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A change of topic, sorry, but I get so upset with posts in some of the other CSI threads. TPTB have made WP the only one who counts in the Las Vegas franchise and have inferred that MH's character is not strong enough to be a leader. People grow as their offices change. Cat has gone through some toughening and growing experiences over the last few seasons. And, Hello, will the whole cast line up; now, will everyone who has ever won an individual acting emmy step forward; what, only you Marg (Supporting Actress, China Beach)? Okay; how about individual acting emmy noms; what, you again, Marg? Yes, she's that good, so what's the issue? Sexism? If Kyra Sedgewick, Patricia Arquette, Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, Mary McCormick and Jill Hennessy have characters that can lead a show, why can't a female CSI lead the cast of Las Vegas? Okay, I've had my rant. Now, do you guys think I ought to move this chess piece out onto one of the more all-inclusive Las Vegas threads. Sorry, if I jumped in without any lead in. Hope you guys don't mind.
I couldn't agree more. I LOVE Billy Petersen (and Jorja Fox and Gary Dourdan, and hell, the WHOLE CAST), BUT I am really sick of reading entry after entry that makes it sound as if CSI will cease to exist with Petersen's exit. It's a loss, for sure, but Helgenberger could more than assume the lead AND it makes sense for her character to do so. That said, I do hope that Billy and Jorja make appearances often enough to keep us GSR fans happy.
Off Topic: I think thats a big problem too, among these boards and with TPTB, saying things like you hope Petersen and Fox will make appearances to make the GSR fans happy. I wish Jorja and Billy will appear, as their characters, with proper story lines, not neccissarily together, but as separate characters. They are more than GSR.
On Topic: As for Marg, she's totally getting ripped off. They barely give her any screen time. She'll have one good strong episode, and then for weeks after she'll have like 5 minutes, or a brief hallway scene or something. She deserves way more than that, given her status in hollywood. I'm sure there are directors and producers and writers who would give their right arm to have her in their shows/movies.
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Off Topic:They are more than GSR.
I can't agree more. I'm sad that the only thing a lot of people see in them is GSR. They're so much more than that. I like both Billy and Jorja as actors and I wish them the best, but I'm not dying to see them back on the show. In my opinion, when you move on, you move on. Of course it could be nice to see them back occasionally, but it will depend on the storylines, I think.

On Topic: Despite that I think Marg is, no doubt, fine enough to carry the show, I actually don't mind a new male character. Part of the reason that got me hooked to the show was the chemistry between Catherine and Grissom. I'm not talking about a romantic relationship here but a wonderful partnership. They used to have one of the best working relationships on TV and as much as I love Catherine, I do believe that there are things about her that need to be balanced out by a character that is different from her and is her equal. Maybe it's just me...I don't think anyone left on the show can serve as her equal except the Doc and Brass, but they aren't CSIs. If TPTB and the writers can handle the new character well and bring back that chemistry, I don't think I'll mind him.

Of course you wouldn't hear me complain if they just dropped the idea of bringing in a new male character and made Catherine the sole lead, but tbh I don't really trust TPTB's ability in dealing with Catherine-heavy episodes, not to mention a Catherine-heavy show. Again, I guess it will depend on what/how they do it with her.

I do agree with everyone saying Marg has been robbed off, though. She is so much more than what they show on TV. I think they're lucky that she agreed to stay for two more seasons and I hope they seize the chance.
I love the idea of a new, brilliant, equal-in-strength male character to offset Cat, but I just think he doesn't have to be the boss. TPTB seem only to look for male major bosses. I 'm lucky enough to have spent a number of years working in organizations headed by two of the most brilliant, powerful and respected women in government, so I don't have Hollywood's apparent problem with this issue.
I agree that Marg has been robbed off. I don't understand how they can do it. I hope that they give her the sole lead, but in reality, I guess it won't happen. I agree that no-one except maybe Brass would be her equal, but I would like to see Nick as her right hand man, her second, like she was to Grissom in the earlier seasons. But I don't know really. I think that TPTB should be thrilled that Marg is staying on for two more seasons, and they should give her what she deserves i.e. being the show's lead. I think she could do it. No problem. But we'll see.
Catherine is still a supervisor as far as I can remember so I hope TPTB wouldn't demote her once they hire Grissom's replacement..
I read in the news section that the new male character will be a professor and then later will turn into a CSI, so as a newbie maybe he will be under Catherine's supervision.
I completely agree with you all, I wish we'd see more of Catherine. She has been neglected these past couple of seasons. I think I read somewhere (or was it from Marg's own interview) that Marg's salary is much, much lower than Mr. Petersen's. But TPTB are no doubt, getting more than their money's worth. (as evidenced by her noms for her role as Catherine Willows and her loyalty to CSI lol hey she signed for 2 more seasons) The least they could do is give her character a decent storyline.
I read the replies to my comment that I hope Billy and Jorja occasionally come back enough to keep us GSR fans happy. Just to clarify (though I'm not sure why I care so much about what people I don't know think I think): I agree that Billy and Jorja are more than GSR. Their characters are interesting individually.

It also occurred to me that maybe TPTB aren't actually getting ready to ignore Marg's character; there is nothing specific, as far as I know, that tells us that Catherine isn't going to assume leadership of the lab. We only know that new characters are coming on, not necessarily that they assume the roles of the characters that are leaving. Maybe everyone (including me) needs to take a chill pill.
I'm sorry if it seemed so, but I wasn't making that comment directly to you, or your words, it was in response to everyones opinion, including TPTB, about Jorja and Billy's characters.

And I can only hope that they don't push Cath to the side with this new guy. Maybe if she does supervise him as the "newbie", that will make for some interesting stories, and atleast give Marg someone new to play off of.
Okay how about to play it safe we leave the GSR in the SC forum, I get where you all were going there, and I am pretty sure that there would have been no problems, other then the slight confusion of it being a Marg/Cath thread and having a Billy/Jorja (Sara/Grissom) discussion. :p
We did install Marg/Catherine stuff in our posts, though. :lol: Anyway sorry for that. Back on topic yay!

Well, I know that the spoilers told us this new male character will eventually work his way to be the supervisor, but they didn't say when. Hmmm in the 11th season after Marg/Catherine leaves the show maybe? :lol: Hottie is right, Catherine is still a supervisor. Even if the new guy is going to be a supervisor, they can co-supervise the team, like Grissom and Catherine have been doing since Catherine was back to the night shift, and this time Catherine might be the actual boss - taking over the role from Grissom. I don't know, we'll see. :D
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Yeh, maybe Catherine can sort of help 'train' him up, and then he can co-supervise with her, eventually taking over, but with Catherine being the 'real' boss up until then. I guess that's what i'd like to see, Catherine as the main supervisor no matter what though, otherwise, they're just not respecting her enough as a character, or Marg for staying on i guess.
I would expect that when Marg signed for her new multi-year contract, these issues were discussed. Billy P's intentions must have been known to all parties by then. I doubt that she (and her agents) would been satisfied with her being stuck in a diminished role.
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