking.

    Lora: Oooh I love it when he takes control.

    Horatio: I almost thought we were past these shinannigans.

    Colton: You thought wrong, red.

    Horatio: Don't call me 'red'.

    Calleigh: *walks in* What's going on?


    Calleigh: What?

    Ryan: Greg. And we didn't kill him.

    Heather: Yeah, you killed him.

    Ryan: Nobody killed him!

    Miami Art Museum--2 hours later

    Katie: *grabs wine*

    Josh: *walks over* Hey, I've been looking for you.

    Katie: *smiling* I've been observinganating this here picture thang. Haha, thang. That's what this painting has.

    Josh: How many glasses of wine did you have?

    Katie: *lifts fingers* Hmmm...I know I had this many. But I'm kinda seeing more than 2 on each stub. *giggles*

    Josh: There are important people here. Politicians, delegates, judges-

    Katie: So what are a place like us doing in a people like these?

    Josh: I happen to have some connections.

    Judge: *walks over* Josh, m'boy! The Mrs. and I were just talking about how talented you are. We just saw your piece over in the next atrium.

    Josh: *smiles* Thank you sir.

    Judge: And who's this young lady?

    Katie: *giggles* He called me LADY.

    Josh: *clears throat* This is Katie.

    Katie: EN CHANTE!

    Judge: Um, pleased to meet you.

    Josh: She's actually uh, not feeling very well so-

    Katie: What are you kermumbling about? I feel fine! *smiles* In fact, I'm feeling all sorts of neat things.

    Judge: *looks at Josh*

    Josh: Excuse us for a minute. *grabs Katie, walks away*

    Judge: Please do. *lifts brow*

    Corner of room

    Josh: You have got to stop talking.

    Katie: But if I stop talking, I'll puke.

    Josh: You need to act like a human being for one more hour.

    Katie: Well that'll be easy! I'm human afterall!

    Josh: No, you're acting like an animal and keep your voice down.

    Katie: Or what?

    Josh: Or I'll...damnit.

    Katie: HA!

    Josh: Okay, just try to yourself.

    Katie: Isn't that what I'm doing right now?

    Josh: Are you always this hammered?

    Katie: Depends what I got stocked in the cupboards.

    Judge: *walks over* Is everything okay?

    Josh: Yes, yes it's fine. She was just feeling a little ill. She's fine now. *elbows Katie*

    Katie: *clears throat* Monsieur Judge. *in thick brittish accent* I simply ADORE what you've done with the place. It's so full of art and naked men hanging from the walls.

    Judge: a museum.

    Katie: Of course it is! *pats Judge on the shoulder* We're all a museum, aren't we? Well, unless you're homeless.

    Judge: Um...Josh, I'm going to go over and speak with the mayor. You have my number if you'd like to discuss prices.

    Josh: Yes sir.

    Judge: *walks away*

    Josh: That was yourself?

    Katie: Could have been in a different life.

    Josh: Let's get some air.


    Katie: *sits on sidewalk*

    Josh: You're not going to hurl are you? Because I'm not going to have my seats messed up.

    Katie: You know what I like about you? You're a real man.

    Josh: That's great. *gets out cellphone* I'll just call you a cab.

    Katie: *sigh* How come all the gay ones are already gay? It's not fair.

    Josh: It wouldn't matter what orientation I was, you're my sister-in-law. So get it out of your head.

    Katie: I just appreciate you is all. I mean, I spent all evening with you and you didn't even try to hit on me or well...hit me.

    Josh: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: I feel safe for once.

    Josh: *kneels* Come on, I'll drive you home.

    Katie: No cab?

    Josh: *smirks* No cab.

    Katie: But what if I puke on your seats?

    Josh: I'll just buy a new car.

    Katie: *laughs*

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    Leave it to the RTPers to choke someone during Monoply, the longest game known to mankind. I thought it was hilarious that Greg was getting impatient, and was confused as hell as to how to play. I mean, really..>EvERY ONE knows how to play monoply...apparently, not everyone. :guffaw:

    Katie...sprung and going to an art showing with her gay exbrother in law. Does that spell a good night or what? Not to mention she's just a wee bit hammered. Katie doesn't cease to amaze me. Of course however, she's freakishly hilarious when she greets the judge... I thought I was never going to stop laughing!

    Excellent update- and just the two of us awesome!
  10. Finch

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    Wee! :D Thanks for the review. :D


    Josh's house, next morning

    Katie: *hobbles downstairs*

    Cait: *pours cereal*

    Josh: *drinks coffee*

    Cait: OH! I got my test back. I got an A.

