Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    o_O Okay, aside from laughing my @$$ off, I most likely would have punched Colton... Just cuz I'm a pretty violent individual... :lol:

    Okay, I LOVE the part about feeling like a sumo wrestler... :guffaw:

    Aww... Poor Delko... Lol! This is so much fun! Thank you so much for bringing me along on the Road Trip, Geni! :lol: :guffaw:
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    lol, no problem. :)

    Thanks for the reviews! :D


    Miami lab, three days later--interview room

    Natalia: *walks in*

    Yelina: Meet Carlos Montoya. Detective Tripp brought him in from the warehouse in the Glades.

    Natalia: So he has a name. *places hands on hips* So where do we want to start with him?

    Yelina: *flips open folder* Mister Montoya's name was listed on a crew manifest for Bogata Airlines.

    Natalia: Crew manifest. *looks at Montoya* So you work for the company that flew 10 crocodiles filled with cocaine to Miami.

    Carlos: *shrugs* The dude didn't tell me there was drugs in them.

    Natalia: Why else would he be transporting them?

    Carlos: I didn't ask. All he said was he needed a place to rent out to store some crocs and I said he could use my warehouse in Miami when he got here.

    Natalia: Obviously you found out because three of them died and your partner was starting to cut the drugs out of them.

    Carlos: *looks down at table*

    Natalia: How were you being paid?

    Carlos: We hadn't gotten to that.

    Yelina: We did. 20 thousand dollars was wired to your account this morning from one Jesus Ramirez. He has one of the larges drug running businesses in all of Colombia.

    Carlos: ...

    Natalia: Who was he selling the drugs to.

    Carlos: I'm not ratting anyone out. I'll be skinned alive out here. She's a scary bitch.

    Natalia: She. Okay, so we're halfway there.

    Carlos: Ugh. *covers eyes*

    Natalia: Listen, your partner shot a cop so you can either be skinned by your drug buddies out there or the angry cops in here.

    Carlos: *looks at Natalia*

    Natalia: A name.

    Carlos: ...*sigh* L-Look, she's...*rubs face* She's connected, y'know? To some of the most powerful guys out there. And she's still whipping their asses. Ramirez? He was trying to get a piece of the action. And if you ask me, I don't think shooting that cop was a heat of the moment thing.

    Natalia: Why?

    Carlos: The boss bitch, she doesn't like cops.

    Natalia: Most drug bosses don't.

    Carlos: Nah, I think she has some kinda issue with them, y'know? Like some past history or somethin'.

    Yelina: We still need that name.

    Carlos: Henderson. *looks at Natalia* Lori Henderson.

    Natalia: *looks at Yelina*

    Yelina: *lifts brows*

    Natalia: You're sure.

    Carlos: Yeah. You people haven't heard of her?

    Natalia: Oh we've heard of her. *looks at door*

    Patrol cop walks in, takes Carlos away

    Natalia: *turns to Yelina* Think he was just screwing with us?

    Yelina: I don't know what to think.

    Coffee shop, 11am

    Natalia: *pulls shirt collar* I'm in position.

    Tripp: We've got a visual on her. She's approaching the coffee shop.

    Natalia: I see her. *stands, smiles* Hey girl.

    Lori: *looks around* These don't look like your usual digs.

    Natalia: I'm always into trying new things, new places.

    Lori: *sits*

    Natalia: *sits* So, how have you been?

    Lori: *stares at Natalia*

    Natalia: You hear about Josh?

    Lori: *half smirks*

    Natalia: It's pretty brutal what happened.

    Lori: Life's a bitch.

    Natalia: Definitely. Of course, it was a drug warehouse, that kind of thing was to be expected, right?

    Lori: *grabs newspaper from table, opens it*

    Natalia: You don't care?

    Lori: *flips page* Turn off the wire.

    Natalia: *lifts brow* Wire, I don't unders-

    Lori: The one attached to the collar of your shirt.

    Natalia: ...*nods* Okay. *rips out wire, turns it off*

    Lori: Let's get a couple of things out in the open. One, I have more people around here than you do and two, I'm fully aware that you picked up Montoya and he's the reason we're sitting here.

    Natalia: So you are the link between all of this. I guess you're going to have him killed now?

    Lori: That's a pretty blatant assumption for a CSI.

    Natalia: How long have you been at this?

    Lori: You don't really think I stayed in Colombia to get a law degree, did you?

    Natalia: *frowns*

    Lori: *smirks*

    Natalia: We worked together every day. *scoffs* I guess I never really knew you afterall. All this time, you were gaining information on how law enforcement works. I mean, smuggling in crocodiles with cocaine balloons is pretty unique and probably wouldn't garner attention.

    Lori: *laughs* You think I'm doing this for a few cocaine balloons? That was just a little job for a wannabe.

    Natalia: And I suppose having Josh shot was a coincidence.

    Lori: *stares at Natalia*

    Natalia: You're a real piece of work, you know that? You're an evil, kniving little bitch. *stands* I just want you to know one thing. If I ever see you anywhere close to one of my cases again, you'll be very sorry.

    Lori: You sure about that?

    Natalia: *leaves*

    Lori: *stares ahead*

    Guy: *walks over*

    Lori: Who's idea was it to shoot the cop.

    Guy: Carlos. He told me that he told Ramirez that if the cops showed up, to take 'em out.

    Lori: Someone forgot to give Carlos the memo that we don't touch MDPD?

    Guy: He assumed that since y-

    Lori: He assumed wrong.

    Guy: You want me to give him a proper...memo?

    Lori: Did the cop die?

    Guy: No ma'am.

    Lori: Then I still need my technician.

    Guy: He was arrested.

    Lori: No worries, I'll take care of it. When you get him, load up the cargo.

    Guy: Yes ma'am. *leaves*

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    :wtf: Lori....what the.... what an evil biatch! Wow, just when you thought you knew someone. I think I'll have salt to go with my big piece of crow. Lori's insane- well connected, drug dealer, who knows the law- but insane nonetheless. I mean really...who knew???

    Great update! Keep the suspense rolling!
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    Whoa... Fun. Can't wait for more! :thumbsup:
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    Thanks for the reviews! :D You'd think running a mob of some type would run in the Speedle family...since granddaddy dearest was part of NY mob. :lol: (Gawd, they should put that in the show. I would die)


    Hummerhome, Spain, beach

    Horatio: *turns off Hummerhome* Ah, here we are.

    Calleigh: *looks out window* Are we supposed to be parked on the beach?

    Colton: Um, they're staring at us.

    Lora: *points* Hey look, that woman's naked.

    Everyone: *looks out window*

    Lora: Huh. I expected the guys to look but girls, you should be ashamed.

    Katie: Ew what does she have pierced?

    Horatio: Let's head out. *grabs flippers and sunscreen*

    Colton: H, why did we leave Miami if all we're going to do is sit on a beach?

    Horatio: Because the air is different here.

    Calleigh: *sniffs* Smells the same to me.

