Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    ^^ Heh, well I know a couple are reading but are a bit busy so the reviews are at a minimum. :lol: Which is cool, I'm not going to drag people in here, heh.

    Bwaha, I'm not sure gambling and RT go well together, which makes for a very interesting experience. :D


    Auditorium, Vegas

    Horatio: *sits* Okay people, find your seats.

    Colton: Katie, get out of my seat.

    Katie: Your name isn't on it.

    Colton: I called the middle.

    Katie: Yeah but this way I get to see the show better.

    Colton: Um, that's why I chose the seat.

    Katie: You snooze, you loose.

    Colton: I wasn't snoozing, you pushed past me.

    Katie: What's the problem with sitting beside me? You're still in the middle.

    Colton: It's a matter of principle.

    Speed: *shoves Colton into seat* Just sit already.

    Colton: But I don't want to sit beside Katie.

    Speed: Yes you do. *walks away*

    Colton: *crosses arms*

    Katie: *smiles* So, ever been to one of these circus dealies?

    Colton: Are you hitting on me?

    Katie: *lifts brow* No. I asked if you'd been to the circus.

    Colton: Yeah, sure.

    Katie: Wait, do you want me to hit on you? 'Cause I can do that.

    Colton: SPEED!

    Speed: *looks over* Yeah.


    Speed: Katie, stop bothering Colton.

    Katie: Okay.

    Colton: *angry sigh*

    Katie: Y'know, I'm just as flexible as those cirque de soleil people.

    Colton: *covers eyes*

    Curtains open

    Anni: YAY! HERE COMES THE SHOW! *stands, clapping insanely*

    Lora: Is Anni supposed to be the only one standing?

    Heather: Should we stand?

    Jenna: No, don't stand, we'll look like idiots.

    Anni: WOOOO! *jumps up and down, throws a beer*

    Heather: ...We were allowed beer in here?

    Jenna: Shh, she's getting interesting. I'd rather watch her than the show.

    Anni: Dude, down there with the red cap, can you pass me my beer, sweetie?

    RandomDude: *looks up, rubs head*

    Two hours later

    Ryan: *looks at watch* Is this ever going to end?

    Jess: How come that old guy in the leotard doesn't get to dance around?

    Delko: Wait, wait, he's climbing up the ladder.

    Jess: So is he the evil one?

    Delko: I think he's the moon.

    Jess: Why is the moon wearing sparkles?

    Anni: SHHHHHHHH.

    Everyone: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: YOU GO GIRLS! *clapping*

    Heather: *whispers* Does she not know that old guy is a...guy?

    Jenna: Guess not.

    Old guy grabs bar

    Anni: OMG he's going to do the big move!

    Speed: But d-

    Anni: SHH SHHH *slaps Speed*

    Speed: OW.

    Anni: SHHHH!

    Old guy swings on bar

    Anni: *mouth hangs open* Man he is so talented.

    Bar breaks, guy falls to a screaming death

    Everyone: *screams*

    Anni: *stands* OMG! That's not supposed to happen! You were supposed to make the jump! I came here to see Cirque de Soleil, not Crash de Soleil! BAH!

    People push past

    Horatio: Did someone call 9-1-1?

    Delko: Yeah, I'm on the line, H.

    Horatio: Good.

    Stage. half hour later

    Anni: *sniffs* Look at all the blood.

    Speed: Maybe you should stay behind the yellow tape.

    Anni: Cirque de Soleil was my ultimate obsession? How would you feel if your hero in your ultimate obsession died because of either murder or his own stupidity?

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Anni: Don't answer that.

    Horatio: Okay nobody panic but....I don't think there are CSIs in Vegas.

    Everyone: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: Sorry, I've really been itching to get to work.

    Delko: Um, well there are CSIs on the way. And you already know who they are.

    Horatio: I do?

    Delko: Didn't those Vegas people come to Miami?

    Horatio: ...

    Delko: Little girl, kidnapped in Vegas...taken to Miami...SASHA?

    Horatio: OH! *snaps* You meant a real case.

    Delko: *lifts brow*

    Miami--Trace Lab

    Natalia: *walks in* Is that the trace we found on the shark?

    Josh: Yeah I was just about to take a look at it. *bends over to microscope*

    Natalia: ...So what is it?

