Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

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Yes! At least now with Riley gone there'll be at least one strong female character on the show. And I always loved the experience Sofia brought to the scene.
Sofia is coming back from Twilight Zone , nice! I wish we could see her in Warrick's funeral too. I always wanted to see how Sofia would react about McKean. Anyway now she is back :cool:

I agree about McKeen. Especially since there was apparently a b-plot that got scuttled involving Sofia and McKeen.
WOW :hugegrin:! Sorry, but really awesome news! At this point with Sofia being on the show I can return to watch it. I was an avide fan from the start, but with 3 leading actors going away and all, I didn't watch it with the same interest. Hope the show can regain some balance and intensity. Thanks for the news, take care

Did anyone else catch Sophie on NCIS last night? I was surprised but happy with her performance...I personally think she looks much better on CSI, preferably next to Brass...They work well together.
how amazing! i actually found myself missing Sofia. she grew on me but i never hated her like many fans did either. i can't wait for her to interact with Sara. :)
Does that mean that Sara will return to the show? Would be so cool to see both together ;).

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I don't have a clue, but living on the other side of the world will do that :guffaw: to you being always out of the loop or the most important news ;) and I really only know the things I know about what LL is doing because you share always those great news with me, so thanks. I went surfing yesterday trying to get a handle on her CSI appareance and came up empty. But I bet a few here have other good sources so we won't have to wait to much to know about her work schedule. I for myself hope she'll be in every one single episode. They have to make up for almost 2 years and I'm wondering how they'll explain her return and in what role she'll come back. looking forward to it, anyhow, take care

I heard that Jorja Fox will be back for 5 episodes and Louise Lombard for the entire season.

We will see when the season starts :)
Hey guys. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Mike Ausiello of Ask Ausiello answered my question about Louise:

Question: A Canadian paper reported recently that Louise Lombard is set to return to CSI this season. Is this correct? —Anne
It most certainly is not. A CSI insider says it “hasn’t been discussed.”

At least we know for sure now.
Get a petition together and all that even a wesite of sorts that people can see your cause (get info for her agent) contact said agent first to see if she would be interested in returning and why you want to know, and what you want to do. Then if she is interested in returning and the agent like the idea, put it into motion and then send it all to CBS & CSI. It might or might not work, but you can say your tried and LL will know that you tried.

Again though I stress contact the agent to make sure LL is interested in returning even if its to explain why she hasn't been there, and if its one appearance where she is going next (ie promotion, transfere, etc).

If you do the petition you can post a link in here with no problem. ;)
well Ausiello has been wrong more than once before. ;) i wouldn't treat his opinion as 100% accurate and rather wait for some news from a more reliable source.
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