I have a neopets. I like playing the games on there... like toybox escape and freaky factory. I think I'm more into Subeta though cuz it's less crowded, and nobody seems to like me on neopets :p
I think new's too much info stuffed there. Like the active pet on the left could go.
I think navigation is great, tho I didn't find "my items" from "pet central"
Whoa! Ok so i havent been on neopets in like forevr and i went on last night and i saw the new format and i was soo confused. I have no idea where anything is :( I liked the old format much better, but change isnt a bad thing.
I got on there the other day and it was the old layout. and that night i got on there it was new, and i was all dazed and confused. i don't like the new layout, it looks nice, but i like the old one better.
I guess big change is always a shock.. I have to say pets looks ugly. Most of them. I mean like elephante. I have one on my secondary account and she became sooooo ugly :(

Navigation is cool, it really is. But I think active pet from the left should go. I still haven't found out how to get directly to 'my items' :p

Also yesterday Lost Desert, Shenkuu and Neopia Central didn't load for me.

They need to cut down the info boxes from the first page :mad:
yea i agree with getting rid of the active pet. I think they should have more things coming off from the menu they made. they also dont' have the safety deposit box quick link either.
Yeah, I like the new layout, and I don't care about the new pets anymore, I'm over it. Yes, I do confess that I have an account *hides* But I love the boards. Some of the spamming noobs are so funny sometimes :lol:

In case anyone was wondering, even though you're probably not, my username is crossfire_rulz (don't ask, I made it up when I was like 13...stupid idea...
Oh yeah, I read the boards as well because the stupid spamming kidnoobs are so funny! I laugh tears in my eyes sometimes!

And at 'Fan Clubs' there's Finnish topic where we use Finnish so it's nice to talk with your own language sometimes :p
I love the spamming noobs too. They are like need more money donate and people tell them that they've been on for 3 months and should have a decent amount of money. Then people report them.
Yeah, I think one of the best was "OMG! I need neopoints and I don't want to play games!" doh, what are you doing here then?

You need to do something to earn it :/ Meh, I have my first million soon :D

And the new plot... I didn't manage to solve the last puzzle and now it's battledome things and my pets are too weak even I have weapons. Oh well, it doesn't matter but would be fun to fight sometimes.
Does anyone like the new layout. I think its terrible and i not to happy with the idea of dressing up your pets iv decided to leave. I am putting all my pets up for adoption. My accounts are crazy4csi85222, crazy4csi, ncis_crazy, addict2ncis. If your intrested in any of the pets let me know because im hoping to leave as soon as possible but i want all my pets in homes first.
Just to let ya'll know. the Altador Games are starting up again. Don't forget to choose your team. :D

*Go Team Darigan* :devil:
^^ As well :D Oh I was practising and I so hated Darigan Yooyo :| It's even more annoying that Faerie Yooyo last year!

Oh btw, if someone is neofriending me, please either neomail me or send here PM that it's you because ... I don't know do I like the strange people :p
Alrighty, I still hate the Darigan Yooyu, it makes no sense! I can't believe Roo Island is doing so well :eek: WHat kind of people chose Roo Island!? :lol:

And the explosing one :rolleyes: So waste of time when you get that 5-6 times in a row :rolleyes: