Road Trip! The Final Frontier.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Finch, Dec 7, 2007.

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  1. carlz31

    carlz31 Coroner

    Feb 9, 2006
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    Yay! Road Trip! Hey, you can totally have a RT with 3 people. Coincedently, I'm going on my own little road trip tomorrow, but there's only going to be two of us :D

    Woah. Mason is surprisingly nice for a crazy ass murderer who killed little Alena. And yet, you still can't help but feel a twinge of pity for him. Damn you Geni! *shakes fist in your general direction...whichever way that is* You're not supposed to make us feel sorry for the bad guy!

    Well, I won't be on for a few days. Like I said, ROAD TRIP! My friend and I are going camping for the weekend. Not a butt reconstruction, as I don't think there are many plastic surgery facilities in the middle of campsites :lol: Have fun without me, and I should be back on Monday :D
  2. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Geni...I agree, Mason was such an ass, but now I feel kinda sorry for him. Anger and misconstruded ideals was his downfall. But poor Jess, she will most more than likely hold on to this anger for him until her last breath- and it's understandable, he took her child.

    Ah, a road trip with three...that is soo plausible! Too bad everyone else is knee deep in drama though...a ski trip would've been classic!

    Awesome update:D
  3. Hunter

    Hunter Coroner

    Jan 5, 2007
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    :lol: HE'S NOT OLD. God, We'll know when he's old when he's taken Hugh Hefners place. :lol: Awesome scene by the way Geni. And i still love you Heather. (even though you think Horatio's old)

    And THIS is the part where the Who blasts in. :lol: Nice line Mason. (Ooo drama... :rolleyes: )

    Thanks for the eventful update Geni! I can't believe it's just me Heather and Carly going to Vermont. We're going to get ourselves killed. (Carly, you remembered to pack guns right?)
  4. Finch

    Finch Funnier in Enochian Super Moderator

    Jul 30, 2005
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    Aw have fun on your road trip Carly. :D Remember to yell out the window if you see any cows!

    Thanks for the reviews y'all.


    Prison cell

    Horatio: *takes off shades*

    Phil: *lying in bed*

    Horatio: Phil.

    Phil: *looks over* Lieutenant Caine. You know, you're more irritating than Mason made you out to be.

    Horatio: I'll take that as a compliment.

    Phil: *stands* So what do you want?

    Horatio: I want to know why you injected my people with norepinephrine.

    Phil: No no no no, you're not going to get me charged with that. Go find the real criminals for whatever you're after.

    Horatio: The evidence leads to you.

    Phil: Really. And what does your 'evidence' say?

    Horatio: Mason admits he left you alone with both hostages, which gives you the opportunity. He witnessed you with a syringe which we've tested that says you were in contact with the norepinephrine and I want to know why.

    Phil: Dude, I found that syringe. It was in the hostage's pocket. It fell out when I beat his ass.

    Horatio: Wait a second, which hostage?

    Phil: The guy. We couldn't have contraband on the plane which is why I said it was FOR him. I didn't want to get myself killed.

    Horatio: He had it in his system.

    Phil: That's great but I didn't inject anything.

    Horatio: Did you witness him with any more syringes?

    Phil: Yeah he had another one on him. He used it.

    Horatio: Thank you. *leaves*

    Miami Lab

    Horatio: Calleigh, I want to see the tests again.

    Calleigh: For the norepinephrine?

    Horatio: Yes.

    Calleigh: *grabs paper* Here.

    Horatio: *looks down at paper*

    Calleigh: You find something out?

    Horatio: Yes. These two cases of epinephrine dosing are completely unrelated.

    Calleigh: Really?

    Horatio: Paramedics did screw up on Jess, they gave her the wrong dose in the beginning, causing the initial heart attack which caused the second one days later.

    Calleigh: And with Speed?

    Horatio: *opens folder* This is Jess' medical report.

    Calleigh: ...Both chemical compounds are different. The one from the syringe has extra components. They aren't a match. So Jess wasn't exposed to the norepinephrine in the syringe.

    Horatio: Look at the sub compound.

    Calleigh: ...Serotonin.

    Horatio: When you add norepinephrine and serotonin together you get-

    Calleigh: An antidepressant.

    Horatio: Exactly. It's rare but then Miami is full of un-liscenced old school doctors, isn't it?

    Calleigh: So Jess might have grounds for suing the paramedics but Speed almost killed a man because he over-medicated on antidepressants.

