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Just watched "Burn After Reading" and once again, I am amazed at how the Coen brothers can combine comedy and violence so well. They astound me. Granted, it's more comedy than violence in this film. And man, can they ever represent the idiot well! :lol: I swear, there were a couple scenes in particular with Brad Pitt that had me and my friend almost wetting our pants. He pulled off the idiotic particularly well this time around- I gotta give him kudos.

Anyway, I definitely enjoyed this film. It's sort of an intelligent look at... well, idiots basically. :lol:
"His Girl Friday" with Cary Grant and Rossalin Russel. such a good movie, very cute and well done. i love it in a few scenes how much movie making has come a long way b/c at some points the lighting was awful. i just could not figure out why the movie was called "His Girl Friday" when it mentioned nothing about the days of the week or anything like that. there was one point in the movie where Cary Grant comes in and goes "What the duce is going on here?" and i just laughed thinking about Stewie from Family Guy haha.
^^^ I love Cary Grant.

And "girl Friday" means a person who does all your chores/errands/etc for you- like a personal assistant, or "gopher", someone who "goes for" whatever you need. Hope that helps to clarify things. :)
The last film I saw was the Hollywood version of Shutter. All I can say is that this film was such a disappointment. The original Thai version was sooo much better. Hollywood has really butchered the Asian horror film genre lately.
The Mummy 3. It was awesome except that Rick (Brendan Fraser) should've looked older since Alex (Luke Ford) is all grown up. Same with the mother. What, they can't make Rachel Weiz look older? :wtf:

I just satisfied myself with the Jet Li & Michelle Yeoh showdown. Not so much though but still had impact. Oh, and yes. Great production and effects.
The Mummy 3. It was awesome except that Rick (Brendan Fraser) should've looked older since Alex (Luke Ford) is all grown up. Same with the mother. What, they can't make Rachel Weiz look older? :wtf:
^^That wasn't Rachel Weisz, it was Maria Bello. ;)
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The Woman In Black. I've always loved the book and I've even seen the play, which was really scary so I was excited to see the film version. I've got to say the play was so much better. And so much scarier. In the play, if you've got an aisle seat she'd pass by you and that freaked me out. In the film version, the Woman in Black looked so much like the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz that I was just laughing so hard at it but the film did have its scary moments.
Baba O'Reilly thank you for letting me know what the movie title meant :) now it totally fits.

i just watched "This is Spinal Tap".... this movie was soo funny, i love Christopher Guest films.

i tried watching Chinatown with Jack Nicolson and Faye Dunaway but it was soo boring.

also watched Abba- The Movie..... cheese to every sense but the concert footage was soo good. i was singing "Hole In Your Soul" and "Thank You For The Music" all night haha.

i made my roommate watch Xanadu last week.... such an aweful film but it's worth watching once in your life. i own it b/c my mom got it for me when i was younger. we were laughing so hard through out the whole movie, you have to it's just so bad. the soundtrack is the best though ELO is one of my all time fave bands. i always say thatr Xanadu was an excuse of a movie to put good music to.
The Mummy 3. It was awesome except that Rick (Brendan Fraser) should've looked older since Alex (Luke Ford) is all grown up. Same with the mother. What, they can't make Rachel Weiz look older? :wtf:
^^That wasn't Rachel Weisz, it was Maria Bello. ;)

yup. it was Maria Bello in Mummy 3. what i meant was if they casted Weiz again on Mummy 3 they might have a hard time making her look old. Bello's features are more "mature". hmmm, i still wonder why Weiz wasn't on the 3rd?
I just saw the "Dark Knight" last night. Absolutely fantastic film.

Heath Ledger's performance as The Joker. The chase scene with the SWAT trucks, the cinematography, everything was just wonderful.

I definitely think that Ledger deserves a posthumous Oscar for his performance in this movie.

I can't say enough good things about this movie, and let's face it, everything to be said has already been said. Five Stars, two thumbs way up, etc.
Dr. Horrible (sing-along blog), not exactly a movie but a short 3 acts on line musical.
It's a really hilarious story about villains and superheros and Neil Patrick Harris rocks on it !!!
There are only 3 acts of around 15 minutes each so if you got some time, watch it. ;)
Appaloosa. It was a pretty standard western, but it had some really strong performances by Viggo Mortenson and Ed Harris. Their relationship as old friends was really a pleasure to watch. And in a way, it was an offbeat sort of story, for a western- that made it sort of unpredictable, which I quite liked.

All I know is, after watching it, I felt an urge to go home and start watching my Lord of the Rings trilogy again. :lol: Ah, Viggo...

Oh, I forgot- I also saw Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist- it was a pretty fun little flick, actually. Michael Cera played the same character he always does, and yet still I found him endearing. It had clever dialogue and a pretty hilarious drunk chick was out and out laughs. Definitely a decent movie.
Yesterday I saw Miami Vice for the first time. And I'm not very happy. The TV show was so cool, with the brightly colored jackets and the 80's music. Farrell and Foxx don't look like Crocket and Tubbs (no, they didn't have a mustache or beard!!!). It's a standard action movie, with two famous 80's characters, set in modern time. The movie is very long (too long for a movie like this) and it's not very surprising. To make a long story short: this movie sucks!
I've watched quite a lot movies lately.

Scary Movie 1-3 - Can't get over the Scary Movie Movies, they're really funny. That butler in 2, can't remember his name atm, is so creepy, or should I say disgusting? Everytime he tries to touch someone or does something with his hand it sends a shiver down my spine. I really wouldn't want him to touch me :lol: And the scene where all the guys are sitting at the dinner table and butler-boy wants to pass out the food...hilarious.

Scream 1-3 - And here comes the original :lol: The films of the Scream Trilogy are one of my all time fav "Horror" movies. I know, they're not really "horror-ish", but I still like them. One of the things that bother me though is the fact that it is so obvious who the killer is in Scream 1!

A League of their own - Really like that movie. Don't know how many times I've seen it now. Maybe it's because I like Baseball...and I like Geena Davis so that's probably a good mix. And I find it fascinating how they were able to find some actresses to play the older characters who really show a great resemblance to the "original" actresses.

The Brave One - Saw it for the first time and it's not going to be one of my fav movies...I'm not a big fan of Jodie Foster, but I was told that it would be good so I watched it anyway. Well, it was okay. I just don't get why the cop and Jodie's character build up such a close relationship.

Open Season - Such a cute film!!! The main characters are really funny and I love how they always "use" the bunnies :lol:

And last but not least Finding Nemo - I LOVE that one! Just great from beginning to the end. My fav character is of course Dori, because I'm almost as confused as her and always forget things myself. Great line of hers is something like "I suffer from short term memory loss. It runs in my family....hmm...*thinks*....where are they?!" :lol: awesome
City of Ember --you know I never even saw previews of this movie but thought it sounded good and it was although it really could have been developed better to make it a great movie. But never the less it was interesting.
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