Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

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    XD H dancing, Colton's back, and apparently me too, it's a whole RT Reunited!
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    WHOA! Trevor's back! Hiya!
    Okay, so Anni and Speed picking on Delko like that, that was mean. But OMG! H teaching everyone the bunnyhop would be amazing. If we're clubbing, I know where I am. On the dance floor with some really hot but totally unavailable guy who can dance, is probably greek and will disappear outta my life at the end of the night. Which is okay 'cause I don't know how long we'll be in this country. That and I'm probably unable to walk a straight line, also okay because I'm dancing.
    Geni! You rock me entire world! this is such a good laugh after Calculus. Can't wait for an update!!!
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    LOL, Trevor, Colton's been back for a while. :p

    And thanks for the reviews everyone! Sorry I wasn't able to get an update up sooner. :eek: (And also, I may have two jobs starting soon--one for sure--so I might be a bit laggy until I find my niche)

    And since I should be in bed...I'll have another chapter up later today.
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    Uh oh, 24 hours has expired. :p That means I must double post.


    Club, second floor, 2am

    Katie: *sits at table*

    Anni: *walks over* Hey there. *sits*

    Katie: I kind of wanted to be alone.

    Anni: Let me guess, you're drunk?

    Katie: *scoffs* Tipsy? Yeah, drunk, no.

    Anni: You told Colton you were smashed.

    Katie: I lied, sue me.

    Anni: What's wrong?

    Katie: *shakes head* I don't know.

    Anni: Is it about Speed?

    Katie: No, no it's not. *drinks water*

    Anni: You don't know what it is, but you know for sure it's not about him.

    Katie: It's not always about him.

    Anni: Yes it is. You guys are the Ross and Rachel of the Road Trip Team.

    Katie: It's not about Speed, okay?

    Anni: Alright, fine. Geez, you've turned into a miserable drunk.

    Katie: *sigh* It's actually's about you.

    Anni: *lifts brow* Me? I thought we were okay.

    Katie: No uh...I borrowed your phone to check in with Lori while you were in the bathroom. After, I was messing around and found your messages.

    Anni: You looked at my messages?

    Katie: Yeah. Apparently your doctor tells you you're proud owner of brain cancer.

    Anni: *stares at Katie*

    Katie: *looks down at table* I guess when you had that tumor a few years back, they didn't get rid of it all.

    Anni: Yeah.

    Katie: So how long have you known about this?

    Anni: A couple weeks.

    Katie: When were you going to tell me?

    Anni: I didn't really think you would care. You've been mad at me since forever.

    Katie: Anni, those were stupid things. I care about you! Why the hell would you keep something this important from me? I mean, have you even told Speed yet?

    Anni: No.

    Katie: Why?

    Anni: I'm still trying to deal with it right now, I don't want to drag anyone down.

    Katie: You wouldn't be dragging anyone down! Anni, it's worse if you don't tell anyone. Everyone on this team has the right to know what's going on with you.

    Anni: No they don't. No one does, this is my problem.

    Katie: It's everyone's problem.

    Anni: *grabs glass of water* Can we talk about something else? *laughs* I hear Horatio's going to try and teach everyone the proper way to conduct a perfect moon walk.

    Katie: This is serious.

    Anni: *leans back in chair* I just want to have fun, okay?

    Katie: Well, how long do you have?

    Anni: *sigh* Anywhere from 4 to 12 months. Maybe more, maybe less.

    Katie: And you don't think anyone should know.

    Anni: What good will it do? I don't want people acting weird around me.

    Katie: *hugs Anni*

    Anni: *wraps arms around Katie* Don't worry hun, I'll be fine for a while.

    Katie: *sniffs* I'm sorry for being angry at you. I'm an ass.

    Anni: *laughs* Hey we all are sometimes. I mean, I'm the one who tried to keep you here forever. Huh, ironic. I'll probably be gone before you are.

    Katie: *hugs tighter* That's not funny.

    Delko: *walks over* Hey guys, the crew wants to head back to the Hummerhome. You comin'?

    Katie: *lets go*

    Delko: Something wrong?

    Katie: *wipes eyes*

    Anni: *smiles* Nope, nothing.

