In Plain Sight- Witness. Protection.

From this week's TV Guide magazine (April 30-May 6 Chris O'Donnell & LL Cool J/NCIS: Los Angeles cover):

By the end of the finale, you'll see a tiny bit of change in Mary," McCormack promises. "Baby steps."

Out of Sight

After five quip-filled seasons, it's time to say goodbye to endearingly acerbic U.S. marshal Mary Shannon. "Filming the last episode was bittersweet," says Mary McCormack, who is wrapping up her gig as the Federal Witness Protection Program agent on USA's In Plain Sight. "Leaving the actors and the crew we've worked with for six years was sad, but on the flip side, this final season was great. Mary had an unexpected baby, and the amazing Stephen Lang came in to play my dad."

As for Friday's farewell episode, McCormack promises a surprise Shannon family reunion, revelations about her newly engaged partner Marshall (Frederick Weller) and his fiancée, Abigail (Rachel Boston), and fun with Mary's baby daddy, Mark (Bryan Callen), as well as new suitor Kenny (Josh Hopkins). And the gang will finally learn whether the Albuquerque office will be shuttered by those budget-cutting Washington bureaucrats. "A lot of things are tied up," the actress says. "Our goal is to leave the audience with the sense that they know where these people are going. Some fans will be happy about the resolution of Mary and Marshall, and some won't."

Whatever the outcome, McCormack's fans could soon be very happy: The actress stars in an ABC sitcom pilot about a newly unemployed executive-turned-reluctant stay-at-home mom. "I love the script and after doing this series, the [easy] hours make me weep!" she says. "On In Plain Sight, I'd do those hours before lunch!"—Ilene Rudolph

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I liked parts of the endings, but I wish I could have learned more about Brandi's storyline, Mary's boyfriend, Marshall's future and even Stan's lady love. It really could have been a 2 hour episode. It all happened to quick with not enough details.
I agree that the episode seemed really rushed. I would have liked it to be two hours. I want to know who the father of Brandi's baby is... even if they just had her say, "I got drunk one night, had a one night stand and ended up pregnant"... at least we'd know.

I did like Mary's line about Abigail being mad: "Abigail's got a mad switch? I thought she was always set to perky". :lol:

The "I love you" wasn't what the previews made it look like, sadly. Oh well. I like Mary with Kenny too. I just don't like Marshall with Abigail, I liked him better with Shelly lol. I just don't think Marshall/Abby meshed well. I don't think there was enough chemistry there. If they'd gotten a full season, its possible things would have ended differently.

I'm also sad that Brandi and Peter didn't get back together. Oh well.

I didn't think Stan and Tia Carrere's character meshed well either. I liked him better with that lady who used to work in the office. What was her name?

Stan's the new deputy director and Marshall's the new chief. I'm sad to see the show go. Hopefully people will still write fics on fanfic net. At least we didn't have to see M/A's wedding. I'm really gonna miss this show and I'm not interested in "Common Law" which will be on in IPS's timeslot. They put people in it that I have never seen before (or at least I don't think I have) except for Andrea Parker (Pretender, Less Than Perfect). The reason I started watching IPS was because I adore Paul Ben Victor because of "Invisible Man". I don't think I had ever seen Mary and Fred before (no, I didn't watch West Wing).

Sad to see this show go. Hopefully Fred and Paul will get new shows too.