    Heather: I CALL THOSE POINTY ROCKS! *runs*

    Jenna: I CALL THAT HOT GUY! *runs*


    Near pointy rocks

    Heather: *climbs* I'm the king of the castle.

    Jenna: Don't you mean queen?

    Heather: *rubs chin* I don't know. Do you mean that in a royal sense, or a gay sense?

    Katie: *runs over* Oh man, the coast guard people are naked too.

    Heather: Should we get naked?

    Katie: I don't know. We're kind of white, we'd stick out.

    Lilly: *lifts hand* Yeah I don't want to get laughed at while also being naked.

    Heather: Alright, clothed we are. *sits on rocks*

    Katie: *climbs* Psh, move over. I want to see all the hot guys and you're fat ass is taking up room.

    Heather: I'm not fat. You're just too thin.

    Katie: *pushes Heather* MOVE.

    Heather: You move. *pushes Katie*

    Guys walk over

    Guy1: Look what we have here, some toursits.

    Guy2: *throws frisbee onto ground* Yeah they parked their super bus over there on our side.

    Guy3: And now they're sitting on our rocks.

    Katie: Do they nararrate everything they see?

    Guy1: Get off our rocks.

    Heather: No way, we were here first.

    Guy2: We own these rocks.

    Katie: You don't own rocks. Besides, I don't see your name on them.

    Guy2: *points*

    Katie: *looks down* Oh.

    Guy1: These are ours, so move along.

    Katie: And if we don't?

    Guy1: *punches fist into hand*

    Katie: What are you, 12?

    Heather: Katie let's just go. We don't want to get banned from another country.

    Katie: No. We're going to act like adults. *jumps off rocks* How about since we were here first, we get the giant rocks for an hour. Then you fine gentlemen can have them.

    Guy1: Hm.

    Katie: *nods*

    Guy1: No, I think we'll take them now.

    Katie: *lifts brows*

    Guy1: So get lost, bitch.

    Heather: *jumps off rocks* Hey don't call her a bitch. If anyone's a bitch, it's you guys.

    Guy1: Excuse me?

    Heather: Um, YEAH.

    Guy1: You have three seconds to get lost.

    Katie: Or what, you'll self injure again?

    Guy1: *grabs Katie, pushes her against rock*

    Katie: AH! *falls*

    Heather: *looks around* Lilly, go get someone.

    Lilly: *runs*

    Heather: Leave us alone and we'll leave you alone.

    Guy1: Gentlemen.

    Guy2: *pulls out large stick*

    Guy3: *pulls out nunchucks*

    Heather: Wow. I didn't realize there was such a demand for 5 foot tall rocks.

    Guy1: This isn't about the rocks. It's about not letting little women like you squander all over what we've claimed.

    Heather: This isn't the middle ages. There are rocks for everyone.

    Katie: *stands* Why don't you piss off.

    Guy1: Excuse me?

    Katie: *walks over* You're just a bully. Right ladies?

    Jenna: ...

    Heather: *twists foot in the sand*

    Katie: Come on, we've been through worse than a couple of silly boys and their rocks.

    Guy1: *grabs Katie by the hair* I don't like the tone of your voice.

    Katie: Yeah well I don't like the smell of your breath, we all have faults.

    Guy1: *shoves Katie into rock*

    Katie: *hits head*

    Colton: *runs over* HEY!

    Guy1: *turns around*

    Colton: *smashes Guy1 in face*

    Guy1: *falls backward*

    Guy2: *swings stick*

    Colton: *grabs stick, shoves it in Guy2's gut*

    Guy2: AH! *falls over*

    Guy3: *runs*

    Guy1/2: *run off*

    Heather: *kneels* Katie, you okay?

    Colton: *runs over*

    Katie: *stands, holds head* Well at least now I can say I've left a part of myself in each country.

    Colton: *touches Katie's face* What the hell did you say to them?

    Katie: *pulls face away* Man, Horatio's an idiot. He could have just taken us back to Florida.

    Jenna: Why don't we just go find somewhere to suntan?

    Katie: *nods* Yeah. *walks away*

    Jenna: *walks away*

    Heather: Where'd Horatio go? He's great at breaking up useless fights.

    Colton: Lilly found me first I guess.

    Heather: *laughs*

    Colton: *looks at Heather* What?

    Heather: You didn't have to ninja the guys. I think strength in numbers would have gotten rid of them. *walks away*

    Inside Hummerhome

    Calleigh: Okay Ryan, help me pick out some sunglasses.

    Ryan: You don't have that many, do you?

    Calleigh: *opens giant chest*

    Ryan: Wow. I thought you had guns in there or something.

    Calleigh: The guns are in my other chest. *grabs shades* How about these?

    Ryan: They're nice.

    Calleigh: NICE? These are designer.

    Ryan: Okay.

    Calleigh: Ryan, Lilly is never going to stay with you if you don't even know how to pick out a pair of sunglasses.

    Ryan: What's to pick? They're all the same.

    Calleigh: *sigh* This is where you're wrong dear.

    Ryan: They're all the same concept. They keep sun out. Horatio's are unique because they make him think he's bullet proof.

    Calleigh: It's the design that counts. The usage means little meaning in this case.

    Ryan: I see.

    Calleigh: Now, they have to match with my bathing suit. *takes off clothes* Red string bikini.

    Ryan: *nods slowly*

    Calleigh: So see if you can pick something out.

    Ryan: *picks up red shades*

    Calleigh: *places hands on hips*

    Ryan: What? They match.

    Calleigh: Those are evening sunglasses.

    Ryan: Evening sunglasses....

    Calleigh: The frames are see-through.

    Ryan: Oh. *grabs shades* How about these?

    Calleigh: No, those are too thick. Besides, the shape doesn't match my earrings.

    Ryan: The shape has to match?

    Calleigh: Oh yes. It's very important.

    Ryan: *scratches head* Why don't you work in retail?

    Calleigh: *smiles* I like details, it's why I'm a CSI.

    Ryan: I thought you liked guns and that's why you're a CSI.

    Calleigh: Guns have styles and details too.

    Ryan: I see. So in short, a good pair of sunglasses is not unlike a well maintained firearm.

    Calleigh: SEE? I knew you'd get it!

    Near large cabana

    Katie: *grabs large drink* Thanks.

    Colton: *walks over* Hey.

    Katie: *smiles* Hi.

    Colton: You sure you're okay? We could take you to a hospital.

    Katie: I'm fine. *sips drink*

    Colton: You know, it's unfair.

    Katie: What's unfair?

    Colton: How no one else ever gets hurt but you.

    Katie: *shrugs* I mouthed off more than they did. Those guys were just jerks.

    Colton: No, I mean with regards to all men.

    Katie: *looks down at drink* I'm weak.

    Colton: People who are weak don't stand up for themselves and their friends.

    Katie: And what about you? What do you consider yourself to be?

