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Yeah I meant if Mac hadn't fired her the way he did she would still have been a CSI and she wouldn't have gone undercover to try and catch DJ Pratt! She made her own decision though thinking about it and you can't blame Mac though as what Aiden did was wrong!
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Just a thought, Aiden pursued Pratt (full-time?) while waiting for her PI licence. So she might have pushed him into a corner that was why he had to kill her. If Aiden was still CSI, she would be busy with other cases to go after him and only him. At least, she wouldn't be alone in her quest to put Pratt away.

As for Mac. I know he probably had regrets.

I started watching Season 1 again. I especially love "Hush" where she & Danny were clowning around. I really miss Aiden. I'm sorry but I just can't get used to Lindsey.
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I'm sure Aiden would've been to busy to go after Pratt, however I wonder would she still go after him or would she not bother with it until she got more evidence or something?

*sighs* I dunno.

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Of course Aiden would be more busy, if she was a CSI still. Nevertheless I think in this case Pratt would still be her main-case.
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Hiya meow welcome! We hope you have a great time here :D

I'm sure Aiden would've been to busy to go after Pratt, however I wonder would she still go after him or would she not bother with it until she got more evidence or something?

*sighs* I dunno.

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I don't think Mac feels guilty for Aiden't death, either. He may feel a little guilty on having fired her like that, and maybe now he would change it if he could, but I think deep inside he knows that was the right thing to do. No one, no matter the reasons, can compromise and change evidence like she did, as much as they want to and know that the suspect is guilty. So Aiden did it, she had to be fired, I suppose. Everyone else would have had the same punishment.
Anyway, if she was still a CSI she wouldn't have been so focused on Pratt, and probably he wouldn't have had killed her.
So, and much as this is so hard for me to tell, probably Aiden's death was more her fault than anyone elses. :rolleyes: Well, except for Pratt, of course, he is the only one really guilty for it...But if we consider that her death could be avoided, than I think Aiden would have been the only one able to do that, if she hadn't become so obcessive with the whole case. :rolleyes:
But she was just doing what she thought was the right thing, putting herself in danger to not let him free, and she eventually did it. Not just the way she was expecting at first, but she did it anyway. And I would even say that in the moment she was there with him, about to dye, Aiden wasn't that regretful for everything she did after being fired, as she then knew that there was now the chance to nail him, so she got it ;)
Afterall, she died, but she did what she really wanted to. And even though it was not in a normal way, if it wasn't her intellingence, he could still be free, so I think the fact that she died for her cause shows us how Aiden was persistent and strong, and how she wouldn't give up on her objective ;)
@Dani, I´m afraid I cannot agree you totally. Please remember Mac prefered "to repair" the reputation of the lab than to take clear position for one of his investigators.

That´s toughness at wrong time to me. :D
^^Yeah, I know, I just thought that was what he was supposed to do. I don't really know, but I thought he had to do that, I mean, he couldn't let a CSI manipulate the evidence. Then people could question the integrity of the lab in every case. But I also understand your point. Though I think in this case Mac really had to do something, even though we all know it must have been so difficult for him. But maybe he could have just give her suspension or something. I don't know the rules of the lab, to be honest, and in that moment, as hard as it was for me, I thought that was the only choice Mac had. Maybe he thought the same way.
Right. There´re different perspectives to think about Macs decission. Know what?

Actually I rather wonder how Pratt could trap Aiden so easily. I mean... if somebody tries to set me on fire I´d fight as hell, but I´m afraid Aiden did by far not fight till her last drop of blood.

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As you can tell from my sig, I miss Aiden dearly. I love a woman who can stand up for herself, be tough and compationate, dedicated and intesnse and above all, never let anyone push her around. She was my ideal woman T_T.
As for Mac, I don't think he feels guilty or responsible, but he definately feels sorry. Maybe even like he let her down. I think the kind of guy Mac is, is the kind that doesn't go 'I should've done this', but the kind that says 'I wish it could've been different'.
now, I can only imagine the turmoil Danny went through with Lindsay. Now that D/L seems to be very cannon, we are 'forced' to accept that he's moved on, but I don't think it would've come easy. At least I hope it didn't. I wish they'd shown him trying to cope with the loss, moving on and finding Lindsay.
Aiden was such a brilliant character, and Vanessa did such an amazing job at portraying her. I bought the first season, just for her (and to annoy my roommate). I miss her very very very much! T_T