    Josh: *closes eyes* Um...

    Natalia: You okay?

    Josh: *grabs side, stands straight* Yeah.

    Natalia: You sure?

    Josh: Just a bit of aftershock I guess.

    Natalia: The bullet broke two of your ribs, I'm not surprised.

    Josh: You ever wrap up that case?

    Natalia: Yep.

    Josh: *nods*

    Natalia: *crosses arms*

    Josh: So, where did it lead?

    Natalia: Big time drug runners. Well, more like a new mafia if you ask me.

    Josh: High profile.

    Natalia: Definitely. Means she's pretty much untouchable.

    Josh: *lifts brow* She.

    Natalia: OH...yeah.

    Josh: So who is she?

    Natalia: Well it's not like she personally shot you and tried to kill you.

    Josh: *frowns* Who is she.

    Natalia: Um, kinda sorta...Lori.

    Josh: *stares at Natalia*

    Natalia: I guess you shouldn't have bailed her out of prison afterall. *nervous laugh*

    Josh: *crosses arms*

    Natalia: You seem angry.

    Josh: Not your fault. Don't worry about it.

    Natalia: *nods* You're not going to go get even and pull a Rambo are you?

    Josh: *smirks* No. Besides, I have to return the car in good condition.

    Natalia: ...

    Josh: That's called a joke. You know, ha ha ha.

    Natalia: Oh, yeah totally. Pssh.

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    Crash de Soleil *snickers*

    Horatio: OH! *snaps* You meant a real case
    HAHA poor guy wants to get to work. :lol:

    This was awesome. Las Vegas is awesome. I knew the minute you said Vegas that we'd see the Vegas team. Mmm Nick Stokes and Greg Sanders *fans self*

    Great update!
  3. Anni Grey

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    Omg...that was hilarious! I just knew going to the cirque de soleil was going to be filled with hijinks! Of course...Anni's in the middle of that hijinks( as it should be-thank you very much, lol). Although, I don't remember beer being apart of it...hmmm.

    I thought I split a side when Eric reminded Horatio of a CSI team in Vegas. Just why did Horatio think that there wasn't a CSI team in Vegas? I mean, it's not only him who does investigations, contrary to what he may believe,lol.

    And's um...different. I guess that's what getting shot does for you. I'm sure he's got thoughts of retribution running through that Speedle mind of his.

    I can't wait for more!
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    Thanks for the reviews! :D

    And er, teeny disclaimer for this chapter: Not trying to make light of/make fun of/take advantage of anything. Kay? Just so I don't start to get angry people at my door carrying torches.



    Natalia: *walks over* Hey, you get here early?

    Josh: *lifts head* Why.

    Natalia: Because I'm an hour early.

    Josh: *looks at watch*

    Natalia: So what are you working on?

    Josh: I just got the results back on Trace. Looks like whatever our shark ate, didn't agree with him.

    Natalia: You mean the clown.

    Josh: Yeah. I found out from Alexx that the clown was poisoned before he was eaten.

    Natalia: Interesting, so someone had it out for him. Got any suspects?

    Josh: *hands over paper*

    Natalia: Mandy Adams. That precocious mother at the scene?

    Josh: Turns out it wasn't the first time an entertainer died at one of her 'parties'. About 7 years ago when she lived back in New York, her husband who worked part-time as a street performer died on her property. The NYPD deemed it an accident because the guy died from asbestos poisoning.

    Natalia: Asbestos? Not many buildings in New York have asbestos in them. Even so, it would take a long time to die from that.

    Josh: Not if half of Manhattan was covered in it for the better part of a month.

    Natalia: *lifts brow* That's impossible. Not unless a building, like, fe-oh my God I'm so sorry!

    Josh: *glares*

    Natalia: *clears throat* So um, uh, so how does that make Mandy a suspect?

    Josh: The police were called to their propery half a dozen times because they would fight constantly about how he was stiffing people and running a dishonest business. His condition was well-known and she filed a life insurance policy for 3 million. He died a few months later and the money raked in, she moved to Miami and now we have another dead entertainer on our hands. And this guy was known for stiffing people.

    Natalia: Interesting.

    Josh: Tripp's talking to her right now.

