Movie Quote Game

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Okay, I'm gonna have to go with Clerks, but I don't know the names of the characters. I'll say, one of them was the convenience store guy and the other one was the video store guy. :D
Hey, this looks like a fun game. Too bad I'd totally suck at it. The only movies I can quote from are The Princess Bride and, um... *thinks* maybe Evel Knievel by now! :lol:

Just kidding -- but I'm really not that good at movies. I may lurk for a bit. :)
Sweet! Just name the characters and film but it'll be a bonus if you can name the actors:

C1: What am I gonna do in New York?
C2: ...Be with me.
Okay, cool... I'll go then...

C1: Has no one any consideration for my nerves?
C2: I have every consideration for your nerves, my dear, as they've been my constant companion for the last twenty years.


ETA: Hmmmmmm.... is it something I said? :confused: It seemed busier here before I started playing. :rolleyes:
Sry, board wouldn't let me answer this a.m. then I had to go to work

C1 is Mrs. Bennett played by Brenda Blithyn (sp?)
C2 is Mr. Bennett played by Donald Sutherland

Movie is Pride & Prejudice
Ooooo, fan of 24 here, and the movie is 1969 with Keifer Sutherland whose character is Scott.
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