    Horatio: *nods* It's like giving a suicidal person antidepressants and when their confidence reaches a high because of the medication, they have the courage to actually go through with the suicide. Same concept here.

    Calleigh: At least Jess will be happy no one tried to kill her.

    Horatio: Excuse me. *leaves*

    Calleigh: *nods*


    Jess: *sigh* So you're saying the paramedics were the ones who started this whole thing.

    Horatio: Mhm.

    Jess: *scratches head*

    Horatio: I'm sorry you've had to go through this.

    Jess: Stop apologising. All of this was just a weird coincidence. It does happen, y'know.

    Horatio: *smirks* It does.

    Jess: *rolls eyes* Look, I've been a dick to you. I appreciate that you tried to find a bad guy where there was none. Makes me feel like I'm actually cared about.

    Horatio: You'll always be cared about, I promise. You'll be okay.

    Jess: *stares at Horatio*

    Horatio: Get some rest. *stands*

  5. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    What a great update, Geni! So, we find out that Speed's got two drugs in him, hyping him up to beat Warren's ass...WOW!

    I wonder what the next step is in that drama?

    And Jess...thank god she and Horatio have come to even ground... I'm glad that she is going to be okay, and that apparently, there is no bad guy( well, if you count Mason, there is that one bad guy). A content Jess is a great sight.

    Awesome work, Geni!
  6. HellsBells

    HellsBells Tormenting Camp Counselors

    Feb 27, 2007
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    Get your motor runnin',
    Head out on the highway.
    We're lookin' for adventure,
    Or whatever comes our way.


    Mahwahaha.. And I'm so glad that I'm the one that is driving. This means that I'm going to get us to Vermont in record time. :cool: Horatio's got nothin on me. ;)

    Speaking of which, I'm glad that Horatio and Jess are back to being on friendly terms again.

    Speed, what the H. Why is he depressed? Is it because Anni "cheated" on him? Because, really she didn't so, there isn't nothing to be depressed about. "Insert Calleigh rationality here."

    :lol: I can't wait to see what happens next.
  7. cainesugar

    cainesugar Coroner

    Jan 22, 2007
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    Wow, Speed on antidepressants? Heather, Carly and Lora on a road trip? This is really getting weird.


    Nice job Geni!
  8. Finch

    Finch Funnier in Enochian Super Moderator

    Jul 30, 2005
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    Bwaha! Thanks for the reviews everyone. :D


    Holding cell

    Horatio: *walks in*

    Speed: *stands*

    Horatio: Well, I just got back from the hospital. Warren's finally awake. He doesn't want to press charges.

    Speed: Why?

    Horatio: I convinced him not to.

    Speed: *sigh*

    Horatio: It's something you should really be punished for. Fortunately for you, it isn't going to happen. So tell me, why are you on antidepressants?

    Speed: You fired me. Do you realize how late we are in rent? I just got an eviction notice so thank you very much. Now not only is my job gone, but my wife hates me, slept around with some guy, lied to me about being pregnant, I'm losing my apartment, and I beat a guy almost to death for no reason.

    Horatio: You did bring some of that upon yourself.

    Speed: Yes, I did.

    Horatio: You're still technically a police officer, you just don't work here. You can find other jobs.

    Speed: Who wants to hire a fired cop?

    Horatio: ...Canada?

    Speed: Funny.

    On the road

    Lora: *lays across Carly*

    Carly: *pushes Lora* Get up.

    Lora: I'm tired and you're cushy.

    Carly: Why aren't you in the front seat?

    Lora: Heather's driving scares the crap out of me.

    Carly: So why don't you drive?

    Lora: I don't drive stupid piddly cars.

    Heather: Hey. This car is nice.

    Lora: If we get into an accident, I'll end up in the front seat whether I wanted to or not.

    Carly: So put on your seat belt.

    Lora: Seat belts are for losers.

    Carly: Dying is for losers.

    Lora: *sits up* Heather, make her shut up.

    Carly: You shut up.

    Heather: Which interstate am I supposed to get off on?

    Lora: I don't normally get off at interstates but whatever.

    Heather: I meant where do I turn.

    Lora: OH! Okay because you totally made that sound all misconstrued. Okay, well you turn three rights ago.

    Heather: ....I missed the turn.

    Lora: Yeah but no worries, there will be other interstates.

    Carly: How come we didn't pack any skis?

    Lora: Because we're going to rent them.

    Carly: That's like wearing someone's dirty underwear.