    Colton: A few years ago, I would have said a follower; A sidekick. Someone who takes orders blindly and reserves the consequences for someone else. Someone stronger and able. Now, I don't know.

    Katie: *nods slowly* Well...if it's any consolation, what I saw back there was no blind follower. I think there's a passion there. And I know, I feel it too. This team meant very little to me at first. It was sometimes just a joke or a way to pass the time, y'know? Now I kind of feel obligated to them for some reason, like I owe them.

    Colton: You're right. They aren't just a group of people anymore.

    Katie: *looks over at Hummerhome*

    Colton: You're leaving after this trip, right?

    Katie: *looks down at ground* Yeah.

    Colton: You don't sound too convinced.

    Katie: I've been thinking a lot about them lately. Somehow...I don't feel so weak when I'm around them.

    Colton: *laughs*

    Katie: What?

    Colton: It's just, we're all probably the most dysfunctional, dangerously idiotic group of people but we're safe. I think that defies some sort of spatial law.

    Katie: *smiles* Sometimes I feel like we're all a bunch of stray animals that keep being brought in.

    Colton: That's another way to look at it.

    Katie: *looks down at drink* You're in love with me.

    Colton: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: You look at me differently.

    Colton: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: Am I wrong?

    Colton: *looks around*

    Katie: Trust me, what you're feeling isn't love. It's guilt. That sometimes happens when you grow a conscience. *walks away*

    Colton: Are you scared?

    Katie: *stops walking, turns around* What?

    Colton: Are you scared.

    Katie: *shakes head* Scared of what?

    Colton: Feeling weak. Vulerable.

    Katie: *frowns* Well the last time I let myself become vulnerable, I got knocked around by a ski instructor, almost killed by a psycho waiter, almost thrown off a roof, and left alone to raise a child. I'm finished being weak and I'm not going to let another man get a stranglehold on me physically or mentally. Besides, you're just feeling guilty for kidnapping my child and you pity me because I'm a 'poor little woman'.

    Colton: You don't think I don't see you cry when no one else is looking? You don't think I hear the sobbing through the walls at night or the way your face changes to distrust whenever someone speaks to you? You don't think I recognize how heavy your heart becomes whenever you come back alone, tired and frustrated? I may feel a little guilt for contributing to some of that unnecessary suffering but I most of all feel angry. You're one of the strongest women I've ever met and these men get away with breaking you down, one by one. And I'm ashamed to be a part of that.

    Katie: ...

    Colton: It may not be love but I give a damn about you. And everyone on our team.

    Katie: *nods*

    Colton: *walks away*

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    Wow...gotta love the one on one with Colton and Katie. At least the air was cleared between them. Katie's always had one foot out of the door, I think now she's ready to make her move. She will be sorely missed- that is...if she doesn't leave? *hint hint* lol. Whatever you decide, Geni, I know it's going to be good!

    Hhahahaha, a nudist beach? That ...that's an interesting place, although I've never been there before. It's just. Interesting.;)

    Awesome update, Geni!
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    I'm leaning toward one direction regarding Katie, so at least you know that much. :p

    Thanks for the review!


    Spain, beach

    Anni: Come on, Horatio you have to get naked. It's a nude beach.

    Lora: YES PLEASE!

    Horatio: It's not proper.

    Anni: Who cares? Everyone's doing it. *rips off shirt*

    Horatio: *lifts brow* No thanks.

    Lora: Come on, there are so many fat spaniards around here, you'll look like a Calvin Klein model.

    Delko: I just got the sickest mental image.

    Horatio: *buttons up overcoat*

    Lora: NO! *yanking Horatio's overcoat* OFF WITH IT!


    Delko: I thought that was your shades.

    Horatio: They complete the package.

    Lora: OFF!

    Horatio: LET GO!

    Heather: *pulls Horatio's pants down*

    Horatio: *looks down*

    Lora: *whistles*

    Horatio: *covers self*

    Heather: This brings a whole new meaning to 'caught with your pants down'.

    Horatio: *pulls up pants* You're all grounded.

    Anni: *jumps up and down* C'mon, get naked! You'll feel free!

    Speed: *walks over* Hey Eric, this woman over here says she knows y...*looks at Anni*

    Anni: *jumping* WEEE!

    Speed: *looks at Eric* This woman says she knows you.

    Delko: *looks over*

    Woman: *waves*

    Delko: *shakes head*

    Woman: You don't remember me? I'm Yolanda! *smiles* We met here, on this beach, 10 years ago.

    Jess: *looks over*

    Delko: Uh...*laughs* Yeah, yeah, I was visiting Spain for a vacation.

    Jess: *stares blankly* You live in Miami.

    Yolanda: *walks over, hugs Eric* I knew it was you! *kisses Eric's cheek* Why didn't you call? We could have-

    Delko: *smiling* Sorry, I lost your number.

    Yolanda: *grabs Eric's hand* You must see my new cabana. I just purchased it this year.

    Delko/Yolanda walk away

    Heather: She's a dish.

    Jess: *crosses arms* What a stupid name.

    Horatio: Lora, stop pulling my pants.

    Lora: Let loose!

    Anni: Yeah! *rolling around in mud* Haven't you ever wanted to roll around naked in the mud?

    Horatio: God no. I can barely step into the shower without a bathing suit and a shower cap on.

    Katie: *walks over* And some flippers?

    Horatio: *looks at Katie*

    Heather: *snorts*

    Anni: *rolling around in mud* Oooh it's so cool down here. But man, this mud gets into crevices I didn't know I had.

    Katie: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *frowns*

    Delko: *walks over* Sorry about that, guys.

    Jess: Eric, can I talk to you for a minute?

    Delko: Sure.

    Near outdoor bar

    Jess: What do you think you're doing?

    Delko: I was speaking with a friend.

    Jess: She seemed a lot more than a friend.

    Delko: *laughs* You're jealous?

    Jess: I thought we were together.

    Delko: *lifts brow* Wow. You could have fooled me.

    Jess: What?

    Delko: You've barely spoken to me in a week.

    Jess: *shrugs* I didn't have much of an opportunity.

    Delko: Opportunity? Jess, we share a motorhome. It's not like we're countries apart.

    Jess: You haven't changed a bit. *walks away*

    Delko: *sigh*

    Further away

    Anni: *wipes off mud* Okay Horatio, if you won't take off your clothes, then we'll have to give you a punishment.

    Lora: Ooh kinky, can I give it to him?

    Anni: If you don't get naked, you have to give up your shades for one month.

    Horatio: Impossible.

    Lora: Then strip.

    Horatio: *sigh* This is ridiculous. *takes off socks*

    Lora: Ah ah, not the socks. Leave 'em on. *winks*

    Horatio: *stares at Lora*

    Speed: I think I'm going to be sick.

    Katie: So look at Anni. She's naked.

    Speed: Yeah I noticed.

    Katie: *looks Speed up and down* You...are still a man, right?

    Speed: *crosses arms* That's not funny.

    Anni: He's just being a sour puss.

