Horatio/DC #15: 'Back To Basics'

The way I see it, Horatio just needs someone he can trust, and in my opinion, that person isn't Renee or Eric. He's only just met Renee, and Horatio doesn't seem like the type of person that would give up his secrets to a woman he just met. Plus, you don't need to be in a romantic relationship with someone in order to trust them.

As for Eric...no. Just no. Personally, I've had enough of the bromance and would love for Eric to leave for good. Every time I heard H utter the word "brother" (when referring to Eric, that is) last season, I swear my ears bled a little.

The only reason why I would want Yelina to come back would be to see Ray Jr again, since we haven't seen him since Season 5.

I'd love to see Kyle come back...and maybe he could be the one to help Horatio with his suffering. It would make for some great father/son moments, which we really haven't gotten to see (except in Dishonor, which I don't remember that well).

The other option would be having Horatio come to terms with everything on his own, which would give Caruso a chance to really shine, in my opinion.

I think David shines whether he's sharing the scene with someone else or not :)

For someone to comfort him and help him recover, Kyle is my ideal choice, of course. I missed the father/son interaction dearly in season 9. But if they can't or don't want to bring Evan Ellingson back, then Eric is better than nothing. He is closer to Horatio then any of the other team members.
I have seen most of his movies. He was part of an ensemble cast in a made for TV movie back in the early 80's called Athens 1896: The First Olympics and I thought he did an outstanding job in that movie.

Deadlocked is also a great picture that I wish they would release to DVD here in the states - I have it on VHS for now.

Session 9 is weird but it DOES show just how much range DC has, and that's what I love about it.

I too loved him on NYPD Blue and wish he would have done more, but like another poster said, if he hadn't made the choices he had, we might not have Horatio Caine the way he should be so I can live with just one season of DC's NYPD Blue work. (Rockin' Robin was the best episode ... IMO.)

Black Point was a quality flick, one I can easily watch repeatedly, but by far my favorite is Jade. If you ever get a chance to see the unrated, director's cut of the film, I recommend it. (That particular version is not available on DVD in the states -at least not that I have found, I had to get a used VHS copy off of Amazon). It adds a few extras here and there and an alternate ending that I wish they had left in the film.

But back to Horatio ... I'm willing to give Renee a chance, I just hope the writers don't screw it up. I can't take another goofy, awkward romance storyline for Horatio. Season 4 and the whole Marisol thing was so painful to watch there were some eps I literally wanted to abuse myself for watching them.

I would like Yelina to come back but I highly doubt that is going to happen as Sophia Milos in now a lead character on a new show called Borders. If the Renee thing doesn't work out, then just bring back Kyle, DC and EE work really well together and I would rather see quality father-son bonding than an awkward relationship that no one really gets or understands.
It would be nice to see Horatio in some kind of relationship; much as I love the character, after 8 seasons, the "tortured souled loner" routine is getting a bit monotonous, tbh!

The whole Marisol thing was a bit of a flop - tptb really should have decided it was a bad idea in the cutting room, not after airing a couple of episodes then running out of ideas where to go with it, which is how it came across. And I don't think a Yelina-Horatio fling is ever going to happen - they've gone on so long NOT getting it on that to do it now would just feel forced and, again, like the writers ran out of fresh ideas. I can't comment on Renee as Season 9 hasn't aired here yet, and I think I'm right that she only appeared in the final episode, so I'd want to follow it through into season 10 before making any judgment!

I agree it would be good to see some more Horatio-Kyle stuff going on - I sometimes wonder what was the point in introducing Kyle if they're not going to do anything with the character or the relationship. Most of his appearances have been in relation to Julia, or to add a bit more angst to Horatio's life, which again is a bit boring after a while. As for Eric and his relationship with H, tbh I can take him or leave him!

I'm looking forward to Season 9 (I think it's scheduled to start here just after I go away on my holidays!:mad:) as I've heard so many mixed reviews I'm now really curious to see it all unfold!
Yes, Renee was only in the season finale, and then they were both so busy trying to track down Toller there wasn't a chance for any chemistry to be seen. Natasha Henstridge is confirmed to come back for at least the season ten premiere, so we'll see how that turns out. I'm hoping H won't end up depressed and alone once more.
Which one? There are a lot of epis where I feel sorry for him! David does the 'tortured soul' act so good, I have to remind myself it's not real!!
Don't remember Shootout... I know, Lost Son is one of the saddest yet one of the best episodes in the show's history.
This is some info on 10.01

"Following traumatic near-death experiences, Horatio and Natalia struggle to keep moving and hunt down the men responsible for their ordeals."

At last a confirmation: Horatio is okay! I never doubted that he wouldn't be, but it is always nice to know!!!

:D :D :D :D :D
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