    Natalia: Good. So chances are, if he hadn't gotten eaten by the shark, he would have died anyway.

    Josh: Yep.

    Natalia: So um, I'm so sorry about before. I didn't mean to offend you. I must seem like a complete idiot, I swear, I-

    Josh: It's okay.

    Natalia: *hugs Josh*

    Josh: ...What in the hell are you doing?

    Natalia: You looked like you needed a hug.

    Josh: *hugs Natalia*

    Natalia: *lifts brow*

    Josh: Thanks, by the way, for saving my life.

    Natalia: ..I didn't think I did.

    Josh: *smirks* You're a great friend. I owe you one.

    Natalia: ...


    Horatio: *places hands on hips* You're doing it wrong! *stomps*

    Catherine: *clicks off flashlight* Okay, I swear, if I get one more of your commentaries while I'm processing a crime scene, I'm going to rip the hair from your fuzzy little head, you understand?

    Horatio: ..Yes ma'am.

    Grissom: Who's this?

    Horatio: Horatio Caine. I'm surprised you never heard of me. I certainly heard of you.

    Grissom: Good...I guess.


    Nick: We're doin' everything we can.

    Anni: Oooh he's southern. Cute.

    Speed: *elbows Anni*

    Anni: I mean, way to go, solve the case.

    Katie: So do you guys have a nifty crime lab too? Horatio's always saying how we have the number 1 lab in the cou-

    Horatio: HEY look! I found some trace.

    Grissom: Number 1 lab in the country? You are sorely mistaken, Lieutenant.

    Horatio: I am not.

    Grissom: You are too.

    Horatio: Not.

    Grissom: Are.

    Horatio: NOT.

    Grissom: ARE.

    Heather: Huh, I wonder which one of them will get the one-liner.

    Horatio: I will. We...*puts on shades* Never cl-

    Grissom: *grabs shades* This is my state.

    Horatio: Your name isn't on it.

    Grissom: I don't see your name around here either.

    Horatio: I was here first.

    Grissom: I've been here plenty of times.

    Horatio: I'm a Lieutenant, you aren't even a cop, therefore I outrank you.

    Grissom: That's not how this works.

    Horatio: *frowns* I'm TELLING. *dialing phone*

    Lora: Who are you calling?

    Horatio: Mac Taylor. At least he understands me.


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    0 Mandy the annoying mother has it out for entertainers...Saw that one coming a mile away! But really, does this mean that Josh can bust her now??? I CANNOT wait to see that!

    HA! Horatio and Grissom squaring off! I've finally died laughing and am on my way to heaven! :guffaw: Grissom is just pure...well, Grissom here! I loved how Horatio told him that he wasn't a cop, and that he outranks him. Didn't know I could laugh that hard...

    And was that a bit of jealousy from Speed? :evil:Nick's accent is cute though:thumbsup:

    You should have them tangle with the boys from Vegas more- it's golden I tell you...golden!

    Excellent work!
  6. Jenna_Caine

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    :lol: :guffaw: :guffaw: I totally agree!!! :dies laughing:

    :miraculously revives: So, uhm, anyway... Great work as usual, Geni!!! :thumbsup:
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    I love the ending and how the two show's songs are remixed.

    "Won't get fooled again! (who who who who)
    No! No! (who who who who)"

    I love how Horatio acts like a two year old and pisses off Catherine and Grissom. :lol: Just awesome, now we need to have Calleigh meet Nick. hehe
  8. Finch

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    LOL, if only the show would have a triple cross-over and make a little bit of fun. :D One can dream of course.

    Thanks for the reviews everyone!


    Vegas, men's washroom

    Delko: *washes hands*

    Katie: *runs in* Okay, this kid named Greg keeps following me around to get my statement. Can I hide out in here for a while?

    Delko: *laughs* He part of the CSIs?

    Katie: Yeah mister eager beaver. Thank God we don't have one of those.

    Delko: Sure we do, his name is Ryan Wolfe. *frowns*

    Katie: What.

    Delko: Jess found your 'diary'.

    Katie: *stares blankly* That was stuffed in the lining of my suitcase which by the way is made out of kevlar.

    Delko: Okay, Heather and Jess broke into your suitcase and found your diary.

    Katie: WHAT!

    Delko: See, we got to page 8-

    Katie: No you did NOT.