    Delko: Ah, well I'll see you guys back at the Hummerhome. *leaves*

    Anni: You comin'?

    Katie: Yeah.


    Missy: LET GO!

    Jenna: No, I stole this tie from the hot waiter, it's mine!

    Missy: He gave it to me!

    Jenna: Uh yeah because you were choking him with it!

    Missy: Well he wouldn't give me a quarter for the tampon machine.

    Horatio: Girls, calm down please.

    Jenna: *throws tie* Fine.

    Jess: We should light some candles, it'll set a nice ambiance.

    Lora: Or a nice fire. I don't think we should ruin the last Hummerhome.

    Delko: I thought we already ruined the last one.

    Horatio: You'd be surprised how long these can last. The first one lasted us what, a few weeks?

    Speed: A world record.

    Anni: *walks in*

    Katie: *walks in*

    Horatio: Welcome.

    Carly: We should watch a movie. Who wants to see a movie?

    Delko: OH! Terms of Endearment! TERMS OF ENDEARMENT!

    Katie: NO.

    Delko: Aw damn.

    Jess: I didn't know you liked that movie.

    Delko: *sniffles* It's a touching story.

    Colton: Yes it's unfortunate we forgot to pack it. *rolls eyes* Anyway. *lifts DVD* Die Hard.

    Carly: But we always watch Die Hard.

    Colton: Exactly. It gives us tips on how to stay alive wherever we bring Eric.

    Delko: Hey.

    Carly: I do love Bruce.

    Missy: Yippee kay-yay mutha f-

    Horatio: Missy...

    Missy: *pouts* Fine.

    Calleigh: Oh let's watch TITANIC!

    Speed: No.

    Calleigh: Why not? You love Titanic.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Calleigh: Well, I love Titanic.

    Delko: That movie makes me want to pee.

    Ryan: Why don't we just watch the version you guys made?

    Calleigh: YES!

    Speed: NO.

    Calleigh: You suck ass.

    Horatio: Calleigh...

    Calleigh: *sigh* Sorry.

    Colton: So Die Hard it is.

    Horatio: Pick something else.

    Colton: ...Die Hard 2?

    Horatio: No.

    Colton: Die Hard 3.

    Horatio: No.

    Colton: Die Hard 4?

    Horatio: For the last time, no.

    Colton: ...Armageddon.

    Horatio: ...

    Calleigh: Someone has a crush on Bruce Willis.

    Colton: He's a very talented actor!

    Jenna: How about Star Wars?

    Lora: YES. OMG. You are my new best friend.

    Jenna: YAY! *sticks tongue out at Missy*

    Missy: *frowns* I prefer Star Trek, thanks.

    Lora: Traitor.

    Horatio: I've decided we're going to watch a western.

    Colton: Do any of them have Bruce?

    Horatio: *frowns*

    Colton: Damnit.

    2 hours later

    Colton: Two hours and John Wayne hasn't said 'yippe-kay-yay' once. *sigh*

    Calleigh: I thought we were watching Bonanza.

    Anni: *leans head on Speed*

    Speed: *wraps arm around Anni* You okay?

    Anni: Mhm. *smiles*

    Katie: I'm going to head to bed. *leaves*

    Horatio: Okay.

    Jenna: You know, we might get a lot out of this movie if the screen were bigger than 20 inches.

    Missy: My eyes are accustomed to it.

    Jenna: Do you need Mr. Magoo glasses or something?

    Horatio: The television is fine.

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    Anni has a brain tumor?'s like jaw dropping. No wonder she's been acting more on impulse. She's got but so much left to live. Wow...that's like all I can say right now...:eek:

    Okay, loved the Mr. Magoo That dude had some serious specs on him. Pity anyone who needed glasses like that.

    And Colton's obession with Bruce Willis :wtf: was starting to alarm me. Not that there's anything wrong with Bruce, ( he totally kicked ass in Die Hard),it's just that I've never seen so much passion about one person... Okay, well maybe one...alright, alright, me...and my Speed facination. There...done:lol: Yes, totally insane, and yes, I totally love it.

