In Plain Sight- Witness. Protection.

It cracked me up when Marshall thought that Lois meant something else when she said she had a fungus growth downstairs. :lol:

Fred Ward was great in his guest spot. And was the barkeeper the same actress who played HRG's wife on Heroes? Looked liked her.
Mary had a 36 hr marriage when she was 19? Wow... didn't expect that.

"You owe me nine dollars for lunch last week so don't get shot and die." :lol: In Mary speak that means, "I care about you, Marshall. You're my best friend and I don't want to lose you, so be safe out there." :lol:

LOL at the old woman "I like him, he has nice hands". :lol:

Eleventeen :lol:

Don't like that Marshall was absent for most of the episode.
Mary had a 36 hr marriage when she was 19? Wow... didn't expect that.

"You owe me nine dollars for lunch last week so don't get shot and die." :lol: In Mary speak that means, "I care about you, Marshall. You're my best friend and I don't want to lose you, so be safe out there." :lol:

LOL at the old woman "I like him, he has nice hands". :lol:

Eleventeen :lol:

Don't like that Marshall was absent for most of the episode.

But when he was there his jealousy was quite obvious.
In Plain Sight

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Network: USA "In Plain Sight

DESCRIPTION: (from USA's press release, March 2010) The most-watched series on basic cable Sundays in 2009 returns on March 31.

IN PLAIN SIGHT stars Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon, a U.S. Marshal working in the highly secretive witness protection program (WITSEC). Her job is to relocate Federal Witnesses, some of whom are career criminals, and some of whom are innocents who had the misfortune of witnessing a crime. But they all have one thing in common - someone wants them dead. Mary's job is to make sure this doesn't happen, while at the same time dealing with her own dysfunctional family.

Cristian de la Fuente as Raphael Ramirez
Fred Weller as Marshall Mann
Lesley Ann Warren as Jinx Shannon
Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon
Nichole Hiltz as Brandi Shannon
Paul Ben-Victor as Stan McQueen
Todd Williams as Bobby D.

Btw Fred's characters name is Marshall yeah he is a US Marshall, whose first name is well Marshall

Both this show and Burn notice run similarly like Monk did when it was on.
If you go to the links provided in this and BN thread both go straight to the shows. ;) Also anyone who wants they can subscribe to that show to get info updates on it.
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You're welcome.

A couple lines I like from the show
Mary: (voiceover) My name is Mary. Today's my birthday. And if I ever run into the son of a bitch that promised me a life of excitement and unlimited opportunity as a U.S. Marshall, I'll shoot off both his kneecaps!

Mary: (To Marshall, who is picking her up at the hospital) You're so sweet.
Marshall: (To the nurse) This won't last.
Mary: (To Marshall) Family just couldn't be bothered, right? What, mom and sis getting two-for-one belly rings? Fiancé giving "how to be gorgeous" lessons to underpriviledged models? Why am I in such a hurry to get home to those people, and leave a place where I can pee lying down?
Marshall: And... she's back!

(in a flashback)
Mary: You know, for a Marshal, you're kind of a puss. Did you sign up for the service just 'cause of the name thing, 'cause I'm not sure that's the best way to choose a career.
Marshall: Family tradition. I'm fifth generation.
Mary: Oh, man. A family of Marshals. Must have been an awkward conversation when you told them you were gay, huh?
Marshall: I'm not... taking the bait. What line of work is your family in?
Mary: Alcoholism and bank robbery.
Marshall: You must be quite the disappointment.
Mary: Mutual.

(in a flashback)
Marshall: (Introduces himself) Inspector Marshall Mann.
Mary: You can just say Inspector.
Marshall: Pardon?
Mary: Well, I know you're a Marshal; we're all Marshals.
Marshall: No, that's my name.
Mary: What is?
Marshall: Marshall.
Mary: Inspector Marshal Marshall Mann.
Mary McCormack is pregnant IRL (with her third child). Congrats to her and her husband.

And they are writing the pregnancy into the show. Someone said that Mary was asked on Twitter if Steven Webber (Faber) would be back this coming season and she said that no, he wouldn't be back. Some others said they have sources who have told them that the baby's father will be someone we've never met, but that has been mentioned on the show ... but that we will meet him sometime this season. My guess is that it will be the guy she had a 36hr marriage to when she was 19. Hopefully whomever the guy is, he doesn't stay on the show long (maybe he doesn't want a kid) and Marshall can be the baby's father figure (even if he doesn't get together with Mary any time soon. Can you imagine the baby calling him "Uncle Marshie"? LOL).

This royally sucks for those of us who wanted Mary and Marshall together. If the baby can't be Marshall's, I'd much rather it be Raph's than anyone else's cause I did like her with Raph too. I like Steven Webber, but did not care for Faber, so hopefully those who said Faber's not the father are right.

The new season begins this Sunday (May 1st) on USA at 10/9c. :)
Okay, so the episode was pretty good. Abby is too perky a lot of the time and she looks too young for Marshall. My goodness she looks younger than Brandi even. I hope she doesn't last long.

The new office girl is annoying as heck, way too perky. LIke Abby perkiness times a million. Hope she doesn't last long either. Where's Charlie? I liked Charlie, he was kind of adorable. I want Charlie back. :(

Love love love that Mary convinced Faber to go back and try to make things work with his ex-wife. So glad they didn't make Mary/Faber anything more than a one time thing.

Brandi's hair is longer. Glad she and Peter are engaged, he is good for her. His parents were being jerks though.
With the way the dialogue seemed to be going at the end of the episode with Mary telling the couple they could have avoided all of this if they'd just admitted their feelings years ago, I kept thinking Marshall would tell Mary how he really feels about her. :sigh:
So the season finale... I loved that Marshall threw himself down on top of Mary on instinct when those bullet started flying. I have to admit, I was kind of hoping that Abby would get ticked over it and break up with him (because I'm a M/M shipper). I keep hoping they'll get rid of Delia because she's way too sunny/perky and its kind of annoying lol. I still miss Charlie and want him back pronto. Mark's okay, definitely better than Faber, but not as good as Raph and nowhere near as good as Marshall. : D

I'm so freaking pissed at Brandi though! She had a GREAT guy in Peter. Great guy... probably the best she will ever have... and she had to go and pull a "Runaway Bride" and leave him at the altar... I mean the hoopah (is that how its spelled?)... by the way, it was hilarious how Marshall kept saying "hoopah" to make Mary giggle. But, I'm so mad at Brandi. I really thought she was turning her life around, but... I'm so ticked that the writers ended Brandi/Peter like that. Is no one on this show allowed to have a good, stable relationship? I don't count Marshall/Abby because I can't see that lasting. They don't even have romantic chemistry and she looks too young for him.

I wonder if they will ever bring back Mary and Brandi's half siblings.
Okay, so the fourth season just ended and I saw someone on mention that they heard that Season Five would be the last season. That's all I know right now because that's all they said and they didn't provide a link or anything, so there's no solid proof that I know of. However, if this is the case, that makes me sad. If next season is the last, I hope they end the show with Mary/Marshall together in the romantic sense. :)