Movie Quote Game

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you got it jorja_fan! i wasnt sure how long it would take you guys, but i guess it makes sense a fellow canuck got it :lol:
and yep, its the same paul gross in due south Dynamo i saw him at stratford in hamlet and hes quite the cutie. :D
Sorry for the delay but here's the new quote:

C1: C2! I love you!
C2: I lov...
C3: [hits C2 in the face with a Dodgeball] Joanie loves Chachi!

:lol: Just the film and characters but you can name the actors too.
you know, the action kind of gives it away :lol:
amber, justin, white goodman in dodgeball. i only know ben stiler is the actor though :D
hmmm.....thinking.....thinking....lets give this one a spin:

c1: he melted...
c2: c1, it wasnt meant to happen. come on, ill buy you some ho-hos

movie/character/actors please :D
hmmmm....what to tell you....
well its from the mid/early 90s. and heres a line that is frequently repeated by an other character (not 1 or 2): sshhhuuuuusshhhh!!!! :D
yet another movie I couldn't stand but remember word for word

Encino Man
Sean Astin as Dave,
Pauly I couldn't act to save my life Shore as Stonie
yeppers! and i love this movie! i throw it on when im in the mood for mindless comedy. :lol: but thats just the kind of person i am, i dont really like movies that require thought
Here goes one of my fav quotes from one of my favorite movies!

C1: C2, C2,C2! Don't be such a cliche! C2, try and be a cut above!

Hint: C2 isn't really a character......let's just consider C2 as an.....extra or piece of the set.
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