    Great work, Geni!
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    Oh my God! Trust me to suggest we watch Star Wars! :lol: :guffaw: Perfect, Geni!!
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    I've never actually watched Star Trek...^_^
    AH! NO! ANNI! You can't die, we will save you! I don't know how, but we will!!!
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    That had me rolling for a couple of minutes!:guffaw:
    Oh noes! Why does Anni have to die? :(

    Mwahaha great update :thumbsup:
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    :lol: Yes, anyone who's half as passionate as RT Anni must have a serious mental problem. :p Bwaha. *huggles RT and RL Anni*

    Thanks for the reviews.



    Josh: *walks over* You called?

    Natalia: The skin under our dead boy's fingernails match Jerry Hall. He's in the system for stat rape back in '98.

    Josh: So he's in the registry.

    Natalia: Yeah. *looks down at computer* Says he's a bouncer at a club downtown.

    Josh: The same club where our vic was found?

    Natalia: No, but the address is similar. Maybe on the same block. Who hires a sex offender to be a bouncer?

    Josh: They probably don't have the most legit employment records.

    Natalia: *nods*

    Josh: Let's go say hello to Mister Hall.

    Interrogation room

    Tripp: *places picture on table*

    Jerry: Check with my P.O, I've been checkin' in with him every day.

    Tripp: This isn't about your Parole Officer, Mister Hall. Your DNA was found under the fingernails of a dead kid.

    Jerry: What dead kid?

    Josh: *sits* That one. *points to picture*

    Tripp: He was found at a club downtown. It just so happens it's next door to the club where you're employed.

    Jerry: *shrugs* I see a lot of people. I might have thrown the kid out. Minors aren't allowed.

    Josh: Roll up your sleeves.

    Jerry: *lifts brow* What for?

    Josh: Because I said so.

    Jerry: *rolls eyes*

    Tripp: Unless you'd like us to tell your P.O where you're working.

    Jerry: ...*sigh* Fine. *rolls up sleeves*

    Josh: *nods* Nasty scratches.

    Jerry: I have a cat.

    Josh: You strangle any of those cats recently?

    Jerry: *stands* I don't have to listen to this.

    Tripp: Either you tell us what happened or we'll figure it out ourselves, it's only a matter of time.

    Jerry: Yeah well when you do, call my lawyer. *leaves*

    Cellphone rings

    Josh: *grabs phone, leaves*


    Josh: *walks over* Hey, you had something important?

    Alexx: I took subcutaneous photos of the wounds around our dead boy's neck. *hands over photos*

    Josh: *looks down* Hand marks. Enough to try and match to someone?

    Alexx: You tell me.

    Josh: I'll get 'em over to A/V and see what they can.

    Alexx: *places hand on Josh's shoulder* Hey, have you spoken to Cait yet?

    Josh: *shakes head*

    Alexx: If you need any help with that, you know where to find me.

    Josh: *smirks* I think I can take care of it Alexx, but thanks. *leaves*

    Alexx: Okay.

    House, 3pm

    Josh: *walks in* Cait! *picks up toys* Cait! *sigh*


    Josh: *knocks on door* Cait, are you home?

    Cait: Uh, yeah! Hold on!

    Josh: *places hands on hips*

    Cait: *opens door* Yeah?

    Josh: You deaf?

    Cait: No, I was taking a nap.

    Josh: Where's Ethan?

    Cait: I put him to sleep. He's not feeling well. So when's dinner?

    Noise is heard

    Josh: *lifts head*

    Cait: I was thinking we could have take out on Tuesdays.

    Josh: *walks into room*

    Cait: *turns around* Dad.

    Josh: *walks over to closet*

    Cait: HEY! You know, I thought I saw your spare house keys. *runs over* They were under the couch.

    Josh: *opens closet*

    Guy: *looks up*

    Cait: *covers eyes*

    Josh: *grabs guy*

    Guy: Hey! HEY! Dude, watch it!

    Josh: Get the hell out of my house.

    Guy: Hey, she invited ME.

    Josh: And I'm telling you to leave. Understand? Good.

    Guy: Ugh. *runs out*

    Josh: *turns around*

    Cait: *rolls eyes* He's just a friend.

    Josh: Sit.

