Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

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^Eh, it doesn't sound like he and Anna would hang out in RL. I'm sure it's not meant as an insult.

It is kind of a shame what's happened to Danny's character this season. The storylines just aren't as exciting for him, and I do think what a lot of people feared would happen if the show went ahead and hooked him up with Lindsay has come to pass. He just isn't getting exciting storylines or even lines of dialogue anymore--it's more of the same stupid Montana crap.

Still, I have high hopes for the Shane Casey storyline! I hope it's good for Danny.
Someone asked for a full transcript of the chat, so I went through and condensed it so it's just the questions and answers - I made a few edits (switched 'finally' for 'finale', spelled guinea pig correctly :p and spelled Curb Your Enthusiasm correctly - that's the only ones I can think of off the top of my head). I didn't change anything that was said, although I did edit the order a bit so the questions were grouped with the right answers. :)

Since it's long and has a bit of spoilery stuff for tonight's episode (and something related to the finale), I'll put it in a spoiler box:

Live Q&A Chat with Carmine Giovinazzo of CSI: NY! Wed. Mar. 3rd, 2010

: Hey everybody. Welcome to's Q&A Chat with Carmine Giovinazzo! Carmine will be by shortly, so get those questions and comments sent in now! Please note that all comments are subject to moderation and not all comments will be published.

Carmine Giovinazzo: Hello from a backyard in the Hollywood Hills

Lauren: On set who is...
the grumpiest in a morning?
the funniest?
the most professional?

Carmine Giovinazzo
: I'm the grumpiest in the morning and Gary is always the most professional.

: Hi Carmine! I was just wondering what was your favourite episode from this year?

Carmine Giovinazzo
: The one I wrote, since I learned about and was involved in all aspects of the show. It was a moment of respect for all that goes into an episode and such satisfaction from working with everyone toward one common goal. Fantastic.

Maddy: As someone who has personally experienced the pain and hardship of fighting to walk again, I was impressed with how you portrayed Danny's struggle. How did you prepare for such a complex arc from sadness and giving up to that anger and determination to fight the pain and walk again?

Carmine Giovinazzo: I've had many ailments of my own for one.
I prepared for weeks before in the wheelchair.
The rest of the cast and supporting characters helped alot.
It's what an actor's a focus that is both dizzying and liberating

: Hey Carmine, I'm a HUGE fan of yours. I have a few questions for you. Does working on a crime oriented show make you look at real life crimes differently? I mean you deal with machines and techniques that supposely tell the truth. My next question is, do you hang out with any of the cast members offset? If so, who and how often?

Carmine Giovinazzo: Yes. Also growing up in a family of cops has made me see it differently for a long time now.
Eddie, AJ Hil and I are all very close friends. Gary and Melina too but they don't have time to hang as much as we do, offset.

sarah: Carmine i named my guinea pig after you :)

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Your guinea pig is awesome

Robin (Netherlands): If you could pick one character to be other then Danny who would it be and why?

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Mac Taylor. Because we are so different.


Carmine Giovinazzo: Make sure you eat though.

Brooklyn: Do you have any projects with Ceesau in the works?

Carmine Giovinazzo: Mikey drums just picked us up a new drum set! We are changing the sound and working out songs right now. Trying very hard to focus on pushing out a new record!

: Carmine, so are we going to see more of danny and lindsay screen time soon. i love CSI NY and Danny and Lindsay are my favorite.

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Yes Danny and Lindsey are doing great. The Baby is great. But...I can tell you all..there will be a cliffhanger involving us in the FINALE this year!

Mel: In what ways are you similar to your character? In what ways are you different?

Carmine Giovinazzo: Similar that we're both from New York. Not so similar in that he's much smarter than I am.

Melissa: what is your favourite tv show to watch at the moment?

Carmine Giovinazzo: Curb Your Enthusiasm, at that moment.

: I just love watching Danny/Flack scenes. There is such a great dynamic between those two characters & let's not forget that sexy New York accent you both have ;). Would you say there is also such a dynamic between Eddie and you off screen?

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Yes, Eddie and I have been dating since season 3.

: Would you change anything about your character if you could?

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Not a thing. He's been interesting for me since the first episode.

: How do you stay in such great shape for the show?

Carmine Giovinazzo
: I have a little bee that keeps me eating healthy and my parents passed on some healthy genes.

Sinsi: Describe your personality using a fruit or vegetable.

Carmine Giovinazzo
: I'm an Artichoke, I get better as you peel away the layers.

: Hi Carmine what happened to the glasses? I loved the glasses

Carmine Giovinazzo
: I'm wearing them now.

: Love you how Danny has grown over the years and you have had some really good story arcs. How do you think fatherhood will or has changed Danny

Carmine Giovinazzo: All my priorities have shifted, which can sometimes cause important things to fall through the cracks, stay tuned.

Ted: Tell us about this week's episode!

: whats going to happen tonight?!

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Zach, a great writer, has delivered once again, a unique script. It's a funny and puzzling ride. You're going to get a great array of suspects...little people, cab drivers, drug dealers and young college philosophers. You'll have fun with this one. It's also quite bloody.