    Josh: Great job, kiddo.

    Cait: *smiles* Thanks. And today we're going to learn how to bake brownies for extra marks.

    Katie: Ugh, don't talk about food. *sits*

    Josh: Go upstairs and get dressed. Take your cereal with you.

    Cait: Sure. I always love to eat while I'm in my underwear. *grabs bowl, runs upstairs*

    Katie: *feels forehead*

    Josh: You seemed to be having a good time last night.

    Katie: *frowning* Yeah well next time, don't take me somewhere with booze.

    Josh: You always have a choice.

    Katie: Funny, you're the first person to tell me that in over...God, years.

    Josh: Doesn't make it any less true.

    Katie: So what, are you going to say I'm a boozer or something?

    Josh: No.

    Katie: Okay I uh...I know I made a complete fool out of myself yesterday, the question is how exactly?

    Josh: You were articulate, beautiful and impressed everyone there.

    Katie: I did?

    Josh: *nods*

    Katie: That doesn't really sound like me...*scratches head* I remember you getting mad at me.

    Josh: So what are your plans for today?

    Katie: I plan on bribing Eric to go back to Vegas. That is if Jess doesn't have a problem with it. They have a great relationship, y'know? I wish I had that. I mean, well, I used to have that for probably...a little bit. I've been thinking about that all week and...okay I feel a bit dumb layin' it all out there to you but-

    Josh: It's okay.

    Katie: No it's not. I don't want to crap all over your brother.

    Josh: That's gross.

    Katie: Not literally. Like, wasn't he a good brother?

    Josh: *crosses arms* Not...100% of the time.

    Katie: Well he wasn't a good husband, not even for 50% of the time. Okay, 50% of the time yes for a bit but then it was all downhill from there. And now he's all "oooh Anni I love you" and I'm bitter and scorned. And frankly a little jealous.

    Josh: That goes along with bitter, I think.

    Katie: And this whole thing sucks because it wasn't always bad and I still love him.

    Josh: ...Should I be taking notes?

    Katie: God no. I don't want anyone to know.

    Josh: Then why did you tell me?

    Katie: Because it's not the biggest secret ever. But I told people that I was over him but come on! It's Speed, y'know?

    Josh: No.

    Katie: Oh. Right. And I'm just scared that when Anni dies, I'm going to swoop in there and make a huge fool out of myself.

    Josh: Why do you love him if he's such a terrible person?

    Katie: You think he's terrible?

    Josh: No. You do.

    Katie: Not anymore.

    Josh: I don't think you should do anything. It's stupid and disrespectful.

    Katie: Wow, thanks for the support.

    Josh: I'm not going to support you stealing my brother from his dying wife.

    Katie: I wasn't going to steal...just borrow.

    Josh: *frowns*

    Katie: *rolls eyes* Fine, I won't steal him or borrow him or even talk to him. Happy?

    Josh: *tilts head*

    Katie: Ugh. I'm going to beat up Jess and her stupid perfect relationship.

    Josh: No relationship is perfect.

    Katie: Well some of them look awfully good.

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    Okay, so I'm still working on catching up to this thread (I'm about to start the 8th), but I have to say that I'm really loving this story. I think it's utterly hilarious! Great job so far! :)
  12. MacsLovlyAngl

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    Hehe, I love Cait, she's got attitude.:p

    I can just picture it, Katie sitting on Harley, trying keep herself compossed.:lol:

    :lol::guffaw:I almost peed my pants:lol::guffaw: Thanks SC

    I'm telling you, I'm very ill, and these few chapters, just made me feel a hell of alot better:lol::guffaw:Thanks

    *Waits patiently for next chapter*
  13. Finch

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    Aw thanks so much for the reviews, y'all. :D

    And thanks racefh853629! Wow, you read the entire thing? :eek: Hee.


    Vegas--crime lab

    Horatio: *lifts wires*

    Grissom: What are you doing?

    Horatio: Putting the bomb together.

    Grissom: ...There are no bombs in this case.

    Horatio: That's what they want you to believe.

    Grissom: No one wants you to believe anything.

    Horatio: And that is what they want you to believe.

    Break room

    Nick: For the last time, no.

    Calleigh: Please! Please I won't ask again.

    Nick: *sigh* Alright but you have to promise not to tell anyone.

    Calleigh: I promise.

    Nick: *takes mustache out of pocket*

    Calleigh: Oh wow it looks so real!

    Nick: *winks* That's what I want them to think.