    Cait: Dad, he was j-

    Josh: *frowns* SIT!

    Cait: *sits*

    Josh: I'm not going to tolerate any more of your bullshit and despite what you think, I have no problem knocking your ass into next week.

    Cait: *rolls eyes* Yeah right.

    Josh: Shut up and listen.

    Cait: *frowns*

    Josh: You're irresponsible, stupid, arrogant and spoiled. So here's how it's going to go down. You're going to follow the rules of this household or consider yourself gone.

    Cait: Where?

    Josh: Wherever I send you. If you're going to choose this behaviour then you've already chosen the consequences.

    Cait: *crosses arms* Great, a Dr.Phil wannabe. So what's my punishment right now?

    Josh: Nothing.

    Cait: *lifts brow*

    Josh: Just remember what I said.

    Cait: Pshh, is this how your dad punished you?

    Josh: No, so consider yourself lucky.

    Cait: ...What did he do?

    Josh: *grabs chair, sits* ...Cait, I understand the whole teenage rebellion thing. And no matter how cool or normal you think it is to do all of this, it's not going to get you very far at the moment.

    Cait: So you want me to be some automaton?

    Josh: No, I expect you to think for yourself but I also expect you to set limits for yourself and right now it doesn't seem like you're able to.

    Cait: I'm not going to be some unemployed druggie living in a box.

    Josh: Good, I hope not. So, so long as you're still living in this house and you're under 18, I expect you to honour the rules of this house or at least consider the consequences before you do something stupid.

    Cait: Fine.

    Josh: It's not fine.

    Cait: *sigh* Alright, one more fuckup and I'm gone then.

    Josh: *smirks* That's up to you. *stands, leaves*

    Cait: *rolls eyes*

    Gas station, Albania

    Jenna: *picks up mug* Huh, they sell traveler's mugs here.

    Lora: Those are so cheap.

    Jenna: Oh, so I can get it!

    Lora: ..Cheap as in crappy.

    Jenna: But they're cheap, right?

    Lora: *waves hand* Nevermind.

    Delko: *walks out of bathroom* I hate these roadside washrooms. They're always so dirty.

    Calleigh: Are you wiping your hands on an air freshener?

    Delko: There's no soap in the bathroom.

    Speed: Eric, don't touch anything. You'll have to pay for it.

    Delko: Not if no one sees...

    Ryan: Oooh little flag patches! ...Huh, where are the American ones?

    Colton: I hate to break it to you Ry, but we're not the most popular country especially in places like this.

    Lora: Always buy a Canadian patch.

    Ryan: But I'm not Canadian.

    Lora: Okay, well next time you go to the Middle East, consider which one will get you blown away.

    Ryan: *looks down at patches*

    Delko: *grabs patch* Oooh Switzerland! Okay as long as I wear this, you can all call me Hans.

    Speed: *lifts brow* Isn't that German?

    Delko: What are you, the country police?

    Jess: Hm, Hans Delko. Has a nice ring to it.

    Delko: I've always wanted to change my name to Hans.

    Colton: Happy trails, Hans.

    Everyone: *looks at Colton*

    Colton: ...Die Hard.

    Cashier: Hey! You guys going to buy something or what?

    Calleigh: *smiles* Oh, well, our boss is actually filling up the tank and it should take another half hour or so.

    Cashier: Good. Go wait outside.

    Calleigh: *smile fades* ...Well that was polite. *leaves*


    Katie: *sits on bench*

    Delko: *sits on bench*

    Katie: Look at all that traffic.

    Delko: What traffic?

    Katie: *rolls eyes* God, you're so dense.

    Anni: OMG! COWS!

    Speed: *looks over* What? Cows? Where?


    Speed: You have the camera!

    Anni: No I don't!

    Speed: I gave it to you!

    Anni: I lost it!

    Speed: That was an expensive camera!

    Delko: Relax, I have a camera phone. *gets out phone*

    Missy: Me too. *gets out phone* Hehe, I still have the naked video of Eric on here.

    Delko: Hey. You said you deleted it.

    Missy: Relax, YouTube may have deleted it.

    Delko: *frowns* You said you weren't going to put it on YouTube.

