Marg/Catherine #7.0 ~ Totally Thud Worthy

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Welcome to Marg/Catherine #7.0 ~ Totally Thud Worthy!
This is the discussion thread for our beloved Marg :)
Please do not post any images in here, do it in the picture thread instead.

As for Totally Thud Worthy, I don't think it should explained much, it's kind of obvious: Marg/Catherine is totally *thud* worthy :devil:

The basic rules of the Marg/Catherine threads (it's not me, I swear, it's Destiny and TallyHo! :p)
-please try to stay under the PG-13 line
-please do not discuss Marg's bodyparts

Do not even try, because all of her bodyparts break the PG-13 line and you know that :devil: So please try to stay away of getting warned.


Links unavailable due to clean up: Part/s 1 - 6
Congratulations on the new thread! *throws confetti*
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yay for the new thread.

*opens champaigne bottle*... oh wait, i'm not 21 *pops sparkling jice bottle*... doesn't have the same ring
oh well

congrats! yay for marness! she be hot and such

Lets bring these over here from the previous thread...

Marg is on the cover of More Magazine-October 2007 issue


Marg's gonna be on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 12:35am on CBS.

The last time she was there she talked about Weeping Willows and also talked about why she let Alan sleep on the couch, lol.. it was a lot of fun to watch so Im looking forward to her appearance on Craig Ferguson next week.
wow, that's an interesting perspective on it. i wonder if marg feels that way about their "affair" as it's called, or if she thinks CAth would feel that way. ...

thanks for the link!
Thanks for the link Anne! :D
I have yet to see all the interviews, was Marg the only one who was asked about you-know-what?

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday Destiny! :D
OMG I missed it! *is ashamed* Happy Birthday Destiny :D

Marg wasn't the only one asked about you-know-what. I've only watched the Marg and Louise interviews, but I found Marg's interview about you-know-what so intriguing that I had to share it.
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