    Horatio: *places hands on hips* BEHOLD! Horatio Caine.

    Everyone: *looks at Horatio*

    Horatio: *covers self* But don't look too closely.

    Anni: C'mon everyone, Horatio got naked, so can you!

    Heather: Why can I just see that on a billboard?

    Anni: *grabs Heather's shirt* KAPLAGH!

    Heather: Ka-what?

    Lora: It's Klingon.

    Anni: It is?

    Lora: ...Isn't it?

    Anni: *grabs Katie's clothes* KAZAM!

    Katie: *screams* How can you keep doing that!

    Anni: I'm magical.

    Katie: *covers self with shirt* Knock it off or I'll shove that tumour through your eye sockets.

    Speed: *frowns* HEY.

    Katie: *looks at Speed*

    Anni: You know what, maybe I'll just go lay down. I'm suddenly feeling less...nudist. *leaves*

    Katie: Fine, be that way.

    Horatio: Can I put my clothes on now?

    Lora: No. Now roll around in the mud.

    Horatio: No.

    Lora: *waves shades*

    Horatio: *sigh* Fine.


    Speed: *walks in* Anni?

    Anni: *slams door*

    Speed: *walks over to door* Anni.

    Anni: *from inside* I just want to be alone, okay?

    Speed: It's not okay.

    Anni: *opens door* I don't need to be reminded by her that I won't be around this time next year.

    Speed: So don't let her get to you.

    Anni: *leans on doorway* ...What are you going to do when I'm gone?

    Speed: *shakes head* What do you mean?

    Anni: Are you going to find someone else?

    Speed: Why, are you going to haunt me from the grave if I do?

    Anni: *smiles*

    Speed: *stares at Anni*

    Anni: *lifts head* ...What?

    Speed: I see it in your eyes.

    Anni: See what?

    Speed: The pain. Exaustion.

    Anni: *sits on bed* ...*sigh*...*closes eyes* I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs. That somehow it'll take it away. Maybe...somehow if I wished, prayed enough, that it would let me rest.

    Speed: *sits*

    Anni: And I know it only gets worse from here. *rubs forehead* And I just...I feel like I'm sinking and I'm not strong enough to get back to the surface. *wipes eyes* I need you to help me. *grabs bag from floor*

    Speed: *looks at bag*

    Anni: I stole this from the last hospital we were at. It's diazepam.

    Speed: *lifts brow* There has to be 30 syringes there.

    Anni: Almost 400 times the normal dose.

    Speed: *looks at Anni*

    Anni: *looks down* It probably won't do much, unless I'm drunk.

    Speed: You're asking me to kill you.

    Anni: It'll be like falling asleep.

    Speed: Jesus Christ, Anni. You don't know for sure how things will turn out. Maybe this can be managed more effectively.

    Anni: I don't want to manage my life. I don't want to lie in bed drooling all over myself because I've managed things. No. *shakes head* No. I don't want to lose control...I-I can't. I'm here now and I can still make a decision. *hands over bag* And I need you to do this for me.

    Speed: No.

    Anni: *stares at Speed*

    Speed: I'm not going to do this to you. *stands, leaves*

    Anni: *sigh*

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    :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw: Horatio at a nudist beach...preparing to go full frontal....Anni rolling around in mud...:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw: That's just about all I can say about that. What I wouldn't have given to see Horatio give up his glasses for a month.:cool:

    Speed and Anni's quiet moment was touching...but then....she asks him not to love her until her dying day, not to support her,...but to kill her.:wtf: When Anni requests something, she really requests something. I'm glad Speed told her no , however. Now,...what does she have up her sleeve, because if I know RT Anni( which I'm fairly certain I do) this isn't the end of it for her. I can't wait to see what comes next!

    Great job, Geni!
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    That just reminded me of Forrest Gump. :lol:

    Thanks for the review! And heh, you know RT Anni all too well. ;) I actually had a different and longer ending to that but um, no. It didn't work, lol.


    Cabana Bar, Spain

    Delko: *sits*

    Yolanda: *walks over* Hey, you ran off on me back there.

    Delko: Sorry, I had to catch up with my team.

    Yolanda: *smiles* So did you think about what we talked about last time?

    Delko: You mean running off together and traveling to Italy?

    Yolanda: You remember.

    Delko: *laughs* Yeah, I remembered.

    Yolanda: So?

    Delko: Listen, what we had years ago b-

    Yolanda: It was. *kisses Eric*

    Delko: *pushes Yolanda*

    Yolanda: *lifts brow*

    Delko: I'm actually involved with someone else.

    Yolanda: Aw, why not have a little fun on the side?

    Delko: All these years, you've never gotten married? Had kids?

    Yolanda: I'm a stripper. Not easy finding love at the local clubs unless it has a pricetag attached.

    Delko: So is that what this is?

    Yolanda: *leans on bar* You're not how I remembered you.

    Delko: I'll take that as a compliment.

    Yolanda: You've really tied yourself down to one woman?

    Delko: *looks down at glass* I hope.

    Yolanda: She doesn't feel the same.

    Delko: I don't know what she feels.

    Yolanda: Ah, so it's complicated. *smiles* All the more easy for us to have fun.

    Jess: *listens from behind wall*

    Delko: Look, I don't want to have fun. I'm involved, which means you need to get your paws off of me.

    Yolanda: *frowns* You almost sound like you love this woman.

    Delko: I do love her. I have more fun with her just listening to her and being with her than I ever did fooling around with you. *places glass on tabe, leaves*

    Yolanda: *glares*

    Near parkinglot

    Jess: ERIC DELKO!

    Delko: *turns around*

    Jess: Did you mean what you said?

    Delko: ...You were listening?

    Jess: Of course I was listening. You ran off with another woman.

    Delko: I didn't run off with her, I got stuck with her.

    Jess: It was very sweet what you said.

    Delko: It was the truth.

    Jess: *smiles* I know.

    Delko: You know...when I caught up with you and...Alena in LA, that was the best thing that ever happened to me. It was like I went into this mode. Suddenly nothing else but you mattered. And when you told me I was too immature, it crushed me. I didn't realize I had a certain standard to live up to with you and even though I might not be the brightest guy, that doesn't change how I feel about you and I know that sounds cheesy but-

    Jess: *kisses Eric*

    Men's washroom

    Speed: *standing at urinal*

    Katie: *bursts in* What the hell is your problem?

    Speed: Uh, you're not supposed to be in here.

    Katie: Why, is there a sign on the door that says 'no girls allowed'?

    Speed: Yeah, that's why there's only a picture of a man on the door.

    Katie: There ain't nothing you have that I ain't seen.

    Speed: *flushes* So what do you want?

    Katie: Anni's crying her eyes out in the Hummerhome. She won't let me in, she won't talk to me, she's just....what did you do to her?

    Speed: Nothing.

    Katie: Nothing.

    Speed: Yes, nothing. That's the whole problem.

    Katie: Fly.

    Speed: *zips up pants*

    Katie: So what happened?

