I don't know does this come too late but today (15th) is Neopets b'day and you can get the avatar by visiting "New Features"
Also from this day to 22nd you can send game scores 5x per day

Buried Treasure and WHeel of Excitement are free today (15th) and you can train your pets at Cap'n Threelegs' Swashbuckling Academy - also possibility to get more random events.
So far I got one codestone, two faerie questions AND A BISCUIT PAINT BRUSH!!! :D Tho I don't have a pet that can be painted with that so I just sell it or transform my Gnorbu into Chomby.
I nearly forgot about the avatar. I never really got anything good only one quest. My pet sherbet_crystal is in the Beauty contest this week so i would apperiate it if anyone here could spare us a vote.
^^ Voted :D

I've got so much random events that I can't believe it - of course "not useful" random events - and then I got Symol avvy and Mediocricy avvy :D

I am still mad at myself that I managed to miss Altador Cup I - Staff Tourney and missed that avatar and now will never get it :(
Thank you :) :) its the first time iv entered iv been on the boards all day trying to get votes.

I also got the symol avvy after spending two years trying to get it i was so happy. I'm still try to get the avvie from snowy i get blasted almost every day and i still dont have it.
^^ Tell me about it :rolleyes: I think I've blasted now 8 times in a row and still no avvie :(

Then another thing what's annoying when you play game where you can get avatar and you get so close and then...die.
Had that in Feed Florg and few others :Sad:
I hate game avvies i got the score for the bullseye avvie so i stopped playing and sent it. It came up error cannot send. Well im just glad my mother wasnt around to hear what i said to the computer (i had been playing for 2 hours non stop)
The only thing i hate about neopets is all the scammers someone was trying to scam me tonight saying they had made me a look up and they needed my password to put it up. I sent them this
heres my password- detroper (read it backwards). Im sitting waiting for them to be frozen.
Iv has a luck day i found a fire pb in a shop for 59k i sold it for 620k.
^I just report all scammers as well.
Then I giggle at some really, really stupid topics. OK 90% of those are stupid :lol:

Oh that's a nice snipe for a PB. One guy in our guild found Mootix for 10k frm Trading Post :eek: I mean, the price is usually 2mil
The Beauty contest just finished me and sherbet came 7th. Thank you if you voted for us. I'm quite proud considering that this is the first time we have entered.
OMG! It's the first time I've been here at Misc. area and look at what I found! I have a neopet account that I opened when I was in college. If anyone wants to be my neofriend, my screenname is xyrielle. I've been very bad at checking my account lately (or the last two years), I check it about once a month (sometimes less) and put my pets on vacation. So bottom line, yey neopets!
Neopets. I've joined, left, returned, and left again... all for the same reason. Is it just me, or is it really easy to get scammed on that site? Takes all the fun out of the game. So I think I've left for good. I've found something better. :D

carlz31 said:
In case anyone was wondering, even though you're probably not, my username is crossfire_rulz (don't ask, I made it up when I was like 13...stupid idea...

I used to know someone by a username similar to that. Yumi_crossfire or something.
Oh there's so much scams around there - I think I've got like 6 neomails where is told to go to fake login page :rolleyes:

and oh calleighdelko, if you happen to get any game challenges from me, don't wonder :lol: I just do the Game Master thingie :p feel free to send challenges to me.

AS for my luck, it seemed to continue. Two days ago I got SHH again and got bag of peanuts :eek: I mean, with good luck those cost 140k in Auctions and TP.

and calleighdelko, congrats with the beauty contest :D
DaWacko said:

and oh calleighdelko, if you happen to get any game challenges from me, don't wonder :lol: I just do the Game Master thingie :p feel free to send challenges to me.

and calleighdelko, congrats with the beauty contest :D

Thanks i think im addicted now iv started on another pic but it will be a couple of weeks before i enter. Im doing the game challenge thing as well. You can send all your challenges to me if you want. Iv been sending them to one of my old friends who hasn't been on i about a year. If he does come back there will be all theses challenges for him.
Hey guys,

Glad I found this again. For any of you who don't know they now have a new place called PetPet Park Celebration. IF you go there everyday, you get a free gift each time. So far I've gotten two books, two stamps, and a PetPet cookie:)
When I got my cellphone I was surprised, 'cause I have Neopets on it. Too bad I can't play, I need internet access on my phone and I don't want that.

I might make one online though. :p

ETA: I have this blue bird I called BlueWingWallie. :)
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This thread makes me sad. :p I forgot my password on Neopets. And when I registered I entered a random birthday (for some reason) so I can't get it emailed to me. Haha fail.

I had 4 awesome pets and I had the lab ray... I think my account was katie_9227.