photo manipulation fun

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Wow. everyones looks so funny :lol: I wish i could just fiqure out how to really use photoshop :(.... The only time i use it is to resize pictures..I wouldn't want to see what damage i could do if i really knew how to use photoshop :eek: :confused: :p
MiaCharlize said:
Don't worry, me is doing a whole lot of damage without PhotoShop. Just give it a try, anything's welcomed here ;)
I'll have to see what kind of damage i can do then with out photoshop too! :lol: ;)
Wow, that's perfect Wojo

Here's my feeble attempt.
I had to distort it a little bit so it's not totally obvious that Billy's head doesn't blend right. Maybe I should do black and white instead of the grainy thing?
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