    Delko: It proved to be quite the insight.

    Katie: ...

    Crime scene

    Nick: Could you pass me the crime light?

    Calleigh: *smiles* No problem.

    Nick: Thanks.

    Calleigh: I'm Calleigh Duquesne, by the way.

    Nick: Nick Stokes.

    Calleigh: *kneels* Nice to meet you. *extends hand*

    Nick: *grabs Calleigh's hand*

    Calleigh: *smiles*

    Nick: *smiles* If I had known you were on the team, I would have gone down to Miami instead of Warrick.

    Warrick: And that's exactly why you were told to stay in Vegas, man.

    Nick: *laughs*

    Calleigh: *smiling* I've heard a lot about y'all. The solve stats for your lab are impressive.

    Catherine: As I'm sure yours are. Any progress guys?

    Nick: The bar our jumper was hangin' onto has some sort of trace on it but it's not the usual talc powder you would normally find at the circus.

    Warrick: Maybe it made him slip.

    Horatio: *shifts positions* Except the entire bar came crashing down with the man still attached to it.

    Nick: *touches bar* Huh, sticky. Like liquid tape.

    Calleigh: Someone wanted him to stay on the bar?

    Ryan: Weren't there people using this bar through the entire performance?

    Calleigh: Yeah, there were at least 5 people.

    Horatio: Then let's go find out who was the last one before our victim to use the bar. *walks away*

    Ryan: Think he misses the lab?

    Calleigh: Definitely.

    Grissom: He's not touching our equipment.

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    Yes! This is turning out pretty well! I loved how Katie called Greg an eager beaver, that was the cutest thing. And now I really would love to know whats on page eight of Katie's diary! Quite the insight? I want to know!

    Nick and Calleigh meeting went just the way I thought it would, nice , polite and full of southern charm:) Very nice.

    I have to see Horatio and Grissom in the lab together- that would just make this trip so worth it:)

    Excellent work, Geni!
  10. Finch

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    Thanks for the review! :D

    Vegas, near stage

    Greg: *writing things down* So you were the last person to use the bar?

    Woman: I surely hope you're not blaming this on me.

    Greg: No one's saying that. It's just a few routine questions.

    Ryan: So were you the last one?

    Woman: Yes.

    Ryan: Notice anything on the bar?

    Woman: Anything..what.

    Ryan: Like sticky residue.

    Woman: We can't afford to slip or for it to be sticky.

    Ryan: Well that puts you in a bit of a pickle then.

    Greg: A very dill pickle.

    Woman: You two twins or something?

    Greg: *looks at Ryan*

    Ryan: *looks at Greg*

    Greg/Ryan: No.

    Woman: Coulda fooled me.

    Men's washroom

    Katie: Eric, you have got to promise me you won't say anything.

    Delko: Why?

    Katie: Because it isn't anyone's business.

    Delko: You know, when I first heard about 'page 8', I thought it would be something funny or just plain full of filth. You killed someone.

    Katie: *rolls eyes* Obviously I shouldn't have written it in my diary.

    Delko: Who was he?

    Katie: Just a guy.

    Delko: No one just kills a guy, especially not someone on this team.

    Katie: Why? Are we that high above some invisible standard? We're incapable for commiting...well, overly serious crimes?

    Delko: Who was he.

    Katie: *sigh* A boyfriend. It was a few months ago. I fell for yet another bad guy and low and behold, he took a swing at me because I wouldn't do certain things for him. Apparently I'm just some dumb slut that everyone can take advantage of and I don't know, maybe I always go looking for trouble. But I grabbed a knife from my kitchen and I stabbed him 30 times. I got tired of being the butt of someone else's fist. It was the first time I ever really stood up for myself.

    Delko: Why didn't you tell anyone?

    Katie: How could I? This team condemns me for every god damn thing I do. I felt like I needed to tell someone so I just wrote it down. I don't expect you to understand.

    Delko: You need to tell Horatio.

    Katie: I'll probably end up going to jail anyway, it doesn't matter.

    Delko: No, it was self defense.

    Katie: 30 stab wounds isn't self defense and you know it. It's overkill.

    Delko: Depends what state of mind you were in, look, we can work this out.

