Internet Terms Help ~ Updated 16th March 2006

Thanks for the list! :) I know the basic "vocab" (I use *lol*s and *omg*s way too much), but I always had difficulties with the more complicated ones since I'm not a native speaker. Really useful (although too many abbreviations in one post are just annoying imho). (<-- imho : another one I love^^)
I always thought that T_T was like..
Person 1: Your mum is sad.
Person 2: Your mum is a man T_T

^^ Okay, bad examplee buuut

Like..sarcasm? It is hard to explain..
Thanks for the list, I think I've got one that you can add to it :lol:

I'll admit I'm a very clumsy person, I'm always hitting either my elbow, hand, or foot while on the internet and tell who ever I'm talking to that I'm in a lop (lots of pain) :lol:
I despise chatspeak! Even though I use my fair share of the usual ones, but I'd always prefer to spell my words properly, as in the proper english language which is going down the drain with all this chatspeak.

The only weird thing is that when I'm online, people actually ask me why I'm spelling out my words - like it's the strangest thing they've ever seen :lol:
Hey guys i'm not really into internet terms and all that, too many different ones to remember :lol:

Btw could someone tell me what "hotlinking" means please? I haven't a clue :confused:
^Hotlinking is basically when you post an image that's hosted on a website you don't own. It's frowned upon because it uses up the owner's bandwidth, which isn't very pretty.

You should instead upload the image onto a hosting site (like Photobucket, or imageshack). :)

Hope that helps.
Hot linking is directly linking to to an image or someone's art work like off of Photobucket, Image Shack, or Flickr, for eample.

Pretty much taking the direct link and using it other places, this uses up the provided bandwidth. Then the providing services cracks down on the user's account and they get in trouble or have stuff taken awya for using too much space.

Hope this helps, Dan. :thumbsup:
I for one don't like using the short cuts for words, except for a couple like 'lol' 'lmao' and I constantly use 'ftw' on livejournal, which means for the win.
I seriously wonder why lots of people use this "netspeak" stuff...I still prefer to type in "proper English"...probably because I'm a grammar freak:p=.= I mean I use the common ones like LOL, OMG, BRB, etc. but isn't it just easier to type complete words and have everyone understand what you're saying than to memorize a bunch of abbreviations and sometimes have your online friends not know what in the world you're talking about? maybe it's just me...:rolleyes:

R ppl srly this lazy these days?

YES, THEY ARE... *shakes head in disapproval* :scream: :shifty: And they'll get even lazier...:( Might as well have robots do our typing for some of us...jeez...:borg: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :brickwall: :borg:
On Monday, the first rumors concerning a bundle deal for Windows Live services was almost confirmed after Microsoft-Watch reported Microsoft is looking to announce a partnership with one or more companies to include its Live products into their solutions. The publication sustained the main candidates are Gateway, HP and Lenovo, the firms that are going to distribute the Windows Live Toolbar and other utilities meant to provide quick access to the Windows Live Homepage or Live Search. As you might know, another Internet giant, Google, made a partnership with Dell in May 2006 to include their online services into the company's products. The first Dell solution bundled with Google's services was announced late last year, numerous users confirming they bought computers equipped with several products designed by the search giant: Google Desktop, Picasa and the Toolbar for Firefox.
OK I've always learned that LOL is "laughing out loudly", but in my English Business book for this year I had a scheme with lost of abbreviations like these for sms and e-mails. Well LOL was indicated as "lots of love"
Is that right? If so, how can you distinguish them especially on the internet? :lol:
Unfortunately, you can't. While "Laugh out loud" or "Laughing out loud" are the most widely used meanings, says it can also stand for:

Lots of love
Lots of luck
List of links
Little old lady
Loss of life
Language of love
Lack of love
Lowest of low
Laws of life
Learn on-line
Loads of laughs
Lots of lag (on-line gaming)
Life of loan (banking)
Lord oh Lord
Log on later
Land of love
Lips on lips (oooh, I like that one)
Lewd obscene language
Lawyers on-line
Leaning over laughing
Liar of lies

...and about 90 other meanings. I guess it depends upon the context in which it is used. (Or if it comes with a smiley face.)