Movie Quote Game

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C1: The Caller
Film: Phone Booth

It was said to Colin's Firth character by Keifer Sutherland I believe.

C1: Um, the 7-Eleven, right? You take a penny from the tray.
C2: From the crippled children?
C1: No, that's the jar. I'm talking about the tray, the pennies for everybody.

Just the film and characters but you can name the actors if you like :).
I answered this movie before :) The movie is Office Space, C1:peter C2:Joanna. I know that Joanna is Jennifer Anniston but I have no clue what the guys name is. :rolleyes:
Yep, you got it. I think the actors name is Ron Livingston(sp) and I remember him from his stint on S&TC. Anyway, it's your turn.
Here's my quote:

C1-Remember, a real show, in a real theater, with a real audience. And you'll be...
C2-A real actress.

What movie is this quote from and who are the characters?
ok, weve got a lot of characters in this one!

c1: im a drug dealer
c2: i bury dead people
c3: i have a single digit sperm count
c4: and im a naked cheater. i say we go for it

movie and names of those characters :D
C1: James Lennox(Peter Outerbridge)
C2: Neil Bucyk(James Allodi)
C3: Eddie Strombeck(Jed Ress)
C4: Chris Cutter(Paul Gross)

Film: Men With Brooms
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