Review The Last Film You Saw ~ Thread 3

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After all these years I got around to watching Finding Nemo. I have one word for this film.... EXCELLENT!!!!!!:thumbsup:
Just watched Quantum of Solace. Boy, do I love the new Bond!

Don't really know what to say ... just, maybe that I really like the way the producers show Bond. He's not perfect anymore, he sweats and he bleeds and he seeks revenge.

And although I really don't think of Daniel Craig as attractive he looks awesome as Bond.

Just have a look for yourselves you won't regret it. And if you've watched Casino Royale you'll have to watch it anyway to find out what happens with Bond and his feelings for Vesper.
The last movie I watched was 'Hannibal' I loved 'Silence of the Lambs' and I thought, while Julianne Moore wasn't as good as Jodie Foster, she did an admirable job of taking on a character made fmous by another actress.
Some of the lines in it are fantastic 'I'm giving very serious thought to eating your wife'
The character of Hannibal Lecter will always be one of the best villains of all time.
10 out of 10

Rest Stop: Don't Look Back.
God, what a lame movie. I thought it was going to be something exciting. But I LOLed so much when we learn about the ghost thing. There was nothing special or spectacular about it. The "You didn't save me" thing was slightly annoying.

White Noise 2
I loved it until Abraham (???) went to the house of the murderer. I didn't like the whole God-Devil-third day thing. I loved the main character, though. And I felt so sorry for his son and wife. Anyway, the movie wasn't that bad. I recommend it if you want to see something creepy and interesting.
Quantum of Solace. Daniel Craig was amazing as Bond as usual. I just love Judi Dench as M. I love that the relationship between M and Bond is almost maternal. :lol: Story-wise, it just wasn't up to par with Casino Royale. I thought Olga Kurylenko as a Bond Girl was horrible. She's such a lousy actress, plus, her fake tan was kind of distracting.
Loft - Belgian film, Flemish to be exact. And honestly, one of the better movies I've seen in a while. If you get the chance to see it, definately do it. It's about 5 married guys who secretly rent a loft together, so they can take their mistresses there without having a chance of being caught. One morning, one of them finds the dead body of a young woman. They're the only ones who own a key to the appartment, so who killed her?
You change your mind back and forth about who the killer is during the entire movie. Forget special effects or car chases, real suspense is made like this.
W. A documentary based on the life of George W. Bush. People expecting a great film, don't waste your time, money, or brain cells. Everyone who thought that Oliver Stone was going to bash Bush on all of his short comings, stay home. All you will see is a movie justifying the horrible and ridiculous antics of our soon to be ex-president. I'm sure most people who still support Bush see it as an amazing movie, based completely on fact. I see it as a ridiculous excuse of a movie.
Yesterday I went to see the latest James Bond offering "Quantum of Solace". I enjoyed it, I'm not particularly a huge James Bond fan, but I've seen most of the recent films and find them mostly watchable, if a bit ridiculous. :lol:

The film starts just after the ending of "Casino Royale" so whilst not necessarily necessary (so to speak) I personally found it useful to have seen Casino Royale again recently. The movie was all action really, no particularly exciting gadgets, but enjoyable nonetheless. I was really surprised that Fields died, I wasn't really expecting that, and I like to think that Bond did feel a little guilty about that. As always, M was awesome. :)
Yesterday I went to see the latest James Bond offering "Quantum of Solace".
Just saw that today. Enjoyed the Bond Babes in this one, Camille and Fields. Also the relationship between Bond and M. Jeffrey Wright is only the second actor to reprise the role of Felix, the first being David Hedison. There have been more Felix Leiters than there have been Bonds. No "Bond, James Bond" or "Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred" (by Bond at least). No Q or Moneypenny. Aston Martin shaken, stirred, slammed, and shoot up. Overall, great movie, except for the theme song. Can't wait for the next one.

P.S. Saw the Star Trek trailer. Fascinating!
I saw W today and it made me more sympathetic towards Bush. I never really thought about how he did try to become his own ma but was continually forced to live in his fathers shadow. After seeing this I now feel that he was trying to do right but was both misguided and manipulated by Cheney. The person who payed Powell did an amazing job showing his dissent within the ranks.
I just saw a French movie called Tell No One (Or "Ne le Dit a Personne" en Francais). It was a really, really good thriller, and the filming style was interesting and well done. When the character was tense, I found the filming really made me (as the audience) feel really tense as well. Definitely beautifully filmed... and acted!

I'd highly recommend this one to anyone who doesn't mind reading subtitles.
"Quantum of Solace". it was a good movie i enjoyed it. my brother is a HUGE James Bond fan so we all went as a family even my grandparents came with us. i was a little confused with the "Casino Royale" refernences b/c i haven't seen the movie since it came out in theaters. my brother has 3 versions of CR one in the regular edition it was released in, on Blu-Ray, and the 3 disc extended that just recently came out.

i liked all the action in the movie and the locations they were soo amazing. i love the look of the newest Bond movies they're very slick and stylish, much how i picture a spy world to look like.
Pride and Glory- Its a cop film with Ed Norton and Colin Farrell. It was ok, but it dragged on forever. The basic premise was interesting, but it wasn't executed very well. Colin's accent wavered alot. And my main problem, I think Farrell could totally take down Ed Norton in a fight!
I went to see the midnite showing of Twilight. Since it just came out I'll use a spoiler box.

I thought it was really good. It followed the book quite closely, even quoting entire conversations from it. The casting was quite well done, particularly for the Cullen Family and for the kids at the school. The scenery was beautiful, and the last montage when Edward is sucking the venom out of Bella is really beautiful and intense. Two thumbs up for me!
Twilight: :D It was pretty good. Not as good as the book but I wasn't expecting it to be. I'm not quite sure how to explain it but it was kind of different. For example a lot of times if a character was talking the camera would be zoomed right in on their face and no one else. I think besides the fact that Bella didn't smile once (that I saw) during the whole movie, all of the actors were cast perfectly. I found it could be a little dramatic sometimes, with the way they talked and all. There weren't many special effects in this movie (I'm sure in the next movies there will be since there will be werewolves in the mix) but the speed and strength of the vampires was shown well. All in all I give it an A-. (Others might give it less since I'm sort of a Twilighter and would probably like it even if it DID suck.)
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