In Plain Sight- Witness. Protection.

Thank you for sharing the article. I loved the first episode. I am gonna miss this show after this season, but I am enjoying everyone to the fullest.
A short article from TV Guide Magazine (last week's issue: March 12-18, 2012 with Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison & Josh Dallas-Once Upon a Time cover)

The End Is in Sight

As In Plain Sight enters its final season on a new night, Mary Shannon is back on the job, baby spit-up and all. "This is a turning point for Mary," says Mary McCormack of the cranky Federal Witness Security Program marshal she's embodied for five years. "She's a mother, something she never dreamed she'd be. She's finally being forced to change--which is her least favorite thing in the world." First, she'll have to visit a department shrink in order to get her gun back after killing a terrorist right before she gave birth in last season's finale. And there's more stress ahead: Her long-gone father (Terra Nova's Stephen Lang) will suddenly show up, and his daughter wants to know why. "Mary isn't the most forgiving person in the world," McCormack says emphatically. Look for some hanky-panky with a cute single dad (Josh Hopkins) and the return of "the wonderful" Cristián de la Fuente who plays Mary's ex-fiancé Raphael. "I wasn't feeling sad [about the end of the series] until Cristián was on set," the actress admits. "He shot the pilot with me six years ago!" --Ilene Rudolph

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Why is Raph returning? I'd liked them together back in the day, but not now. I hope they don't put them back together. I'd really love for the series to end with Marshall and Mary together, or at least with hope that they are heading that way.

Is Josh Hopkins the one that plays Grayson on Cougar Town?
Why is Raph returning?

Is Josh Hopkins the one that plays Grayson on Cougar Town?

I don't think he'll be back to get back with Mary, IMO. They didn't really have a relationship anyway; just great sex, right? :lol:

Yes, same guy. He was also on a short-lived CBS show called Swingtown.
Why is Raph returning?

Is Josh Hopkins the one that plays Grayson on Cougar Town?

I don't think he'll be back to get back with Mary, IMO. They didn't really have a relationship anyway; just great sex, right? :lol:

Yes, same guy. He was also on a short-lived CBS show called Swingtown.

Raph got close to Brandi at one point (as just friends, of course.) Maybe he comes back to help her with her issues? Just guessing. As for Josh Hopkins... I LOVED him on Swingtown. I loved that show. I wish it had made it another season.
Marshall and Stan were so cute with baby Norah. And of course Mark canceled on his day with Norah at the last second. :rolleyes:
I loved Marshall and Stan with Norah. Stan was also very cute with his crush on dance teacher. It was weird seeing the chick who was a love interest for Mac (the doctor one) in another role. I liked her better on here than CSINY. Beth the doll lover was insane. I was worried something was gonna happen to Delia. It cool to see Carlos Ramirez aka the alpaca guy again. Great episode!
Yeah, I like Carlos. It's weird, I didn't realize until after the episode was over that its the same guy who played Meemo on Miami lol.
Did anyone else notice that when Marshall was talking to Mary about Abigail, he said, "I love {big pause} coming home to Abigail". It felt like he was going to say he loves Abigail, but then he couldn't bring himself to say it. That was kind of weird.

Another thing, when the Native American cop lady (sorry, I forgot her name) told him that if things with his detective (Abby) didn't work out he could always come find her again... did anyone else notice Marshall kind of bow his head like, "yeah, that won't happen" and then he looked over at Mary? The cop kind of noticed it too, cause she looked to where his line of sight was and saw Mary. I think she sensed something.

If there wasn't a reason behind those scenes, then the writers are toying with the viewers who want M/M together lol.
I giggled so much during Mary's reaction to Stan kissing his girlfriend and the fact that Oscar was licking all over Marshall's face at the same time Stan was kissing his girlfriend.

Loved the references to Mary being Marshall's "work wife".

But, ugh... I don't like Marshall/Abby. Why did they have to go and have him propose to her?

Raph's married? What the hell is the point of bringing him back just so he can announce "I'm married". Ugh. They did that with Riley on BTVS and I hated it. And I bet the person at Mary's door is gonna be her dad.
Still don't see the point in Raph's return. I like Kenny, but I'm still for Mary/Marshall being the end game. Doubt it will be though. Don't like that Stan has to let one of the inspectors go, but if he does, it better not be Mary or Marshall. Mary would go nuts with anyone else as her partner and Marshall would miss Mary. Plus, Mary arrested her father. Most people probably wouldn't have been able to do that.

I was laughing so hard at Mary's reaction to seeing Marshall in drag. Her eyes were so expressive.

I said thank you to Oscar when he jumped on the bed and separated Marshall and Abby when they were kissing. It seems like every episode has been ending with the two of them kissing lately and its kind of irritating LOL.
Did they really just kill off Scott?

The FBI guy is still annoying. I still want to smack him LOL.

So Marshall's dad knows Abigail isn't the one Marshall really wants... since she's not the one he goes to help at 4am (cause that's Mary). And Mary totally would have gotten Marshall's ring size correct. Abby was off by quite a bit since the ring wouldn't even go past Marshall's knuckle. And Marshall was the first one Mary called after dropping her dad off at the FBI.

It's sad that there's only two episodes left. :(
I hate that there are only 2 episodes left. I have loved the season so far. I really loved seeing Marshall in drag. I will never look at him the same. Oscar jumping on the bed is exactly what my dog goes when I kiss my hubby. Sorry I don't have much to post. I watched two in a row to catch up and they ran together. LOL
I seriously wish someone would get rid of that FBI weasel. Mary did once, but he came back like a cockroach lol.

Glad Mary's family is now safe... aside from Scott and James, of course.

Preview showed Marshall telling Mary he loves her. Finally! I wonder if she'll say it back. :fingers crossed: