Marg/Catherine #7.0 ~ Totally Thud Worthy

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That, or maybe with Billy gone, maybe they gave Marg a nice, hefty, well deserved pay-raise, which might be why she signed for two years instead of one. Hell, she should be getting the big bucks (well biggER lol) now that she'll essentially be the lead.
At this point, I don't think Marg would care much for the $$$ because she has earned what I will never get my entire life in the past eight years, and even if she left the show, she'd still earn from the residues from the reruns of CSI and the sold CSI merchandises. I think she's more concerned about Catherine's character development. We all know that she was considering leaving the show in early season 7. After Billy's intention was revealed to the cast and the crew, though, I think she probably saw a chance for Catherine after Grissom's departure. Plus I'm pretty sure that TPTB must have given her a raise to keep her since she will be the only "star" of the show. However, if there was only a raise and no talks about good plots for Catherine, I doubt she would renew her contract.
Totally agree with you Erica. When I heard first time that Billy's leaving the show I thought - big chance for Catherine. I'm truly believe that Marg's character should be the new boss of the crime lab. And honestly nothing can change my opinion. I really want woman as a boss and Catherine is just perfect to do that job. And I'm sure that Marg will get much more money. Hmm... TPTB must give much more money not only for her but also George Eads (I really want to mention Eric Szmanda, but I can't 'cause we know nothing). Both are stars of the show so there's no other way. When Billy's leaving they must keep them.

So I want in next season good plots for Catherine (and her as a boss, no other options!;)). I don't like thoughts about this new guy... so I'm not thinking about it. I'll stay in my little cocoon with all good scenarios:D
I think that it's important to try and keep all of the remaining original cast now that 3 have/are leaving within the space of 1 season.

I think that TPTB are mad if they don't give Catherine the role that she deserves. It's obvious that even Marg didn't think that Catherine has had the greatest development over the past couple of years, but hopefully season 9 will change that, and, well, I'm sure Marg has discussed it with TPTB and, as you say Erica , I don't think money matters to her anymore, but I'm sure that they've got to have given her reassurance that Catherine will get the stories she deserves!
Shane just told me that there is a mention of Marg in the new TV Guide. She is the 10th highest paid primetime TV actor now with $375 000 per episode while Billy Petersen ranks #2 with $600 000 per episode. She ranks #4 in actresses, but technically she is second because Mariska and the Simpson girls all get $400 000. lol.
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Thanks for posting. I think that's interesting, because I didn't think she got that much, but, in comparison to Billy Petersen, that's nothing. I wonder if she'll get more when he leaves? I mean, compared to most actresses then, she does get quite a lot, but deserves every cent I say.
^ Yeah. I think that's probably the record until last season. I really don't think what's in their new contracts would be exposed so soon. She sure gets a lot, but I agree with you. She deserves every cent, and even more when Billy is gone. :)
Would Marg be getting less money that Billy because Billy's a producer?

That being said, Marg still deserves more.
I remember Marg talking about this a few years ago on the Howard Stern show, saying that in Showbiz, men are generally paid more than women. So he would have been getting a higher salary anyway, and then on top of that, he's a producer, so it increases even more.
For those who haven't known about it yet, Marg is on the cover of the fall 2008 edition of Healthy Living magazine. There are two pics and an article. A member in our Marg community, iconraven, typed up the article for the Marg fans. You can read it here. And Shane scanned the pages, too. :)
Thanks guys! *goes off to read*. I love new Marg stuff. Articles, pics, it's great:)

Read... I couldn't eat some of the stuff she does, apart from the cookies...

Thanks again guys :D
Wow....I eat almost the same foods as Marg. That's new.

Although that breakfast thing doesn't sound too good to me. Rice milk?
It doesn't taste like liquid rice if that's what you're thinking lol.
I love that she eats healthy, but she can also admit to indulging in treats every now and then. I soooo don't have her will power
What is rice milk? I guess it's good she has the willpower to eat healthily, and I guess it adds to how she looks so fantastically gorgeous. I'm with you kc_from_kc, I don't have her willpower!
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