    Lora: ...But the skis aren't dirty.

    Heather: *presses gas pedal*

    Lora: AH! *falls against seat*

    Heather: Sorry, some jerk cut me off so I'm riding his bumper.

    Lora: *squints* His bumper sticker says Texas 4 Eva.

    Carly: And it's a patrol cop.

    Heather: What?

    Sirens turn on

    Heather: He didn't have his lights on! I didn't know it was a cop!

    Lora: His lights didn't disappear just because they weren't on.

    Heather: Okay everyone stay cool. I have my liscence around here, I'm sure.

    Lora: ...You did bring it, right?

    Heather: Probably.

    Cop: *walks over to window, knocks on it*

    Heather: *rolls down window*

    Cop: Ma'am, do you know why I stopped you?

    Heather: Because you cut me off.

    Cop: No. Because you were following too close. I need to see your liscence, registration and insurance please.

    Heather: *opens glove box* Sure. *hands over papers*

    Cop: *looks down at liscence*

    Lora: *slowly clicks seatbelt on*

    Cop: Okay, ma'am I'm going to issue you a citation for following too close to a law enforcement vehicle.

    Heather: Uh...But you cut me off.

    Cop: I'm allowed to.

    Heather: *frowns*

    Carly: *lifts brow*

    Heather: Uh, you can't break the law.

    Cop: Please step out of the vehicle ma'am.

    Heather: Fine. *gets out of car*

    Cop: I'm going to need the rest of y'all to exit the vehicle as well.

    Carly and Lora get out

    Cop: *writing ticket* Where are you off to?

    Heather: Vermont.

    Cop: Why's that?

    Heather: We're going skiing.

    Cop: Without skis?

    Lora: I told you.

    Heather: We're going to rent them.

    Carly: Yeah, why does it matter where we're going anyway?

    Cop: *lifts head* You're Australian.

    Carly: ..Yeah, so?

    Cop: Do you have your green card?

    Carly: I'm here on a working Visa.

    Cop: I need to see it.

    Carly: Uh, okay. *grabs purse from car*

    Cop: Whoa, whoa whoa. Slowly now. *takes out gun*

    Carly: I'm just getting my purse. You told me to get my working Visa.

    Cop: Slowly.

    Carly: *reaches inside purse*

    Cop: Stop. Is that a gun?

    Carly: *looks down* OH! Oh no no no, this is for work.


    Carly: What?

    Cop: Get on the ground now! *lifts gun*

    Heather: She's a CSI.

    Lora: Yeah, I mean she isn't on duty or anything but whatever.

    Cop: *clicks radio* I need backup. Nearest officers to my location. *looks at Carly* Spread your legs.

    Carly: Gee, I haven't been asked to do that in a while.

    Lora: *snickers*

    Cop: I know what y'all are trying to do here. Smuggle illegal immigrants into the country.

    Heather: Dude, we're already IN the country.

    Cop: Exactly.

    Lora: If we were smuggling Australians, why would we be going to Vermont?

    Black SUV pulls up

    Cop: Oh good. Sir, I caught them smuggling immigrants.

    Josh: *walks over*

    Carly: *looks up*

    Josh: *looks at cop* You pulled me off a crime scene for this?

    Cop: She has a concealed weapon, sir.

    Josh: *grabs Carly's hand*

    Carly: *stands*

    Cop: *hands over cuffs*

    Josh: *places cuffs on roof of car*

    Cop: Sir?

    Josh: Why did you pull them over?

    Cop: They were following too closely.

    Heather: And he cut me off.

    Carly: And I was about to get arrested for being Australian.

    Lora: Have any hand cream in the back of your truck?

    Cop: I've already written down the citation.

    Josh: Does it have a signature?

    Cop: Not yet.

    Josh: *grabs paper* I'll take care of it.

    Cop: The Australian has to go. No green card.

    Carly: WORKING VISA! I swear, I'm g-

    Josh: She's fine.

    Cop: B-

    Josh: Take a hike.

    Cop: You know, you detectives always try and take the collar from us. If I wasn't out here, you'd have a lot more crime scenes to process. And these people broke the law. I should arrest every one of 'em. Especially the non-American bitch over there, always takin' our jobs. *scoffs* And I've heard of you. You're one of them fags. Supportin' the immigrant bitches.

    Josh: *grabs cop, slams him against car*

    Cop: AH! AH!