    Speed: She's having a hard time with the whole...death thing.

    Katie: Understandable. I would have thought you'd be able to say something to help, I mean you have enough bloody experience with death.

    Speed: *turns on sink* She wanted me to kill her.

    Katie: Uh, what?

    Speed: She wants some sort of..lethal injection.

    Katie: And I sincerely hope you said no.

    Speed: No, I said yes, that's why she's crying her eyes out. It's a side-effect of death.

    Katie: *frowns* No need to be a snot.

    Speed: She's not thinking clearly, she'd probably do anything.

    Katie: Did you consider it?

    Speed: *lifts brow* No.

    Katie: Why?

    Speed: Why? I'm not going to kill my wife.

    Katie: ...And yet you had no problem throwing punches my way.

    Speed: *places hands on hips*

    Katie: I guess I just don't understand it. Why was I so worthless but she's worth saving?

    Speed: You were never worthless.

    Katie: Huh, we just said 'worth' three times in two sentences.

    Speed: Four now.

    Katie: ...Hypothetically, if I asked you to kill me, would you?

    Speed: Depends, are you annoying in this magical hypothetical land?

    Katie: No, same as I am now.

    Speed: So annoying it is.

    Katie: *frowns* Just answer the question.

    Speed: No, I wouldn't.

    Katie: Huh. Would you kill Eric?

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: Calleigh?

    Speed: I'm not killing anyone.

    Katie: What if Ryan turned into a giant mosquito?

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: Just wondering.

    Speed: *crosses arms*

    Katie: Okay, giant hippo.

    Speed: *smirks*

    Katie: Yep, I still got it.

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    You know, that's what was running through my mind at the time:lol:

    Well, I must say, I commend Eric on finally becoming the mature one. I'm glad he recognizes his love for Jess and realizes that it's very important not to screw it into the ground. Who knew?:rolleyes:

    Katie...hmmm. Because she is Katie, she gets away with bustin' into the men's bathroom, and Speed really seems like he doesn't have a problem with it. Must be the nature of their relationship:p

    I'm extremely glad that Speed told her no, but Anni in the Hummerhome crying her eyes out, saddens me. She's the light of this trip, the trippy light , however, but I digress... Anni sad=:(. Awesome that Katie was concerned though!

    Excellent update! Can't wait for more!
  11. Finch

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    :eek: Why do I feel like this fic could have it's own Shipper Central? :lol:

    Thanks for the review! :D



    Anni: *flips channel on tv*

    Horatio: *walks in* Hi.

    Anni: *clutching kleenex* Hey.

    Horatio: ...You okay?

    Anni: Yeah, I was just watching my favourite soap opera.

    Horatio: ...On the Food Network?

    Anni: Chef Ramsay runs a tight ship.

    Horatio: Is this about something else?

    Anni: Oh no you don't. I will not be part of Horatio Caine hour.

    Horatio: I've barely said anything in 3 days.

    Anni: You don't have to say anything for it to be Horatio Caine hour.

    Horatio: *sits* Tell me what's wrong.

    Anni: Can you cure cancer?

    Horatio: Um...not yet, I don't think. Give it time.

    Anni: *frowns*

    Horatio: So when is joking appropriate?

    Anni: When I don't have Puffs spread out all over the Hummerhome.

    Horatio: I see. So, why the question about cancer?

    Anni: Have you not been paying attention? My brain is rotting away as we speak.

    Horatio: Ah yes.

    Anni: And I'm just feeling a bit down right now, which sucks because I hate feeling this way. I wish there was this big happy pill I could take.

    Horatio: Prozac?

    Anni: *rolls eyes*

    Horatio: Sorry. I've been spending way too much time with Lora.

    Anni: What's the deal between you two anyway? Are you together or not?

    Horatio: I'm not sure. *rubs chin* I should check with her.

    Anni: And whatever happened to Kristin?

    Horatio: *blank stare*

    Anni: Um, your girlfriend.

    Horatio: OH. I thought you said Yelina for a second there.

    Anni: God, you're worse than Speed.

    Horatio: I wouldn't say that...I haven't actually gotten married to anyone this life.

    Anni: So back to my problem.

    Horatio: You were the one who changed the subject.

    Anni: *frowns* Let's not point fingers.

    Horatio: Okay.

    Anni: *sigh* Anyway, I kind of did something completely stupid. I asked Speed to kill me.

    Horatio: ...

    Anni: Exactly. I mean, it's not like I gave him a gun or anything, he sucks at using those. I just wanted to know that he would do anything to ease my suffering, even if it meant putting me out of my misery altogether.

    Horatio: What did he say?

    Anni: He said no. Who says no to that?

    Horatio: Who says yes to that?

    Anni: Okay here's how this conversation goes. I make the witty rhetorics and you stick to the fatherly Jesusness.

    Horatio: No problem.

    Anni: So I guess he doesn't love me as much as...well actually, we don't really have that much of a...well, we do but it's...I don't know.

    Horatio: I think the fact that he said no, demonstrates a lot of love.

    Anni: He wants me to suffer?

    Horatio: No, I don't think that.

    Anni: So what am I supposed to do? This is literally killing me and I'm miserable and I'm not feeling very supported right now.

    Horatio: You are, you are supported.

    Anni: See? That's the Horatio Caine I grew to admire.

    Horatio: *lifts brow* You admire me?

    Anni: Well, yeah. I guess I do. You're always so calm control.

    Horatio: And you feel like you aren't.

    Anni: I don't know what I am.

    Horatio: *pats Anni's back*

    Anni: ...I'm not a child.

    Horato: *lifts hand* Oh. Right.


    Lora: *bends over* Ew, that's so gross.

    Heather: *kneels* Is that a crab?

    Lora: Let's poke it with a stick.

    Heather: *looks at Lora*

    Lora: What? We're supposed to be trying new things on this trip.

    Heather: Yes, like food and cultures, not crab poking.

    Lora: Fine. *sigh* We'll go poke that old naked sleeping guy. *grabs stick, walks away*

    Heather: WAIT FOR ME!

    Near old naked sleeping guy

    Heather: Wait wait wait, you're going to do it all wrong.

    Lora: How can you poke an old guy the wrong way?

    Heather: Make sure he's asleep.


    Heather: ...

    Lora: He's asleep. *reaches out stick* Should I count?

    Heather: What difference will it make?

    Lora: *shrugs* Just so we're on the same page.

    Heather: There are pages?

    Lora: Well, more like big bluey-grey billboard-type things.

    Heather: Just poke him already.

    Lora: *pokes guy with stick*

    Heather: Ew, the skin's not coming back up.

    Lora: That means we have to poke him harder. *jabs stick into guy*

    Heather: OMG not that far!

    Lora: Shut up, this is a fine art. Don't distract me. *pokes guy with stick*

    Heather: ...

    Lora: *pulling stick* It's stuck in his butt crack.

    Heather: Run.

