Internet Terms Help ~ Updated 16th March 2006

How do you add a top banner to your LiveJournal? Okay, and please don't think I'm stupid. Really, I'm not.
too complicated for me. think i will stick to plain old english.
i use the occasional one like brb or lol but thats mainly when texting.
bloody mobile phones.
A simple one I use pretty often but has zero relevance to anything at the moment is BBT. Bubble tea. Mmm.... *slurps noisily*
pwn/pawn. Means 'own'.

EG:Sara pwns Sofia
Translated:Sara to tally rules over Sofia.

Or is better than her. Or something like that. It is 'own' ina sort of way like when you beat someone at something.
Like:I owned my brother in a videogame

Hope it makes sense now to whoever asked...
It's on my list, as you see in the first post in this thread ;)

But yeah,it's often asked and quite often used.
zippy don't feel so bad that's what I thought when I saw gdr I thought it was refering to Ducky as well. Lol.

I didn't see this one mentioned but I see it on other board so I'll add it. It's just like TPTB but instead when you are ticked some people say TIIC aka those idiots in charge. I have seen this one posted. Just wanted to pass it along.

Take Care,
labgeekluvr said:
Okay, what does *coughs* mean?
That is when you are sneaking in a name or word into a sentence. Sort of similar to, "I won't mention the source's name but his initials are Horatio Caine." So you might say, "The source wishes to remain anonymous *cough* Horatio *cough*."

Kevin Nealon used to do something like that on Saturday Night Live as Subliminal Suggestion Man. As an example, but I made this up, "In the news today, Emily Procter (date me) announced she will continue appearing on Celebrity Poker (strip poker) for another year."
goshhh. internet terms are confussing. i use the basic ones but i stopped because i started using them when i'd write papers and things haha
What does ^_^ mean? and -_-? There's some others that I keep coming across, and I don't know what people are trying to say to me. :lol: :rolleyes: See now I'm trying to find them so I can give more examples, but they're nowhere to be found. :lol:
I feel like an idiot. :rolleyes: :p
They are faces: an eye, a nose or mouth, and another eye. Instead of the sideways emoticons like a wink : or a mouth smiling ) or frowning ( .
:lol: Yeah, I got that much. :p But what do they mean? Like ^_^ looks kind of angry, but peeps don't seem to be angry with their words. lmao
They do look pretty though. :rolleyes: