photo manipulation fun

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Yup, photoshop can be a pain, I searched around for like 20 minutes and I couldn't find out how to make it black and white. Of course that probably just means there's something wrong with me, not photoshop :lol:
That looks a great deal better than your first attempt. Good work. Just keep trying, one day it'll be perfect.
(At least that is what I keep telling myself, hehe)
Made something funny, at least I think it's funny. Don't like the way Catherine looks but after a dozen attempts I gave up... It was meant to be a joke anyways :p

Sara looks great in that one Mia, it looks like she was actually in the original picture. Catherine looks great too, I think your dozen attempts were worth it.
Ok, so this is the 3d time I'm attempting to reply to this thread, every time it takes like 10 minutes, and then it says my form is invalid or something, and my post isn't there. Is that normal?

Anyway, here a manip I made, originally for a banner, but since the banner is fairly small I made a bigger, better version too.

Inspired by a screenshot of Greg holding a remote control (from Built to Kill #2), I bring you:

CSI: The Next Generation.
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