    Lora: *turns around, leaps forward*

    Cop: *grabs Lora and Heather* Ahem.

    Lora: THE FUZZ! HIDE!

    Heather: I think he's already spotted us.

    Lora: Oops.

    Jail cell, Spain

    Heather: *glaring*

    Lora: How was I supposed to know poking an old man with a stick was illegal?

    Heather: I didn't know I could be an accomplice to someone so STUPID.

    Lora: You encouraged me.

    Heather: *rolls eyes*

    Lora: It's not like can identify us. He was asleep.

    Heather: What would you think if you were asleep on the beach and someone came up and started jabbing you with a stick?

    Lora: Free massage.

    Heather: *covers eyes*

    Picnic table, under large tree

    Speed: *eats soup*

    Katie: *runs over, sits* Okay so I just thought about something. It's going to be Anni's birthday soon, right? We should throw her a big party. Show her we care.

    Speed: That sounds nice.

    Katie: Excellent! I need to buy the balloons, the food, the cake, the candles--wait how old is she going to be?

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: Hm, older than me but younger than you. So I'll get five candles.

    Speed: Five?

    Katie: She'll feel extra young.

    Speed: She's not old.

    Katie: Um, she's older than me by a lot making her just plain old.

    Speed: I'm sure you can mention that at her party.

    Katie: *smiles* Remember that time you threw me against Horatio's desk a-

    Speed: *chokes*

    Katie: Don't worry, I didn't tell him about that. Although I still wouldn't recommend taking a kit to the room.

    Speed: *staring at Katie*

    Katie: Anyway, it reminded me of that funny birthday card I found last week. I was going to buy it for her but it obviously won't reflect your relationship with her.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Katie: What kind of cake does she like?

    Speed: *goes back to eating soup*

    Katie: OH I am so buying her some male strippers. *opens black book* Is Eric available?

    Speed: Are you on crack?

    Katie: Not unless coffee counts. But you wouldn't know anything about that.

    Speed: What, crack, or coffee?

    Katie: *laughs* Obviously not crack.

    Speed: *stands, grabs Katie* Okay, how about you go talk to Anni about her birthday.

    Katie: But it's supposed to be a surprise.

    Speed: You're so damn loud, she could probably hear you from the Hummerhome. So go discuss it with her.

    Katie: But she won't approve of male strippers.

    Speed: No wonder why.

    Katie: ...Female strippers?

    Speed: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: *looks down at arms* You have quite the grip there, Speedy boy.

    Speed: Go. Away.

    Katie: Look, I'm just as concerned about Anni as you are and I can't help that I want to lighten the mood. I mean, isn't that what she would have wanted?

    Speed: She isn't dead!

    Katie: *crosses arms* FINE. I like teasing you, is that a crime? It helps me forget about the fact that my best friend is sitting by herself crying her eyes out.

    Speed: And that's exactly why you should talk to HER, not me.

    Katie: ...I don't know what to say to her.

    Speed: You don't have to write her an essay.

    Katie: That's fine, 'cause I don't know how to write an essay.

    Speed: Buy her a card or something.

    Katie: *smiles*

    Speed: Not that kind of card.

    Katie: Can I buy you that kind of card? They have those ones where you can record your voice and it-

    Speed: No.

    Katie: *sits on table*

    Speed: I thought you were leaving.

    Katie: *bursts into tears*

    Speed: *looks around*

    Katie: *covers eyes, crying*

    Speed: *angry sigh* What.

    Katie: This is so screwed up! She's the best person I know, she doesn't deserve to be in pain and in fear all the time! And she doesn't want my help! She wants to die!

    Speed:'re not faking this.

    Katie: Does it look like I'm faking this! God, you're such an idiot. *crying*

    Speed: *sits*

    Katie: *sniffs*

    Speed: I'm sorry.

    Katie: *waves hand* I should be apologizing to you. I was totally inappropriate. I tend to do that when I'm upset. And I should have been more sympathetic to your situation. *wipes eye* I mean, you're probably feeling completely helpless right now and you probably didn't plan for this to happen and I can tell you love her but it's hard to love someone when they won't let you in and when they do, it's completely out of left field and you're just, keeping all of it inside and hoping that it'll all blow over but you know it won't so you're stuck in a perpetual cycle of uncertainty and pain. And on top of that, you're just trying to go about things as normally as possible so you don't excite her and cause more suffering but you can't be a rock forever and you're scared that eventually you'll break down and just start destroying everything in sight but you don't want to stomp over her situation because you know it's much worse but you're not sure she'll ever understand that you don't know how to support her because you don't know how to reassure yourself.

    Speed: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: I don't know, that's what I got when I walked over here. I mean, you were sitting alone eating soup under a tree. No one eats soup in 100 degree weather.

    Speed: No one's ever quite...put it that way to me before.

    Katie: That's because people think that under that cold, gruff exterior, you're even colder inside. I happen to know it isn't true.

    Cellphone rings

    Speed: *opens phone* Yeah, it's Speed.

    Katie: *looks over*

    Speed: Okay. *closes phone* Lora and Heather are in some trouble and H wants to get going. *stands, leaves*

    Cell, Spain

    Lora: *plays harmonica*

    Heather: Where the hell did you get that?

    Lora: Underneath the bench.

    Heather: Ew.

    Lora: *shrugs* Whatever passes the time.

    Heather: What's with you anyway? You're so weird.

    Lora: Weird? I'll have you know I am not weird, just very very unique. And that makes me better than you.

    Heather: How does being weird make you better than me?

    Lora: It just does.

    Heather: It could also get you some diseases. Seriously put the harmonica down.

    Cop: *throws bread onto floor, walks away*

    Heather: Yeah thanks! I really appreciate cardboard for dinner.

    Lora: Lighten up. The team will find us soon enough. *eats bread*

    Heather: I heard we're going to Vegas after this.

    Lora: Vegas? Wow, more opportunities to get thrown in the slammer.

    Heather: Apparently the team's been to Vegas before but then Eric got kicked out.

    Lora: Just Eric?

    Heather: That was back in the day.

    Lora: You sure seem to know a lot about 'back in the day'.

    Heather: I read Katie's diary. It's pretty graphic.

    Lora: Ooh do tell.

    Heather: Sorry, this cell is PG-13.

    Lora: *squints* Not according to the graffiti on this wall. Is that a body part, or an elephant?

    Heather: Looks like a seven.

    Horatio: *knocks on bars*

    Heather: *looks over, stands*

    Lora: Oh good. I always appreciate it when you knock on the bars before entering. Can we go now?

    Horatio: Who poked the old man with a stick?

    Heather: Lora did.

    Horatio: I suspected as much. You know what I told you about poking the elderly.

    Lora: *sigh* If they're not dead, don't touch.

    Horatio: Exactly. Now, you two are going to learn a lesson.

    Heather: You're not going to make us resort to cannibalism, right?

    Horatio: No. You're going to spend the night here.

    Lora: *slams self up against bars* You have to get me out of here. I've seen the crazy look in her eyes, I won't make it.

