Locker Room #18: Danny/Carmine: Welcome to the Insane Asylum!

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Lol, I've never posted in here, but I had to mention this: saw a rerun of the first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer today ("Welcome to the Hellmouth"), and totally recognized the guy with Darla in the opening teaser! :lol::lol: It was funny because I've seen that ep plenty of times, and only just made the connection that it was Carmine; does anyone know how old he was when that episode was shot?

23 years old
How many of you will join the chat later? If I get the time difference right, I will join it later. If I don't see you there, I may use your questions and see if we get any answers :)
What U share above really help me a lot, It blow away my wondering ! So thankful !
To follow the story "Carmine is engaged with Vanessa Marcil" :p I don't know for Carmine but Vanessa' best friend Jillian Michaels give somes news about Vanessa on her twitter

Jillian MichaelsOh yeah, to answer your comments about Vanessa and I - we are best friends. Have been for 7 years. She is getting married in April and I am her Maid of Honor. We are not and have never hooked up. Sorry to disappoint.

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[CSI:NY] Carmine Giovinazzo & Eddie Cahill with friends (CBS watch)

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Oh, cool, thanks for the picture, perlnoir! :D

And I agree about the chats. I think they're a great idea and it's awesome Carmine did it as well, like Hill some time ago.

I still didn't watch this Buffy episode, possibly should finally do that. It's always interesting to see the cast members in something else but CSI:NY. A while back I saw the episode from The Guardian in which he was and it also took me a second to realise it was Carmine. :lol:
That shirt makes it looks like Carmine has cleavage. *snicker* :lol: ;)

The pics are great, but when are we going to hear new music from the band? :confused: Wasn't there supposed to be a new song coming out?
yes, us must wait wait wait mdr, they lost one members, perhaps it's because that. Another member arrived.

Mickey and Carmine dolls mdr, Don't look for the resemblance, there is not.





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