    Katie: No. I'm tired of trying to work it out. I killed him because I wanted to. Because I...wanted to kill everyone who ever hurt me. *walks away*

    Delko: *sigh*

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    You know, that's my brother Vadim's son. He's just a baby and we call him Sasha. But really it's just Alex in russian.
    You know, that guy looks really weird. Like not Horatio weird, just wierd. To me. Sorry if i offended anyone.
    Anyways, EVERYONE I am SO sorry i haven't been here in a while. 2 are my friend are getting married, and i'm helping plan the wedding and i've had to plan the Youth events lately and i just quit my job because of a new jerk-of-a-boss and i'm the maid of honor and i HAVE TO WEAR A DRESS.
    Anyways, sorry for being gone. Love where the story's going, great work Geni! *hugs everyone*
    OOoOOOooO! Oh please i hope that actually happens. It's the last RT thread too, why not? They would be such a cute couple! (Oh gosh but i'm not planning that one)
    Shut up Ryan. Shut UP Gil! You know, you're kinda cool in the show, especially with that goth lady, but in Genis perspective you are a jerk.
    But I love how Calleigh is being so grown up and totally fitting in with the LV team. Pleeease let me to Geni! For like the past ...*counts on fingers* TWO months I have been acting way beyond my age. (Which is currently 23, because I had my b-day but i guess you all didn't remember... :'( )

    GAH i can't wait for the next update, hopefully, i can be here all the time.
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    Welcome back Lora! :D No worries about not being here. RL happens to the best of us. ;)

    And for the record, I like Grissom as a character almost as much as I like Horatio as a character. :eek: It just so happens I can play with different things when writing, lol.



    Restaurant, Vegas

    Horatio: *walks over, sits* Okay team, have a seat.

    Ryan: *sits*

    Calleigh: *sits*

    Speed: *walks over, sits*

    Delko: I called you guys over here because we have a problem.

    Calleigh: You didn't eat the poker chips did you?

    Delko: No, I'm still reeling from the least time I did that. Anyway, the reason I asked you all to come here is because Katie's in some hot water. You all remember her diary, right?

    Ryan: Oh page 8, right?

    Delko: Yeah. Heather and Jess found the diary in Katie's things while they were...well, snooping. Apparently, Katie killed a man.

    Horatio: When did this happen?

    Delko: A couple months ago back in Miami.

    Calleigh: Who was this guy?

    Delko: Some new boyfriend. You guys know how much luck she has in that department. Well, the guy came at her and she stabbed him 30 times.

    Ryan: 30 times? Jesus, I can barely cut my chicken at dinner.

    Calleigh: Well that's self defense.

    Ryan: My chicken?

    Calleigh: No, Katie's problem.

    Ryan: Oh, yeah, right.

    Calleigh: I mean, it is, right?

    Delko: She claims she wanted to kill him.

    Speed: Hold on, she kills someone and no one reports the guy missing? And a scene like that, would make a pretty large and noticable mess. I didn't notice anything when I went over there a few months ago.

    Calleigh: You were over there a few months ago?

    Speed: Calleigh, you were with me.

    Calleigh: Oh yeah. That block party she had.

    Horatio: Unfortunately, she learned from us how to clean up a crime scene. This doesn't look very good for her.

    Delko: What can we do?

    Horatio: Report her to Miami Dade PD.

    Calleigh: Are you serious? It sounds more like self defense.

    Horatio: 30 stab wounds indicative of a crime of passion, she cleaned up the crime scene indicating afterthought and she consciously decided not to tell the police, but to write it in her diary. Juries have convicted for less.

    Ryan: You want her to go to prison?

    Horatio: No, but it was her choice to kill him.

    Calleigh: Even if he was a jerk and took a swing at her.

    Horatio: We're not lawyers.

    Speed: We're CSIs.

    Horatio: You're not.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Calleigh: Well we can't press charges on her word, we'll have to find a body and corroborating evidence.

    Horatio: I'll call miss Boa Vista.

    Speed: What are you going to do with Katie?

    Horatio: I think it would be best to escort her back to Miami. Okay guys, let's get back.

    Everyone stands, leaves

    Speed: H.

    Horatio: Yes.

    Speed: I'll take her.

    Horatio: No, you'll stay here. Eric will take her.

