Master of the Moos
So anyone else dares to confess that has account in Neopets and actually spends time there? Come on people, I know there has to be someone.
AND JEFF NO, I AM NOT TOO OLD FOR IT. In guild where I am, only 1 is younger than I am :|
Actually, I had one. about a year ago.. but when I started school again I just didn't have the time.. hm. gonna check it out again *nerd* :lol:
I have four, I have had my account for... 26 months now. There was like over 6months last year that I didn't check my account, mostly because slow connection at home so I never bothered to play games there but now I started to play again in December.
I remember one game.. with a snake that got longer and longer for every.. thing it ate. I thought it was soooo funny. could play it for hours :rolleyes:
Like Meerca Chase II now. There's a few games I play regulary. Like Whack-a-Staffmember. Heh, good when you are bored.
OH. so annoying. my email doesn't want to work so I can't get that code to activate the account :mad:
It's a virtual pet website. You can create pets and play different games and you have to buy and feed your pets and build a house to it/them and many many other things :)
you can visit there:
I've got some. I didn't feed them for about 3-4 years & they still survived!!!

We used to be able to access them at school but they blocked it damm them :mad:!!!
Heh... I've got an account there too. Well, actually, more than one, but only one I visit once in a while. :'3
I had one where i was like.....13 or 14 im 19 now. lol. my friends still goes and shes the same age! she plays something LIKE snake but its not. i'd rather watch the House of Commons. hehe.

but since this thread has been started i may go will i ever blance Sims 2 and Neopets! lol :lol:
Does anyone have a camel? I did but it died. It's on It's an virtual pet bascially where to talk to other people with camels (wierd huh? :rolleyes:)
I'm going to choose a neopet now.. but they're all so damn cute. I feel bad for all the others when I just have to pick one :(