Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

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Well, at least I don't have to start watching a new show. But I do want to see Louise in something. It would be awesome to see her in CSI again!
She may not be on the spin-off, but it's possible that she may appear in the original NCIS. They made a point of the fact that she has a past with Gibbs, so she could appear on NCIS as his love interest or something in the future. :) Keeping my hopes up for that one. :D
Well, at least I don't have to start watching a new show. But I do want to see Louise in something. It would be awesome to see her in CSI again!

Those were my thoughts exactly. I really miss seeing her. Come to think of it, I still haven't watched the second part of her NCIS appearance.
It was awesome. And she was hot. And awesome.

The character had a bit of snark. Louise does awesome with characters that have snark - Evie and Sofia both had it. RAWR.
Hi all
Well, I also hope fervently that she'll do a successful show;), but I don't see her on CSI anymore. Mind you, I would be happy about it, but she wasn't written out properly, they acted without much care for her part so I don't think there is much love between the two parts. I also think that it wouldn't be a wise move to return to a show that has lost much of its greatness (but that's only my point of you so it doesn't really count ;)). What makes a show outstanding is not only good stories, but great actors and acting. For me it wouldn't ring true if Sofia would come back, but I would embrace her gladly as I do everything she does ;). My two cents, nothing much. Let's hope she'll work on a successful show or/ and movie. Take care

Well if IMDB is any good source (and they can be at times) under Louise Lombard it states

Clock Tower (2010) (in production) .... Sandi
A woman is tormented by an evil that has haunted her family for generations, but the only man who believes her is the psychiatrist she meets in a mental institution. Together they must find the source of her family's damnation and then fight for their lives, until the curse is finally laid to rest.
Ah yes, I remember! But wasn't that old news? :confused: Anyhow, let's hope for a good and successful movie and to see her more on TV.

From EW.com Ausiello:

Question: What's the deal with Louise Lombard's exit from NCIS: Los Angeles? I thought she was great. Are they recasting the character, or making a new one entirely? --Amy

That's TBD. My guess? They'll introduce a new character. And as far as why Lombard got the boot, I hear Macy didn't test well with viewers.
It's sad hearing that Louise possibly didn't test well with the groups. :( I'm hoping now though that this is an opportunity for her to return to CSI and bring back Sofia Curtis! :devil:
Well they did say it was the character, not Louise. So maybe it wasn't Louise's fault at all, but rather people didn't like the character.
GREAT NEWS: Louise Lombard is returning to CSI!!!

"Though there have been some casting changes since last season’s episode -- Louise Lombard will return to her previous role on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” rather than stick with the new series -- the characters and plots are strong enough to promise a solid new series."

Full article here
Sofia is coming back from Twilight Zone , nice! I wish we could see her in Warrick's funeral too. I always wanted to see how Sofia would react about McKean. Anyway now she is back :cool:
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