    Heather: Hey.

    Horatio: Don't poke the elderly. *walks away*

    Lora: BUT I POKE YOU ALL THE TIME! Ugh. *sits* Thanks a lot Heather.

    Heather: *frowns*

    Hummerhome, side of the road

    Colton: So, you called us away from the beach just so you could leave their asses in jail?

    Horatio: I'm sure Lora will try to escape. We're here as a precaution.

    Colton: Can't we leave her here forever?

    Horatio: Would you like to be left here?

    Colton: There are times I consider it.

    Calleigh: Oh this prison is so pretty. It's all orange and blue.

    Speed: Yeah that's to make the public happier when they walk past a decrepid community. It happens in Miami all the time.

    Calleigh: sure worked on me.

    Delko: Are they the only ones in there?

    Horatio: At the time, yes.

    Delko: They might as well just sleep in here tonight.

    Horatio: You're not comparing the Hummerhome to a prison, are you?

    Speed: Actually, that's a good analogy.

    Delko: HA.

    Bedroom, 7pm

    Anni: *reading book*

    Speed: *walks in* Hey.

    Anni: *flips page, sings* I don't wanna wait another minute, put me out of my misery, I could read your mind baby you're not in it, we're not what we used to be, no you wouldn't have to lie to me if you would only let me go and I don't wanna wait another minute to hear something that I already knowwwwwwww..

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Anni: *lifts head* Oh hi. I was just singing Backstreet Boys. Great group.

    Speed: I get it, you're angry. *sits on bed*

    Anni: *hops out of bed, opens armoir*

    Speed: Anni-

    Anni: You know what I was thinking? I was thinking that maybe you could test out the couch cushions in the Hummerhome for the next oh, 6 months or so.

    Speed: And this is because I wouldn't euthanize you.

    Anni: I don't want to talk to boys right now.

    Speed: Boys?

    Anni: Yes, boys. Men are people who support and love their wives.

    Speed: Okay, you know what? I'm getting a little tired of this. I've supported you and I've loved you and all you've done is push me away. And when you finally do let me in, you ask me to do something so outrageously STUPID. Did you ever stop to think that maybe I don't want to do this because I support you?

    Anni: Yeah Horatio and I had a conversation about it this afternoon. And I've decided he's wrong.

    Speed: Well he isn't, SURPRISE.

    Anni: Don't take that tone with me.

    Speed: Oh I'm sorry, was I not being supportive enough?

    Anni: *throws pillow* Get out.

    Speed: *throws pillow back* No. We're going to work this out like adults and if you still want to die by the end of the night, fine.

    Anni: Fine.

    Speed: Fine.

    Anni: *crosses arms*

    Speed: *places hands on hips*

    Anni: *frowns*

    Speed: *narrows eyes*

    Anni: *angry sigh* Sorry. I should have realized that even though I'M the one suffering here and I'M the one feeling a bit morbid, it's not all about ME.

    Speed: That's not working it out. Are you really only mad at me because of this, or are you mad at yourself?

    Anni: Why would I be mad at myself?

    Speed: Because you're not acting like yourself, and yes you're in a pretty cruddy situation and there's nothing you can do but BE angry or be frustrated or morbid.

    Anni: ...I never thought of it that way.

    Speed: And you know what? I'm frustrated too. So now we're both angry, frustrated and I don't want to fight.

    Anni: Me neither.

    Speed: *nods* Good.

    Anni: *runs over, hugs Speed*

    Speed: *falls against wall* OOF.

    Anni: If I ever get snippy again, just remind me of right now, kay?

    Speed: No problem.

    Anni: And tell Katie no male strippers.

    Speed: *smirks*

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    Because it probably could, and be very sucessful at that;) Anni's starting to feel the despair and depression, of course making her so anti- Anni that it hurts! I mean yeah, she's going to die, but a smile wouldn't hurt, or a laugh( they do say laughter's the best medicine, even though it's not going to cure what she has bc that's very life threa- I'm rambling, so I digress). But yeah, a little bit of Anni should show up, just because she's Anni, and nothing used to hinder all her wackiness. A little wackiness might be what she needs:lol:

    OMG...Lora, Heather..Bonnie and Clyde in Spain. What in the...poking elderly folks?:wtf: They deserved a night in the klink for that. Maybe they will learn their lesson. I'm sure they will come out unscathed....they do have Katie's diary to discuss.....

    YIIKES! Speaking of diaries...OH and don't think I've forgotten about Katie's diary:lol:...I can't remember the page number, but its something that was kept topsecret...What is it, her admission that she and Speed hooked up again?:devil:
    lol...drama , drama, drama.

    I loved how Speed basically told Anni that he loves and supports her, even though she's been pushing him away- which I know about why she does it, but I can't quite understand , I mean...LOOK at him! I would love to be supported by him!:drool::guffaw: At any rate... I think now that they are on the same page, Anni may come out of this and be herself from now on... no matter how long she may have left *cries*

    Excellent update!

    oh and ps...Hot damn...that pic is nice, Geni!:eek::thumbsup:
  13. Finch

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    Yes, Katie's infamous diary--page 8, I believe it was. :D

    Thanks for the awesome review! And heh, re the pic: :evil:


    Miami Lab, two weeks later

    Natalia: *grabs folder* Thanks.

    Lab Tech: No problem. *walks away*

    Valera: *walks over* New case?

    Natalia: Not exactly. Just going over some casefiles.

    Valera: Need any help?

    Natalia: *laughs* DNA not as bustling as it used to be?

    Valera: You would know, miss DNA analyst turned CSI.

    Natalia: *smiling* It's a calling.

    Valera: Mhm, I see.

    Car screeches outside

    Valera/Natalia: *look out window*

    Valera: *lifts brow* Who owns a Camaro?

    Natalia: Got me. I think that's a little bit above our pay raise.

    Valera: Anyway. *turns around* You mind filling out this report for me?

    Natalia: Oh, more reports. Fun.

    Valera: I guess it's your calling.

    Natalia: *smiles* Lame.

    Valera: *laughs*

    Natalia: Why don't you go get me a working pen. *throws pen*

    Josh: *standing in doorway, catches pen*

    Natalia: *looks over*

    Valera: *looks over*

    Josh: *looks down at pen* Your aim isn't getting any better.

    Natalia: You're back?

    Josh: *throws pen back*

    Valera: Um, I'm going to...get back to DNA. *walks into doorway*

    Josh: *moves aside, smiles*

    Valera: *smirks, leaves*

    Josh: *looks back*

    Natalia: You...seem to be feeling better.

    Josh: *walks over, grabs folder* New case?

    Natalia: *grabs folder back* My case. You aren't supposed to be back yet.

    Josh: And yet here I am. What an imperfect and disappointing world we live in these days. *grabs folder* Huh. This from the pile?

    Natalia: I was just going to let PD know which case I'm taking.

    Josh: Wow, crack whore found in a dumpster. *lifts eyes* You could do better.