    Missy: I say a lot of things, it doesn't mean anything.


    Delko: Oh get your panties untwisted. *takes pictures*

    Jenna: Send me some of those pics so I can put them in my scrap book.

    Lora: When do we get to see this scrap book?

    Jenna: When I've finished it. I just need some more hair and blood.

    Everyone: *looks at Jenna*

    Jenna: Hey who else could go for some ice cream?

    Anni: I COULD!

    Jenna: Excellent. *runs inside gas station*

    Near pumps

    Calleigh: *walks over* Hey Horatio, how's it workin' out?

    Horatio: It's not full yet.

    Calleigh: How long you think it'll take?

    Horatio: *yawns* Who knows. It's sure going to cost a lot.

    Calleigh: You want me to hold the pump for a while?

    Horatio: ...I've never had someone ask me that before.

    Calleigh: *lifts brow*

    Horatio: Uh, no, no that's okay. I have it.

    Calleigh: Okay.


    Anni: *licking ice cream*

    Jenna: *licking ice cream*

    Colton: That sounds disgusting.

    Jenna: But it tastes like heaven.

    Delko: *eyes closed* Ha, if you leave your eyes closed and listen to their conversation, it almost sounds like soft-core porn.

    Jess: *slaps Eric*

    Delko: Ow.

    Anni: BRAIN FREEZE! OH MY GOD OW! *holds head* Oh this was a bad choice.

    Jenna: The key is to touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth. It gets rid of brain freezes.

    Anni: Really?

    Jenna: Yep.

    Anni: Hmm....

    Jenna: Is it working?

    Anni: NO. *holding head*

    Jenna: Oh, well it works for me.

    Katie: Anni, are you okay?

    Anni: Um, yeah, yeah I'm fine.

    Katie: You sure?

    Anni: Yes.

    Katie: Maybe it's not the ice cream, m-

    Anni: I'm fine, Katie.

    Katie: I just want to help.

    Anni: You can help by shutting the hell up.

    Katie: *lifts brow*

    Everyone: *looks at Anni*


    Delko: Don't freak out, we're j-

    Anni: *slaps Eric* Shut up, God, you're such an idiot. No wonder Jess won't be with you, it's like living with a child.

    Delko: *lifts brows*

    Colton: Anni, calm down.

    Anni: And you! If you want to marry Bruce Willis, fine, but shut up about him! I swear if I hear one more Die Hard reference, I'm going to start removing heads from spines! *stands* And you know what? There are some people in the Hummerhome who don't snore and would appreciate it if if you could SHUT IT. I haven't slept in two days.

    Lora: What crawled up your ass?

    Anni: *grabs Lora by the hair* I'M SICK OF YOU AND YOUR STUPID ATTITUDE!

    Lora: OW! OW!

    Jenna: Let her go! *grabs Anni*

    Anni: *swipes at Jenna*

    Jenna: OW. Damn, her nails are long.

    Ryan: *grabs Anni* Let Lora go.

    Lora: Yeah! Let Lora go!

    Anni: *pushes Ryan*

    Ryan: AH! *falls through glass window*

    Missy: *ducks*

    Anni: *throws rocks*

    Katie: Stop!


    Heather: *runs into store, kneels* Ryan, are you okay?

    Lilly: *runs into store*

    Colton: Wow, I wish I had that much company when I was injured.

    Anni: *throwing rocks at window* UUUUUUUGH!

    Cashier: HEY! Hey what is she doing! I'm calling the police!

    Heather: No! No, we'll pay for the damage.

    Ryan: *sits up* Ow.

    Lilly: *holds Ryan's head* You're bleeding, hold still.

    Speed: *grabs Anni* Hey, hey, chill out.

    Anni: *blinks* What?

    Speed: What do you mean 'what'? You just threw Ryan through a plate glass window.

    Anni: *looks at window*

    Heather: *runs over* The cashier wants to call the cops.

    Delko: Well tell him not to.

    Heather: I did but he's pissed. What the hell's the matter with you?

    Anni: *shakes head* Is this some sort of joke?

    Heather: You tell me.

    Katie: Do you not remember what you just did?

