Louise/Sofia: A Lady With Attitude Part IV

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Welcome to our newest thread honoring the wonderful world of Louise Lombard - aka Sofia Curtis on CSI.

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So sit back, and spread the Louise love!

Here's a question I'd love to see everyone answer:

What made you such a big fan of Sofia in the first place??
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We love our Louise! Thread #4 baby! :D :D

And to kick it off, here is a photo of her and some friends at the UK Premiere of "My Kingdom". In HQ of course. :)

Thanks Destiny. And thanks for letting me open it :D

And yay for all the pics! Good lord that woman is hot.
Hurrah, new thread! :)

I want to christen it with a picture, too.


Let's see, what made me love Louise in the first place? I didn't even really notice her at first. Then, in her fifth or so episode on CSI, it suddenly hit me: Damn, this woman is gorgeous, and her character is interesting. I think it was when she helped Greg lift that fingerprint off the trash bin. In no time, I was absolutely smitten.
Yey, new thread =D

I first loved her, to be honest, when she teased Grissom whilst taking off her dress. I believe the thud I made, as I hit the ground kinda gave away the fact I had a huge crush growing there. So it definitely made me pay a lot of attention to her!
How about a n old picture? I really like this.


And I hadn't seen this before (though I might be the only one). It's her with the director of Claim.

woah, i didn't even recognize her w/ that brown hair
that old pic is gorgeous,...like a 20s movie start or something
i first loved her, honestly, in the bullet runs trhough it episode... when i realized that she wasn't in sara's way... lol.
i've adored her ever since, even in the reruns where i first resented her
Whoa! Love that pic of her with the director. Her eyes are sparkeling.

I still love the blonde hair, but her natural brown is rapidly growing on me.
Congratulations from me too and WOW, what a woman :eek:
She is beautiful, blonde or dark, it doesn't matter and thanks for all the pics!!!
I was intrigued by her the moment she stepped in that elevator and after that did the mini streaptease in front of Gil :D .
From that point on I loved her strenght, her coolness, her smirk and the air of supreme confidence she exuded.
And she had a radiance about herself that was captivating. But what intrigued me the most then and now is the combination of beauty and strenght, sharp mind and compassion, a though lady with a soft heart!! And let's not forget her John Wayne walk :D and the toothpick!!
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