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Unfortunately, you can't. While "Laugh out loud" or "Laughing out loud" are the most widely used meanings, says it can also stand for:

Lots of love
Lots of luck
List of links
Little old lady
Loss of life
Language of love
Lack of love
Lowest of low
Laws of life
Learn on-line
Loads of laughs
Lots of lag (on-line gaming)
Life of loan (banking)
Lord oh Lord
Log on later
Land of love
Lips on lips (oooh, I like that one)
Lewd obscene language
Lawyers on-line
Leaning over laughing
Liar of lies

...and about 90 other meanings. I guess it depends upon the context in which it is used. (Or if it comes with a smiley face.)
WOW :eek:. Thanks for the answer :thumbsup:
Out of curiosity...anyone know why "pwns" = "owns"? That is, a GSR shipper might say "Sara totally pwns Sofia" (no offense to anyone there, just an example!)'s a popular bit of netspeak that seems to be merely a typo, even though now people type it with a 'p' on purpose.

I think I can help you there, GottaLoveVegas. I'm not sure if this is right though...I hear my friend say this. On the Internet, probably a typo.

Whenever my friend, Zada, likes to rub something she got right I got wrong in my face, she says: "I totally powned you!" (By the way, how do you spell powned?:confused:) Anyways, I think "pown" means "own" ("I totally powned you"="I totally owned you".)

"Pwn" could be a typo, but at the same time, people might be spelling it like that without the "O" on purpose. For example, think how people spell "thanks" on the Internet: "thx", without the "a" and "n". So, "pwn" could be a typo or simply spelled like that in netspeak.

God, I hate netspeak. :rolleyes: Bunch of lazy people on the Net these days. :shifty: Good thing we only use the common ones here. :lol:
Very interesting and informative thread, though it hasn't really had any activity in about a year.

LOL (little old lady)... :lol:

To add onto Miyukiseta, "pwn" is most accepted as meaning...

PWN (verb) 1. An act of dominating an opponent. 2. Great, ingenious; applied to methods and objects. Originally dates back to the days of WarCraft, when a map designer misspelled "Own" as "Pwn". What was originally suppose to be "player has been owned." was "player has been pwned". Pwn eventually grew from there and is now used throughout the online world, especially in online games.
-Urban Dictionary (I usually go here for any netspeak dilemmas I may encounter)​
Very interesting and informative thread, though it hasn't really had any activity in about a year.

LOL (little old lady)... :lol:

Well because it's not really a discussion thread but rather informative what you can check now and then. That's why it's sticky.

But thanks for the input
I remembered another one...

YMM=Your Mileage May Vary

I have a hard time describing it though. Isn't it like your opinion may vary depending how much you've seen or something?

Then we have the actor name short hand...LF,WP,JF,...but why is it used more for some than others? I have noticed that.

Re 'win' that is definately big on LJ. FTW,Made of win,or just plain WIN. Anyone here ever use 'WORD'? That's kind of like 'I agree'.

I see my other post...I realize now that we don't use the chatty ones much. Like POS,AFK,ect.

Oh, did you put IM in there? AIM,YIM...instant messengers. (Yahoo and AOL)MSN IM is usually just MSN.

bff-best friend forever
bf/gf boyfriend/girlfriend
NSFW-Not Safe For Work (referring to mature fanart usually, although that's forbidden here)
I am not sure people just keep saying whm.
Please just tell what you think it could be and I will attempt to apply it to the situation.
Thanks <3