    Anni: *looks down at hands* Um...I guess I blacked out.

    Colton: You were spitting off how cruddy we were and ranting about Die Hard.

    Anni: *places hand on forehead* Oh. I'm sorry.

    Heather: You're sorry? You almost killed Ryan.

    Anni: Well what do you want me to say? I was pissed and I blacked out, okay?

    Missy: That's not really an excuse.

    Heather: You're damn right it's not.

    Anni: So what do you want, my insurance information?

    Heather: No, I don't want your insurance information.

    Speed: Guys, calm down. Let's not..escalate the situation. Did someone call 9-1-1?

    Heather: I did.

    Delko: I'll talk to the cashier. *walks away*

    Jess: All this because of ice cream. What have we become.

    Lora: This isn't funny you know. My hair got pulled out.

    Jess: At least I'm not being an ass.

    Lora: What's that supposed to mean?

    Jess: Exactly the way I said it.

    Lora: Shut up, I'm not an ass.

    Jess: I beg to differ.

    Katie: Guys! Did you not understand the meaning of 'do not escalate'?

    Jess: You didn't exactly help much. All you did was stand there and let your friend vandalize the hell out of a gas station. We could all be arrested.

    Katie: Oh so this is my fault. Great, that's typical.

    Anni: *pukes*

    Speed: *kneels* Hey, you okay?

    Anni: *sits on ground*

    Horatio: *walks over* I leave for 5 minutes and all hell breaks loose.

    Calleigh: You expected more from them?

    Horatio: What happened?

    Lora: Maybe we can get the security tapes from the gas station, it's much more entertaining to explain it that way.

    Horatio: Is everyone alright?

    Heather: Ryan's got a head wound and Anni's gone postal but aside from that and some pulled hairs, we're fine.

    Horatio: *nods*

    Katie: I'm going to take Anni to the Hummerhome, she's not feeling well. *grabs Anni*

    Horatio: *sigh* A plate glass window. I wonder how much this is going to cost.


    Anni: *sits on bed*

    Katie: You have to tell them.

    Anni: It's nothing, I just didn't feel very well.

    Katie: Yeah right. No one just blacks out and goes crazy.

    Anni: Apparently I do.

    Katie: *sigh* Well I can't leave the team now.

    Anni: Why not?

    Katie: Because I'm not leaving you in this condition.

    Anni: Katie, I'm fine. Okay? Look, it's a hundred degrees outside, I have PMS and apparently I'm tired of Die Hard.

    Katie: When are you going to face that this is something you can't just excuse away?

    Anni: Because I'm still breathing, walking, and talking. As far as I'm concerned, I'm just fine.

    Katie: You're not. Your whole personality changed in seconds.

    Anni: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: This whole thing might not be a huge deal now but pretty soon you won't be able to hide it. And you have to tell Speed.

    Anni: *shakes head*

    Katie: Why?

    Anni: Can I just get some rest now? Please?

    Katie: *sigh* Alright. *leaves*

    Gas station

    Heather: Paramedics said it was superficial. They cleaned Ryan up.

    Horatio: Good. How's the cashier doing?

    Delko: He won't sue but he expects compensation.

    Horatio: Write him a cheque.

    Delko: Got it.

    Horatio: *walks away*

    Calleigh: Any idea why she freaked out?

    Lora: Duh, she's nuts.

    Colton: Seriously, is the Bruce thing annoying everyone?

    Everyone: Yes.

    Colton: ...Well you all suck.

    Ryan: Man she's little but she's strong as hell.

    Missy: What was it like going through a plate glass window?

    Ryan: ...It going through a plate glass window.

    Missy: Oh.


    Horatio: *walks into bedroom* Anni?

    Anni: *sitting on bed*

    Horatio: Can I come in?

    Anni: *sniffs* You're already in. *wipes eyes*

    Horatio: *sits on bed* I take it you're upset.

    Anni: I pushed Ryan through a window.

    Horatio: I'm sure he'll forgive you.

    Anni: *shrugs*

    Horatio: You okay?

    Anni: *sigh* No.

    Horatio: Would you like to talk about it?

    Anni: I'm not sure I'd know what to say. I mean, everyone else seems mad enough.

