Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

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Here what I found on Twitter send by Brendanakai to Mickael Brasic to Ceesauband

@ceesauband as carmine will busy in his wedding in apr,will the release date of new CEESAU album be delayed?

We are in May now so I think we can officialy congrats both of them. I'm really happy for them. Vanessa and Carmine are a really cute couple.
Ooooh... scandalous! :lol: Sometimes the Hollywood gossip is so funny. It doesn't seem like Vanessa and Carmine are going for some big PR blitz wedding since their engagement wasn't even announced in the gossip mags, so it sounds like this "whose wedding will make the bigger splash!" could be bunk. But NY is on hiatus right now, so maybe they'll get married before the show comes back.

We're almost ready for Locker Room #19--does anyone have a title suggestion?
Well it all happens in Hollywood it seems...

Seriously, I didn't even know Carmine was engaged so unless it was a huge story in the US that didn't make it across the pond, I don't see how Megan Fox could steal their thunder when there kinda wasn't any to steal in terms of press and the like.

Anyway, best of luck to them for whenever they decide to get married.
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