photo manipulation fun

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AngelWearinJeans, that is not feeble. It's great :)

Wojo, now that'd be a movie I'd see ;)

Miss_Undercover, yummy! ...and Happy Birthday :p :D
Thanks Dingbat. I'm still learning the complicated ways of photoshop. My little sister knows more about it than I do, it's good to know my manip isn't a complete failure.
ok here is my atempt
It's kinda small..
You know he's the great newphew to the spokes person... he he although i would have to smack him if he ever did work there. :devil: Yes there is a little resentment there ;) :p :eek:
CSI_Chic & Angel Those aren't bad for 1st attempts. I would recommend the black/white solution, that usually works better than grain. But you'll just have to try that. Just save the raw version first and then try the various effects. In the end you can chose which looks best. Either way, keep going :)

Made some C/S because there's not enough ;)
Mia, very, very great manip. It's sexay :devil:

Wojo, I loooove the Sandle manip. And I agree with Dingbat there that it'd be a great movie to watch.

CSI_Chic and AngelWearinJeans, those are pretty!

I'm using the prog PhotoFiltre and there's an effect called "Ink Outlines" That's all I did to the pic after copying the face into it and adjusting brightness color and contrast. That is, trying to adjust :p
Didn't take long actually, I'm a fan of the quick fix.
That's probably why I don't have the patience for PhotoShop, that prog's a pain. 15 minutes and I haven't figured out how to crop properly :rolleyes:
Not open for further replies.