    Horatio: I'd say they're more concerned than angry.

    Anni: This was just...blown out of proportion. No one was supposed to...*sigh* Just tell them I wasn't feeling well but I'm feeling better now.

    Horatio: Okay. *stands*

    Anni: Horatio.

    Horatio: *turns around*

    Anni: ...Where did your shades go? It's like Mars out there.

    Horatio: I only wear them in the most inappropriate times like night or solar eclipses.

    Anni: *laughs*

    Horatio: *leaves*

  10. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Geni! Awesome update! Josh is very cool... he might have some issues, but as a parent, he's pretty rockin' . At least, he's treating Cait her age, and not trying to pacify her into doing good- that never works. Kudos to him!

    And the plot thickens...I can understand why Anni would want to keep it from everyone, but at some point in time, she's going to have to tell them. How else is she going to explain away her moments of freakish strenght and anger? I opt for her to tell them, but threaten them bodily harm if they start treating her like an invaild or something. Just so they have an idea on what to look out for- and to avoid plate glass windows <Ryan>. Ouch is so the word right now...

    I loved Horatio's line at the end:

    Some how, that doesn't surprise me... ^_^

    And Geni:

    I wear it proud :thumbsup:

    Excellent work!
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2008
  11. CSI_in_training

    CSI_in_training CSI Level Two

    Jun 21, 2005
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    MWAHAHAHAHA!!! Is :evil: little bitch.

    That is so totally true! He only wears them when he DOESN'T need to!!!

    OH MY GOD ANNI! *hugs, then runs for fear of Anni's wrath* You poor girl! And toughy too, pushing Ryan out a window, totally awesome but not a really good thing.

    AND CAIT! Oh, if I tried something like that I'd be in boarding school so fast your head would spin in circles for a week. My mom nearly took my head off because I didn't call here when I left the theatre at 11 pm on a friday night, if she caught a guy in my room I'd *shudders* I don't even want to know. Josh is doing a good job at the daddy thing, and he's right, Cait should definitly be glad it's not Josh's dad handing out the punishments, that would be bad.

    Brilliant work Geni, you saved my head from exploding! Love it all!! ^_^
  12. Hunter

    Hunter Coroner

    Jan 5, 2007
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    Hey everyone! Long time no see. :D *hugs everyone*


    And no Titanic, that movie sucks so hard. :lol: It's true though. It really did suck. (My opinion of course)

    You know those things just blow hot germs on your hands right? *smacks head* What am i saying your Eric of course you don't know! *laughs* Wow i'm really mean right now. *hugs eric*

    And that 'patch' thing totally works. Even though i don't know anyone in Irag or anything, my friend is a missionary and he spent half a year in Tibet. He told us a bunch of stories how is Canada patch on his backpack did so many good things for him. He also gave out a couple "Iā™„AlbertaBeef" patches. :lol: :lol:

    So i leave for a while and come back just in time to see me get harassed by Katie? Man WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT CHICK. (And why am i not teaching her a lesson?) Seriously Horatio should order a psych exam and then the whole team will read and discuss the results together. I can see it.

    Thanks for the great, great updates Geni! I gotta go cram and then hit the hay. Das vi danya and may the Force be with you all. (yeah that's right, I capitilize Force)
  13. Finch

    Finch Funnier in Enochian Super Moderator

    Jul 30, 2005
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    Lol, Lora, I have a feeling there may be psych exams in their near future. :lol:

    And hehe Anni. :D Yes, you would so whoop their asses if they started treating you like an invalid. But, I doubt compromised brain function and incontenance will be a problem anytime soon. :p


    Hummerhome, 5pm

    Horatio: You have the hot dogs on the stove?

    Ryan: Yeah but why are some of them oozing with cheese?

    Horatio: Those are the special weiners.

    Speed: Oh Horatio, I love it when you talk dirty.

    Everyone: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: *rolls eyes*

    Lora: Make sure we have ketchup!

    Katie: *opens fridge* I see mustard! YES! MUSTARD!

    Colton: Oh great, you got her started.

    Katie: *jumps up and down* MUSTARD!

    Carly: AISLE FIVE!