    A/V Lab

    Ryan: *walks in*

    Greg: *typing*

    Ryan: ...*backs up*

    Greg: RYAN WOLFE. *stands, turns around*

    Ryan: Wrong room. *runs*

    Greg: *runs*


    Ryan: *backing up* Look man, I didn't know you were going to swallow the monopoly house.

    Greg: It wouldn't have happened if you had not thrown it.

    Ryan: So aren't we both at fault here?

    Greg: No. *pounds fist into hand* Time to die.

    Ryan: No! Stop! Wait..uh..HA. I have a bodyguard. HEATHER!

    Heather: *jumps down from stairs* You rang?

    Ryan: Greg wants to kill me.

    Heather: ...So?

    Ryan: So protect me.

    Heather: Hell no. What do I look like, your bodyguard?

    Ryan: I thought you were my bodyguard.

    Heather: What gave you an idea like that?

    Ryan: You're always around me and yelling a lot.

    Heather: ...How does that make me your bodyguard?

    Ryan: I thought you were doing it to protect me.

    Heather: *bursts out laughing*

    Greg: *walks forward*

    Ryan: *screams, runs away*

    Heather: GO GET 'EM TIGER!

    Men's washroom

    Greg: *slams Ryan against wall*

    Ryan: OW OW! Not the arms, not the arms.

    Greg: *squishes Ryan's arm*

    Ryan: OW! I said NOT the arms!

    Greg: *punching Ryan* No one kills Greg Sanders with a little green house!

    Ryan: I didn't mean to! AND YOU'RE NOT ACTUALLY DEAD!

    Greg: I could have been! *punching Ryan*


    Greg: Your god can't hear you now!

    Ryan: What? I was calling for Horatio. What do you call your boss?

    Greg: I call him Grissom. Sometimes Gris for short. Depends what mood he's in and how much I've screwed up or accomplished. *punches Ryan's face*

    Ryan: AH! OW! COME ON!

    Speed: *flushes urinal* Seriously, every time. *walks to sink*

    Ryan: Oh, sorry man.

    Greg: *knees Ryan in the stomach*

    Ryan: OOF!

    Greg: How would you like it if I shoved things down your throat?

    Ryan: Is that supposed to mean something else?

    Greg: *slaps Ryan's face* NO.

    Ryan: *flaps hands* GET AWAY FROM ME!

    Greg: DIE!

    Speed: *walks over, grabs Greg/Ryan's ears*

    Ryan: OW! OW!

    Greg: OWIE! OW OW!

    Speed: Both of you knock it off. This is the men's room not Heather and Lilly's dream fantasies.

    Greg: Who's Lilly?


    Speed: Stop struggling.

    Ryan: Is that what you say to all your victims?

    Speed: *lets go*

    Ryan: *holds ear*

    Greg: *holds ear*

    Ryan: He started it.

    Greg: I started it? YOU started it.

    Ryan: You wanted to play monopoly.

    Greg: You invited me back to your hotel room.

    Speed: ...I'm leaving that one alone. *walks away*


    Anni: Hey! I want to talk to you.

    Speed: Sure.

    Anni: *walking* Did you talk to Horatio yet?

    Speed: No.

    Anni: Well it's just...we really could use the money. You know, since we were evicted and everything.

    Speed: H and I aren't exactly on great terms at the moment.

    Anni: I know but you won't accept money from my parents and damnit I'm not going to die in an alley.

    Speed: *stops walking* You're not going to die in an alley.

    Anni: Okay, back of the car.

    Speed: Actually, that car was towed back to the dealership. Payments slipped.

    Anni: What?

    Speed: We only had 500 bucks left in the account before we left.

    Anni: How much do we have now?

    Speed: The last I checked? Nothing.

    Anni: Nothing?

    Speed: Your healthcare isn't exactly free.

    Anni: You need a job.

    Speed: Horatio's not going to re-hire me. Not after what got me fired in the first place.

    Anni: And you think anyone else is going to hire you? A fired cop doesn't exactly look good on a resumé.

    Speed: No kidding.

    Anni: *rubs forehead*

    Speed: You okay?

    Anni: Headache. Okay, I am going to talk to Horatio.

    Speed: No you're not.

    Anni: Why? Because you don't want to damage what little pride you have left?

    Speed: No. I'll take care of it.

    Anni: Well take care of it quickly. *walks away*

    Speed: *frowns*

    Break room

    Calleigh: *smiling* So, you single?

    Nick: *laughs* As a matter of fact, I am.

    Calleigh: Great! Hey listen, we should get some dinner tonight.

    Nick: That sounds like a great idea. I know a great place on The Strip.