    Natalia: Better?

    Josh: This is the kind of case you give a first year trainee. I, on the other hand, have a better case. *hands over file*

    Natalia: *nods slowly, opens file*

    Josh: *crosses arms*

    Natalia: Pet shark eats rodeo clown. Are you serious?

    Josh: *smirks*

    Natalia: You are serious.

    Josh: Pack your stuff. *puts on shades, walks away*

    Natalia: ...Uh. *looks around* Okay.


    Natalia: *holding kit, stops walking* What are you doing?

    Josh: *closes trunk* What.

    Natalia: This is your Camaro. We are not taking a Camaro to a crime scene. And where did you get this?

    Josh: It's not mine.

    Natalia: ...Not yours.

    Josh: *walks over* My car's in the shop so I decided to find something a little

    Natalia: And who are you? What did you do to Josh Speedle?

    Josh: *opens car door* After you.

    Natalia: *stares at Josh* I think the led from that bullet went to your brain.

    Josh: *glances at Natalia, gets into car*

    Engine revvs

    Natalia: Okay! I'm going, I'm going!

    Vegas, hotel/casino

    Horatio: *outstretches arms* Friends, welcome to Vegas.

    Calleigh: We've been here before.

    Horatio: ...

    Calleigh: Just sayin'.

    Delko: *covers eyes* H, I don't feel comfortable here.

    Horatio: Don't worry Eric, I'm sure the security guards don't recognize you.


    Horatio: *takes out wallet* Okay, here's five dollars. Don't go gambling it all in one place.

    Lora: *stares blankly* Five bucks? What am I, 10? This isn't whack-a-mole, it's gambling. Give me a C-note.

    Horatio: Let's see what you can do with five.

    Lora: *frowns* You don't gamble often, do you.

    Katie: *jumps up and down* Okay I want to go eat lobster! LOBSTER!

    Horatio: Only if you don't make any scenes.

    Katie: Do you know me?

    Anni: OH MY GOD. CIRQUE DE SOLEIL! We HAVE to see that.

    Speed: I didn't know you liked that...stuff.

    Anni: I made a banner for when the crappy ones fall on their face. *holds out banner*

    Banner reads: Please Play Again.

    Speed: ...Did you get that from a contest cap from a soda bottle?

    Anni: A what in the who now? No this is totally all me.

    Colton: No, you got that from a contest cup in the trash.

    Anni: Shut up Colton, you're not in this.

    Horatio: Okay, I'll go get some Cirque de Soleil tickets for us. And that means ALL of us are going.

    Everyone: *grumbles*

    Anni: SHUT UP! They're very talented aliens!

    Lora: *lifts brow* They're Canadian.

    Anni: ...They aren't aliens?

    Lora: That depends. Do you mean international, or intergalactic?

    Miami Beach

    Tripp: Birthday party gone wrong. The clown that was entertaining the kids, supposedly was eaten up by a shark mid-way through his presentation of balloon animals.

    Natalia: And I'm guessing there's a reason why this was in my pile.

    Tripp: The shark belonged to Trey Winters. According to him, taking the shark out to the ocean for a few hours a day is like walkin' a dog. But when PD got here, we found the shark dead as well.

    Josh: And Trey is who?

    Tripp: He has a home on the water a few miles up.

    Natalia: Alright then, let's get started.

    Woman: *runs over* Officers! Officers!

    Natalia: Yes?

    Woman: Hi, I'm Mandy Adams, I'm one of the mothers that organized the party? My kids just witnessed a shark eating a clown, do you know what kind of trauma that is for a child?

    Natalia: Uh...well, it's not really-

    Mandy: Your problem? *scoffs* I knew it. I can't believe you people let these things happen here.

    Natalia: Ma'am, we're trying to figure out what happened so could you please stay behind the tape?

    Mandy: Am I going to get my money back from the dead clown or what? I want a refund, no one dies and doesn't pay me back. Are you guys going to search the shark for my property? He ate a table too, I paid 29.95 for th-

    Josh: *walks over* Hi, who are you again?

    Mandy: Mandy Adams.

    Josh: Great so since nowhere in your name does it say CSI, I'm going to escort you behind the tape where you'll stay.

    Mandy: Can he do that?

    Josh: He can. *grabs Mandy*

    Mandy: I want my tax dollars back.

    Josh: And I want the last two minutes of my life back but life's a bitch. *lowers tape* Thank you ma'am.

    Mandy: I want to speak to your supervisor.

    Josh: Hey Natalia, she wants to talk to my supervisor.

    Natalia: He's in Vegas.

    Mandy: Then I want to talk to whoever's in charge of this investigation.

    Josh: *smiles* He's finished speaking to you. *walks away*

    Mandy: But-

    Natalia: Stay behind the tape.

    Mandy: *frowns*

    Near water

    Natalia: I don't recall you being in charge of this investigation.

    Josh: By the time she gets around all the red tape to sue me, I'll be long retired.

    Natalia: Are you okay?

    Josh: I'm perfect, you?

    Natalia: You're acting weird.

    Josh: Weird.

    Natalia: Yeah. I can't tell whether you're angry or overly happy to be here. And frankly I'm a bit..freaked out. Because you do seem pissed. You practically mowed down pedestrians to get here.

    Josh: Nah, I was just being expedient.

    Natalia: Going a hundred miles an hour. And you definitely weren't all smiles behind the wheel.

    Josh: *smirks* We came here to investigate a murder, not waste time.

    Natalia: *rolls eyes* Fine.

  14. Anni Grey

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    Jun 22, 2005
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    You know, I love this give and take we seem to have , Geni...It's been just us for a few days- but I'm not complaining, just enjoying the trip!

    Speaking of the trip....

    Back home in Miami, Josh must have a new outlook on life- a Camaro? Talking more and more like his brother? Speeding around like his the fuzz- wait, he is... Anyway...he's changed, and I think coming to near death will do that. Let's just hope he doesn't have a breakdown in the middle of an investigation. Although his sarcastic comeback to Mandy ,the amazingly annoying mother was classic Speedle. I don't think that Speed could've done a better job at dripping sarcasm.

    Ah, Las Vegas. So far, so good...meaning that no one's gotten arrested or drunk- but it's early yet and judging by the event of the night- Cirque de soile...I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the mayhem is just around the corner. I can feel it, Anni's going to do something outrageously wacky and the rest are going to follow suit:guffaw: Then a round of arrests and Horatio trying to get them all freed. Do I know the RT or what? I jest, they are just going to have a blast as they always do!

    Excellent update, Geni!
  15. HellsBells

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    WOW. I think that's all I have to say about that. That was an intense bunch of updates. I can't believe I was in jail because Lora poked old people with a stick. Do you know what that reminds me of? I was so waiting for me to reply with "Dude, you aren't poking him with a stick!" bwhhaa.

    Katie's diary- page eight? This I must see :lol:

    Great updates. Can't wait to read more!
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