    Josh: If you weren't so quick to judge everyone, you would have seen her working Visa, and don't you ever talk about a lady like that ever again.

    Cop: Get your hands off of me.

    Josh: *lets go*

    Cop: *gets into cop car, drives off*

    Lora: If only you could tag along the whole way.

    Heather: Thanks.

    Carly: We have to head out. *gets into car*

    Lora: Uh...Yeah. *gets into car*

    Heather: That was nice, what you did for us.

    Josh: He had no right to do what he did.

    Heather: *smiles* I'm glad there are a few good cops left in Miami.

    Josh: *lifts brow*

    Heather: *gets into car*

  9. Hunter

    Hunter Coroner

    Jan 5, 2007
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    Yes....yes we are. *high fives Heather* *...and Carly*

    What, JEALOUS? :lol: No just kidding. We should of at least had the 3 L's! Lilly, Lori, and Lora.

    And i love this storyline Gen! Just awesome, with the mystery of the norepinephrine and stuff. (I bet you can spell that word easily now eh Geni?)

    :lol: I think that might be true. :lol:

    I GOT AWAY WITH THAT ONCE! I did i did! :lol:

    Oh...oh...(my parents are immigrants) DIE COP DIE! *beats cop*

    OooOoo. :lol: Wink wink nudge nudge i see what's going on here!

    Oh wait. He's gay. Okay never mind.

    Fantasticlastical updates Geni! :D
  10. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Geni, awesome update! So Warren's not pressing charges- smart man. But Speed has a lot to figure out. I'm wondering just what he thought of Anni's lie, and what he's going to do about it. To be a fly on that wall...-that will probably be littered with marks from flying objects :lol:

    The RTers never fail! Even when there's only three, they STILL manage to get themselves in trouble. Thank god for Josh, who makes short work of that idiot cop.

    Great work!
  11. carlz31

    carlz31 Coroner

    Feb 9, 2006
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    Oh my gosh, I saw SO MANY cows. And every time, I wanted to yell "COW! GET THE CAMERA, GET THE CAMERA!" but seeings as my friend was driving, I doubt that would've gone down too well :lol:

    And OH! ON the way there and back, there this kinda fog over the mountains and my friend kept saying "This makes me want to go skiing" or "I feel like I'm going to go skiing" and I really wanted to say something about virtual me going on a skiing RT :lol:

    Phew, for a second, I thought Speed tried to kill Jess. But no, he's just depressed. Well, fair enough. When you "die" so many times, and all your children die at least once, I figure you have the right to be depressed. Too bad he almost killed random Warren guy. Ah, well he explains it in the next update. Figures.

    BAHA! I got us all arrested!...Almost. JOSHIE! I luff Joshie! Wait..I should have a green card, I'm married to an American. Hee! GO JOSHIE! He's awesome. I wish he was a real person and...not gay *sigh*

    *cry* YOU DON'T LIKE ME! *cry cry* *runs into bathroom* WAAAH! :p

    please update soon Geni!
  12. HellsBells

    HellsBells Tormenting Camp Counselors

    Feb 27, 2007
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    That's OK Carly I still like you. :p *High Fives* I'm glad you had fun on your road trip!

    GO JOSH!!

    Why do I get the feeling I'm crushing on Josh? Figures, I always fall for the gay guy.

    And what's wrong with my driving? Just buckle in and make sure you have something to hold on to.

    *snickers with Lora*

    Loved the update, Geni. Was hilarious!
  13. Hunter

    Hunter Coroner

    Jan 5, 2007
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    Whoa whoa Carly i still love you! *huggles* I just said we should of ALSO had the 3 L's. ;)

    Can't wait for another installment Gen! :D
  14. CSI_Trainee

    CSI_Trainee CSI Level One

    Oct 20, 2005
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    okay whoa that took a little bit of time to read but i got through it all lol. RL got a little too hectic and all getting ready for exams and i just didn't have the time to get on here.
    First of all wow that was action packed and exciting and scary and sad and just so many emotions. Poor jess tho that would suck hardcore, thats just too much.
    And speed, why must he always do stupid things?

    great updates and cna't wait for more, i'll try to get on more quickly
    Love as always geni, an dupdate soon
  15. cainesugar

    cainesugar Coroner

    Jan 22, 2007
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    Lora Lilly Lori. Geez, tongue twister.

    Amazing updates! I promise you I'm reading, but life's gotten hectic once again. Final exams for Semestero Uno, next week... but I'm still reading!

    Great job. :)
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