    Calleigh: *gasp* THE STRIP! Oh wow, I've never really seen The Strip. Well, I did but that's because Eric was being arrested on it. *shakes head* Anyway, I'd love to go back. *smiling*

    Nick: Cool, I'll pick you up around 8.

    Calleigh: I look forward to it!

    Colton: *walks in*


    Colton: I have a date with the coffee machine but you don't see me bragging. *walks over to coffee pot*

    Calleigh: *jumps up and down* A REAL COWBOY!

    Nick: *laughs* Well, in all honesty, I can't remember the last time I rode a horse or okay I'm a cowboy. *smiles*

    Colton: *rolls eyes* Yick.

    Calleigh: Oh ma gosh I'm so excited.

    Colton: I'm excited for you.

    Calleigh: Good. I thought you'd take it wrong.

    Colton: You were actually thinking while you were bouncing over there?

    Calleigh: Yes. I can multi task, it's the beauty of being a woman.

    Colton: Well that's fine because I have a date already.

    Calleigh: *wide-eyed* You do? Who?

    Colton: Not really your business.

    Calleigh: It's not a hooker, right?

    Colton: Go back to being excited.

    Calleigh: OKAY! *jumps up and down*


    Speed: *dials phone*

    Miami, tarmac

    Lori: *looks down at phone*

    Tony: We're ready to go.

    Lori: I'll be inside in a minute.

    Tony: Okay. *gets into plane*

    Lori: *opens phone* What.

    Vegas, outside

    Speed: Wow. I was expecting something a little less bitchy.

    Lori: I'm on a schedule. What can I do for you, father?

    Speed: ...

    Lori: Hello?

    Speed: How's the drug business treating you?

    Lori: You called me to ask how the drug business was? Is this some sort of lame sting?

    Speed: Just curious.

    Lori: Quite well, actually. Why?

    Speed: How well.

    Lori: Well enough that I own my own jet. Are you going to get to the point? My plane leaves in 3 minutes.

    Speed: I need a favour.

    Lori: Name it.

    Speed: Anni and I are...having financial trouble. And she has some rather large medical bills coming in the mail.

    Lori: Define trouble.

    Speed: Well the bank statements are full of zeros but there aren't any numbers in front of them. Look, it's okay if you don't want-

    Lori: How much do you need?

    Speed: Uh...not much.

    Lori: I'll wire some cash to your account.

    Speed: Don't you need my account information to do that?

    Lori: I'll take care of it.


    Speed: *looks down at phone*

    Miami Lab

    Jess: *walks over* Whatcha workin' on?

    Delko: Katie's case.

    Jess: I thought she was off the hook.

    Delko: She was. Now I'm not so sure.

    Jess: What did you find?

    Delko: I searched her home. She has a lot of weapons in her garage.

    Jess: So?

    Delko: The victim she supposedly stabbed to death? Was actually shot.

    Jess: Okay, how did the ME mistaken gunshot wounds for stab wounds?

    Delko: The ME was the one who said they were gunshot wounds.

    Jess: So her story suddenly changes.

    Delko: The question is why.

    Jess: Maybe she forgot?

    Delko: *hands over paper*

    Jess: What's this?

    Delko: Toxicology analysis of her hair. Large amounts of DMT.

    Jess: *shakes head* DMT.

    Delko: It's a hallucinatory drug.

    Jess: Wow, this dates back a few months. Why would she be taking this?

    Delko: That's just one question out of a hundred more I have.

    Jess: And I thought I knew her.

    Delko: I guess our perception of others can be misconstrued.

    Jess: *looks at Eric* That supposed to mean something?

    Delko: *shrugs*

    Jess: This isn't because of the kid thing is it? Look, I said I'd think about it.

    Delko: And have you?

    Jess: Yeah. I think it's a bad idea.

    Delko: You know, there would be two of us. So even if you think I'm too immature to handle a child, which I've already done countless times, you'd be there too.

    Jess: Eric, I don't want to get into this again.

    Delko: Get into what? The fact that the last time we had a child, you ran off with her and raised her alone and now I'm to blame for my lack of parenting skills?

    Jess: I just think you want a kid so you don't have to deal with the guilt of losing Alena and knowing that you weren't much of a father to her.

    Delko: Gee, when she was being murdered, where the hell were you? Oh yeah, standing right there.

    Jess: HEY. There was nothing I could have done.

    Delko: *shrugs*

    Jess: You can't force me to have a child.

    Delko: I'm not forcing you to do anything.

    Jess: It sure as hell seems like it.

    Delko: *typing on computer*

    Jess: Eric.

