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Exactly! I'm not a big fan of using "netspeak" so I'd rather type out what I want to say. Plus I'm a stickler for spelling. (I usually get the words right. If not, I type them in microsoft word ^_^)

Oh, I may not like "netspeak", but I do like this smile ---> ^_^
Information Systems Specific Interest Group
Information Systems Special Interest Group
Information Security Special Interest Group
Information System Specific Interest Group

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Hmm, none of those seem relevant to how it was used.
Thankyou anyways, Dy.
Out of curiosity...anyone know why "pwns" = "owns"? That is, a GSR shipper might say "Sara totally pwns Sofia" (no offense to anyone there, just an example!)'s a popular bit of netspeak that seems to be merely a typo, even though now people type it with a 'p' on purpose.

And Ducky I love your avatar :D

OH! Let's not forget, nm can mean "not much" in response to "what's up?"
Im-er 1:whats up?
IM-er 2:nm. u?
Im-er 1:nmhe. (not much here either)

WOW I really loathe netspeak....
I think pwn is just like teh. a typo....except i dont use either..but i do use:
hbu=how 'bout you

thats not really a typo...but i think pwned is...
Question :)

What does "AWOL" mean? I'm pretty sure i have seen some people use it. I've been trying to figure it out but i can't :lol:
it means 'Absent Without Leave', it means like going somewhere and not telling anyone, or going somewhere without permission
I use the regular Lol, lmao, brb and that kinda thing, but only on MSN. I use lol other times as well, but hardly ever anything else.
It really annoys me when people abbreviate EVERYTHING like tuesdaymorning demonstrated. Typos don't bother me all that much except if they're constant.
English is one of my best subjects and it irritates me when people hack it to death by shorting and typo-ing every word.
I mean, I'm 15, and I write in proper English. Same with punctuation and capital letters - it's 3rd grade stuff! :lol:

Right, rant over :lol: :D

Hah, Cordelia. You're right! Everyone thinks teenagers are bad about netspeak, but honestly I'm 13 and my mom's friends are worse about it than I.
I guess it depends how much you use... I mean, if you hang out with people who doesn't use it, like talk on some messenger, you probably don't use it. I used to do it a lot when I started but now... nah, just the common ones (ppl, bbs) and basicly no one on my list uses netspeak. Of course they are mostly older than me :lol: Ok...I have... my friend's brother. He'll turn 30 soon and he is just plain horrible! Most of our convos I have to ask "what?" after every line.

One that I hate the most is to write show character/actor names wrong. Like CSI. There goes Heretio and Haratio etc. I can basicly forgive to foreigners because it can sound like that to them (heh, I'm foreigner myself) but if you see that's not it so goddamn type it right!
Erm... was this the rant thread? :lol:
Can that phrase PWP also mean Plot What Plot? That's what I always thought it meant.

There's also another one that's more a chat one but sometimes is used

AFK=Away from Keyboard (like if you're going out of the room for a minute)
Ah yes, I guess PWP can mean that too... Not sure were the all options given in old "help thread"

I create a new one now and then so the stuff is easier to find :)