Movie Quote Game

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ok, just watched this movie so lets give it a try:

c1: i have a fifth sense
c2: what do you mean?
c1: its like i have ESPN or something
C1: Karen Smith(Amanda Seyfried)
C2: Cady Heron(Lindsay Heron)
Film: Mean Girls(2004)

I frigging love this film :lol:
As soon as I saw the quotes I instantly remembered the film & characters right away :lol:. It's such a classic & like the new Clueless. Anyway, here's the new set of quotes:

C1: You have really kind eyes, you know that?
C2: Thanks. Umm... your hat has sequins.
This game seems to have gone a little off track. :lol:

Astrid the aim of the movie game is that, whoever correctly guesses the movie quote supplies the next quote and so on. :)

As this thread has reached 1000 posts, I'm going to lock it now and I'll have the new thread up and running in a moment.

So if Fool4love supplies the next quote in the new thread and we'll continue on. :)

New thread located here.
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