    Delko: Nevermind, just forget about the whole thing.

    Jess: So what, you're going to be mad at me all day now?

    Delko: *staring at screen*

    Jess: Fine. This is exactly what I was talking about. Immature. *walks away*

    Josh: *walks over* What was that about?

    Delko: Nothing.

    Josh: Seemed like a fight to me.

    Delko: It's none of your business.

    Josh: Whoa, I didn't mean to piss in your cornflakes.

    Delko: What's wrong with women? Why is it always the man's fault?

    Josh: Because it usually is.

    Delko: No it's not. This time, it's her fault.

    Josh: Well you guys could probably shift around fault all day but it won't fix the problem.

    Delko: And what problem is that?

    Josh: I don't know. Something serious enough or you wouldn't be...destroying the keyboard.

    Delko: *lifts hands* Sorry.

    Josh: No problem. *winks*

    Delko: ...Okay that's starting to freak me out.

    Josh: Whatever the problem is between you two, stand your ground since it seems so important to you. Don't give up and let her run you up a tree.

    Delko: Like you did?

    Josh: *smiles* There's a difference. That was incredibly fun.

    Vegas, hotel room

    Anni: *walks in* Hey.

    Speed: *closes laptop*

    Anni: ...What were you doing?

    Speed: *looks at laptop* Checking our bank account.

    Anni: Oh. Darn and I thought you were normal.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Anni: So did you talk to Horatio?

    Speed: No.

    Anni: What? Why not?

    Speed: He was arguing with Grissom about explosives.

    Anni: 'Cause that's a regular thing for him to be arguing about. *opens laptop* So what does our account say?

    Speed: *grabs laptop* I took care of it.

    Anni: Already?

    Speed: Yeah.

    Anni: So let me see. It's not like there's any money in it unless you're very quick about paycheques.

    Speed: If there's nothing in it, why do you need to see?

    Anni: Because you're hiding it from me.

    Speed: That's because it's not important.

    Anni: Then there should be no reason to hide. *grabs laptop, opens it* ...

    Speed: *scratches head*

    Anni: ...Tim.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Anni: It says we have 2.5 million dollars. We don't have 2.5 million dollars.

    Speed: We do now.

    Anni: What did you do, rob a BANK?

    Speed: I actually um...I called Lori.

    Anni: Did she rob a bank?

    Speed: I'd have to ask.

    Anni: I need to sit. *sits on bed*

    Speed: Look, I just asked if she could help us out.

    Anni: And this, th-this this is helping out? You wouldn't even ask my mother for 2 grand and you get 2.5 million from Lori?

    Speed: We didn't exactly discuss a number. She just...forwarded all of this to our account.

    Anni: Since when does she have that much money?

    Speed: Uh...since she started running drugs from South America to Miami.

    Anni: Are you freaking kidding me? That's like blood money.

    Speed: We need to pay your healthcare costs and it's going to get more expensive from here. I don't want to see you end up in some shelter with expired food and medicine.

    Anni: This is wrong.

    Speed: I don't care.

    Anni: You don't care that your daughter is selling drugs on the streets of Miami probably to a bunch of grade school kids and the profits from that have just gone into our bank account.

    Speed: No. You're more important.

    Anni: No I'm not!

    Speed: You are to me.

    Anni: *covers eyes* This is ridiculous.

    Speed: I know.

    Anni: ....So I guess we can get our apartment back.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Anni: What?

    Speed: We are not going back to that crap hole.

    Anni: Hey, I liked that apartment.

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    Wow....lots of surprises.

    Speed:eek::eek:accepting drug money. Never in my wildest dreams did I think he except. And why do I have a feeling something's going to backfire.

    Ryan being beat up in the washroom, frikin hilarious, I can just see the two of them. :guffaw:And Speed pulling them by the ears.

    Back to Katie maybe being in trouble again:eek:

    Great updates SC. Hope to read more soon
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    PORN STACHE BABY! gah that thing was so sick looking. If only it WAS fake :lol:

    I'll bring the popcorn. 50 bucks on the scrawny one... erm. well 50 bucks on the Vegas Scrawn.

    :lol: That was so wrong and dirty. I love it.

    :drool: Aww. Speed! He ruins all my fun. Lilly and I are probably outside watching. :lol:

    *SINGS* SAVE A HORSE RIDE A COWBOY!!! ;) I wish I had a date with a texas stallion. He could be named George, or Jensen, or Jared. MMM Jensen. :D

    BWAAHHAH great updates Geni. My mom was giving me some weird ass looks because I was literally lmao.
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