    Katie: HECK YES!

    Delko: WUBBA!

    Everyone: *looks at Eric*

    Delko: I thought we were just shouting random things.

    Carly: Whatever happened to your Wubba monster anyway?

    Delko: He's on semi retirement, just like Horatio.

    Horatio: Hey I am not retiring. They'll have to kick my dead body out of the lab.

    Katie: Ew.

    Missy: The lab? That's an odd place for your body to be. Shouldn't you be plastered in the interrogation room window or dragged along the bottom of your Hummer?

    Horatio: That's..gruesome.

    Missy: I just finished watching Alien.

    Katie: *eating mustard*

    Colton: *grabs mustard* Save some for everyone else.

    Katie: I don't think anyone else loves mustard as much as I do.

    Horatio: Don't make a mess on my carpet please.

    Katie: *looks down* ...Sure. *covers carpet with socks*

    Calleigh: *smiles* Oh look, we have purple ketchup.

    Colton: Ah yes, I remember those days. Weird times.

    Calleigh: Hey, green ketchup.

    Katie: How about some red ketchup.

    Calleigh: It all tastes the same.

    Katie: If someone hands you a purple potato, are you going to eat it like nothing's wrong?

    Calleigh: Depends if it's supposed to be purple.

    Lilly: You could make some really gross colours with that stuff.

    Katie: OH let's make poop colour!

    Lilly: I didn't say it's something we should try.

    Lora: Why do we always eat hotdogs? Why not some steak or pork ribs or something other than hotdogs.

    Horatio: Because after filling up the gas tank, we no longer have money.

    Lora: So how are we supposed to keep filling up the tank?

    Horatio: I get paid tomorrow.

    Calleigh: Oh so do I.

    Delko: And me!

    Ryan: 2 grand in the bank for me.

    Speed: I don't have a job.

    Anni: *pats Speed's head*

    Ryan: I heard the lab needs a security guard.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Ryan: ...But I was going to suggest that to someone else with less stature, maturity and pure handsomeness.

    Katie: *trips over fridge door* Shit.

    Everyone: *looks at Katie*

    Katie: Stubbed my toe. *hops to sink*

    Colton: Man, if this were years ago, we'd be doing all sorts of crazy things.

    Calleigh: Yeah now half of us are parents, the other half have job responsibilities and we get too tired to get drunk.

    Katie: Correction, we get too broke to get drunk. It has nothin' to do with tiredness.

    Anni: I think the other half should get some kids. Then in 20 years, they can do a road trip all on their own!

    Speed: No.

    Anni: *crosses arms* C'mon, do it while you're still...functional.

    Speed: I'm too old to chase little kids around.

    Anni: You're not old, you're just lazy.

    Speed: True.

    Anni: Fine, Eric, pants off.

    Delko: *lifts brow* What?

    Jess: Back off, biatch.

    Anni: Colton, you don't have any flags stapled to your forehead, you can give me a kid.

    Colton: I'm not one to pass off..what you're suggesting but I'm not a kid kind of guy.

    Anni: Okay. Horat-

    Horatio: No. I have enough problems as it is.

    Anni: Damnit. *slaps Speed*

    Speed: OW.

    Anni: Don't make me buy a turkey baster.

  14. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    That actually speaks for itself...LOL. Anni...poor , poor Anni. She wants kids, and is apparently willing to do anything , well almost anything ( Luckily, she didn't ask Ryan) *dodges hurling objects from Ry lovers*:p So, this is what desperate looks like....Funny:guffaw:

    Excellent update, Geni!

    And yes, they are still goofballs, cause they had an entire conversation about the colors of Ketchup. For info sakes however, no matter what anyone says, Purple is not a good color for Ketchup.;)

    Again...excellent work!
  15. Jenna_Caine

    Jenna_Caine Police Officer

    Dec 16, 2007
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    :guffaw: Nice... That's actually the kind of thing I'd be likely to do... :lol:

    Uhm... Random... :cracks up:

    :guffaw: :guffaw: :guffaw: Ah... Speed, Speed, Speed... :shakes head: :lol:

    I like how he just says "OW" really loudly... Lol! Nice work, Geni!
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