    Speed: With all due respect, I think she would be better off with some-

    Horatio: With all due respect, you didn't have to be here in the first place and you're very close to spending the rest of this trip in the Hummerhome.

    Speed: So it's my fault she murdered someone?

    Horatio: No. No, it isn't your fault. But you're a liability and I don't need a tainted suspect or this case to be turned upside down because you care about her.

    Speed: I care about her in the same way that anyone else does.

    Horatio: Anyone else didn't volunteer to take her to Miami. That's a problem, Speed.

    Speed: Well I guess with you, I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.

    Horatio: Excuse me?

    Speed: I made mistakes with her and you looked at me like I was the biggest piece of garbage to walk the Earth and now I want to make sure she's okay because she's my friend and that's horribly wrong.

    Horatio: *places hands on hips* I still don't trust you and I don't think I ever will. And it's not just with her, but everything. You even lost your job because you couldn't be trusted and frankly, you're not responsible enough to handle being involved with any of this.

    Speed: Fine. Send Eric, he's just made of responsibility and trust. *walks away*

    Horatio: *frowns*

    Road, Vegas

    Delko: So, get comfy. It's going to be a long ride.

    Katie: Horatio thinks I should go to jail, doesn't he.

    Delko: Murder's not exactly the most acceptable crime in the team.

    Katie: You know, I'm not an evil person. It's not like I said "Hey, I think I'll kill someone today for the heck of it."

    Delko: I know.

    Katie: This is so screwed up. *sigh* This isn't how I pictured my last road trip. This isn't even how I pictured my life. It's pretty safe to assume I wouldn't have done half of the stuff I've done if I hadn't joined the team.

    Delko: So you're blaming the team for you murdering someone?

    Katie: NO! I'm just mad that Jess and Heather had to find my damn diary.

    Delko: It was kind of stupid to write down the crime in there.

    Katie: Yeah well I'm not always the brightest person.

    Delko: Y'know, we could just...not find the body.

    Katie: *lifts brow* Why.

    Delko: The guy was a jerk and he deserved it.

    Katie: No one deserves to die.

    Delko: Well I don't think you get to make that statement now.

    Katie: What about my house? There's bound to still be DNA evidence or trace there.

    Delko: Not unless you bleached the floors. It interferes with luminol.

    Katie: ...Okay you're trying to get me off the hook.

    Delko: I understand why you did it. If someone like that had hurt Jess, I probably would have stabbed him 30 times.

    Katie: You can't just botch a case.

    Delko: I'm not technically on the case. Boa Vista is. No reason I can't offer my opinion.

    Katie: Opinion on what?

    Delko: Well, in my opinion, that diary didn't make it to Miami because it was lost in transit. We can't find the body because in my opinion, the directions the suspect gave were a little off because she was too distraught to offer anything helpful.

    Katie: ...

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    Finally the mystery of page eight is revealed! Katie killed someone...stabbed thirty times no less. I mean, yes, he deserved something for being an ass, but thirty times! Sheesh, need not get on Katie's bad side.

    Wow...Didn't know that Horatio felt that way towards Speed. Yes, the man made mistakes- very grievous mistakes at that, but...just wow. Seems like the team is unraveling before our very eyes. I do have to wonder however, if Speed did escort Katie, would she had made it back to Miami?( No, I don't think he would've gotten rid of her, but he would've let her go, lol). I can't wait for more!

    A little side bar about Ryan and Greg, that was pretty funny! You must have them tag along with each other for the duration of their time in Vegas! Simply hilarious!

    Great update(s) Geni!
  14. HellsBells

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    Katie! Bad girl!

    And I agree with SpeedFanatic.... Greg and Ryan together is just absolute fun. Do it again!

    Great updates!
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    Jan 5, 2007
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    :guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw: *laughs* Wolfe, you're not that bad y'know? lol oy.

    Katie? Again? OH MY GOSH. SURPRISE.

    I swear if that girl suffers anymore, Mel Gibson is going to make a f***ing movie about her. Feel sorry for that boyfriend though. *shakes head*

    I hope Calleigh dates Nick or Warrick. ;) OooO and Cath tries to get Horatio, but then I kick her ass! Huh? How about it? :lol: Great update Geni, can't wait for the next!
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