: Greetings from Mexico, Carmine! If it came to a point where you had to choose between being an actor, being a musician and being a graphic artist (mearing your paint work), which one would you choose and why?

Carmine Giovinazzo: Couldn't choose. They're all a part of one large picture. They each are spawned from a such a different place yet the same.

: What would be your dream role?

Carmine Giovinazzo: Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver.

Joan: Do you have any hints about what Danny will be facing later in the season? Will he find his badge?

Carmine Giovinazzo: I sure hope so, 'cause I need that thing If I plan on making any more arrests.

: if you had to pick a song that described your character perfectly what would it be??

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Gosh, I've been stumped. You guys need to figure that one out.

: It's a hard life - Queen?

Jan Ove
: probably something from the Who :p

: Hmm, good song for Danny...Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire," maybe?

Carmine Giovinazzo
: Ring of fire. NICE

Linda from Paris
: hi and good evening from Paris! do you think acting makes you explore and music & painting make you express feelings ?

Carmine Giovinazzo: That's exactly what's happening.

Ryan: Who was you favourite guest star or stars?

Carmine Giovinazzo: There have been many. My cousin Larry, playing my brother.

: Hi Carmine! I have two questions,Who would you like to work with who you haven't with yet? And what kind of music do you like?

Carmine Giovinazzo: I'd like to work with John Cassavettes. And I like music that's good, so there is no particular genre.

: Ok, I think we have time for 1 more Q.

Jordan Caine
: Who or what inspired you to become an actor?

Carmine Giovinazzo: The loss of playing baseball put me in a place of starting over. It was one of the few other things I found fascinating.

nilla_chelle01TVdotcom: Thanks to Carmine for stopping by and sharing his time with us. Thanks to everyone for making this such an great chat. Don't forget to watch tonight's new ep of CSI: NY on CBS!

Carmine Giovinazzo
: You folks are unbelievable. You have no Idea how much it means that you take the time and are interested. Be creative and have fun and be nice.
Some of the comments from people were even better than this answers. "I LOVE CSI: NY MORE THAN FOOD" and "I named my guinea pig after you." :lol: Where do they find these people? That's awesome.
That's great that it can be stored some of those are priceless, like hte what fruit would you be?

I was dissapointed though, I tried to comment 3 times but it didn't go through! I kept asking what his thoughts would be if they had added a gay character.
Damn, totally missed the chat! :scream: But the questions and answers were awesome! I loved what he said about Eddie and him :lol: Probably my favourite answer from the chat!

He totally intrigued me with his comments on what's next on CSI:NY!!! :eek: I enjoyed this week's episode VERY MUCH. It definitely is one of my personal favourites of S6 so far. I wonder if all these scenes with Danny and Flack got anything to do with it? :lol:

Also, I watched the interview with Carmine and Anna and was happy to finally get an interview with both and to hear them talk about their characters. Very interesting interview. As much as I don't really like the shipping, I have to agree with what Anna said at the end of the interview : "It's a little bit of life in the science and in the story telling".
Hi thanks very much for posting the interviews Cyn-B-Demented and Faylinn :thumbsup: i also love the answer about Eddie and him :lol: i wonder what Eddie has got to say about it :)
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Thanks for posting the interview Faylinn :) - but what the heck does "I have a little bee that keeps me eating healthy..." mean? Is that an L.A. colloquialism or what?
All said, he come across as a pretty sweet, funny guy...;).
I would have loved to have watched the chat but I missed it :( Some of the comments were really strange with the guinea pigs and even carmine's with the bee. I wonder who this "bee" is that keeps him eating healthy:wtf::devil:
On a different note, I wonder whats in store for Danny in the finale. It does sound like it has the potential to be a good end to the season, but it depeneds on how the writers handle it. Will they go with a Lindsay/baby kidnapping, or will it be even more Danny centered?
IMO, I don't really want to see a Lindsay/baby kidnapping. I would like to see why shane targets Danny and what his motives are :)
Day late and a dollar short (and tho I've meandered in from time to time I don't think I've ever posted in here), but thanks for putting up the transcript of Carmine's chat. Very fun. ("Your guinea pig is awesome" :lol:).
I think more of the cast should do these kind of chats. I know that time can be an issue but it's always nice to hear from them :). It seems that Carmine is usually the one that does them-Not that I'm complaining....:devil: it's nice to know what he thinks about Danny and the series :D
Thanks for posting the interview :)
Lol, I've never posted in here, but I had to mention this: saw a rerun of the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer today ("Welcome to the Hellmouth"), and totally recognized the guy with Darla in the opening teaser! :lol::lol: It was funny because I've seen that ep plenty of times, and only just made the connection that it was Carmine; does anyone know how old he was when that episode was shot?
I watched that episode 4 times and still can't tell which one Carmine was. can anyone tell me?

he was the one that openend the window to get into the school with darla , and then she kill him at the begining of episode and then he ended up in the locker in the girls changing room .
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