Horatio/DC #15: 'Back To Basics'

I've got two CSI Miami posters. If I were not in Mexico I would order more from Ebay. That's where I got my CSI stuff.
Nice :) I'd like to see a photo of your whole collection, maybe you could take one sometime? Have you seen any of David's movies?
Hey guys, just wanted to pop in and remind you to add a little more content to your posts; the short back-and-forth stuff is great for IMing and Private Messaging, but here we'd like a little more in the form of discussion. :) This goes for the Facebook thread as well. Thanks! :)

Kaunis Mies, I definitely recommend trying to find some of David's movies. :D I own Kiss of Death (and the first season of NYPD Blue), though I would suggest trying to find Session 9. Very creepy movie, but really well done on David's end. He was also great in Proof of Life, albeit in a supporting role.

Oh! I forgot to add, he was great in Hill Street Blues too if you can find it (he was in quite a bit of episodes).

My favourite pre-Miami role though had to be NYPD Blue. :eek: I almost wish he'd have stayed on the show, but then we might not have him on Miami so...it worked out. :lol:
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Nice to see the thread going again. To add to the convo I say: Don't like too much profanity but it's unavoidable at times; it really worked for Kiss of Death- David sure keeps his NY roots (as far as a West Coast person like myself can see authentic but INTENSE- cool). Movies I've liked- BlackPoint and Kiss of Death, but I LOVED Jade- Jade was very sexy and definitely had some 'bromance' in it- I think the hubby/friend (Matt) of DC's character was as in love with his best friend(David was called David in that film) as he was with his wife- would have loved to have seen something male/male/female in that regard. As for Renee, I wish she would leave quietly- Horatio's in pain and who is best to nurture and heal him, someone that he can trust? Yelina! I hope she returns. Happy 4th of July! and a Belated Happy Canada Day (July 1st) to all the Canadians out there!
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I have seen him in China Girl, Proof of Life, Cold Around the Heart, King of New York, Mad Dog and Glory, and of course NYPD Blue. He's fantastic in everything; I just love to watch him.
As far as Yelina, I disagree. I know she and Horatio share a bond, but bringing her back will only anguish him more. They can't be together comfortably, because there will always be that unspoken affection and longing for each other that they must suppress because Yelina was married to his brother. I liked Yelina but hated seeing Horatio go through that. Even if a fairytale ending doesn't happen for him and Renee, maybe she can ease his pain for a while and make him happy. That's what I want to see most in the upcoming season, that old smile back on Horatio's face like it was in the Marisol days.
Well, I think the only one who can help H at the moment is the one who actually understands both the personal anguish, and the physical and mental trauma of nearly losing your life. Eric. Who worships the ground he walks on anyway. H does not need a romance. Not yet.
On the subject of David's films... Has anyone mentioned Bodycount? He's hard, brutal, swears a lot... but he'll break your heart at the end. (Well, mine anyway.)
Haven't seen that one... wish I could find more of David's movies.
I completely agree on Eric, however. I hope the writers use this opportunity to restrengthen the brother bond between them.
The way I see it, Horatio just needs someone he can trust, and in my opinion, that person isn't Renee or Eric. He's only just met Renee, and Horatio doesn't seem like the type of person that would give up his secrets to a woman he just met. Plus, you don't need to be in a romantic relationship with someone in order to trust them.

As for Eric...no. Just no. Personally, I've had enough of the bromance and would love for Eric to leave for good. Every time I heard H utter the word "brother" (when referring to Eric, that is) last season, I swear my ears bled a little.

The only reason why I would want Yelina to come back would be to see Ray Jr again, since we haven't seen him since Season 5.

I'd love to see Kyle come back...and maybe he could be the one to help Horatio with his suffering. It would make for some great father/son moments, which we really haven't gotten to see (except in Dishonor, which I don't remember that well).

The other option would be having Horatio come to terms with everything on his own, which would give Caruso a chance to really shine, in my opinion.
Of the movies, so far I've seen Blackpoint, Bodycount, Deadlocked, Jade, Kiss of Death, Proof of Life, and Session 9. Deadlocked and Kiss of Death are my personal favourites. Blackpoint was OK, I think, but I was writing a uni assignment while it was on, and I think I may have missed some of the finer points of the movie! Enjoyed Proof of Life, and thought Session 9 was weird!

Movies I've liked- BlackPoint and Kiss of Death, but I LOVED Jade
I've only seen Jade once, and I can't decide whether I like it or not. What there was of it was OK, but it felt to me like an intro to a story rather than a whole story. It felt like it was going to go somewhere, and then it finished, so... hmmm... not sure. Might have to watch it again.

On the subject of David's films... Has anyone mentioned Bodycount? He's hard, brutal, swears a lot... but he'll break your heart at the end. (Well, mine anyway.)
Just watched Bodycount a couple weeks ago, and loved it! How he didn't kill John Leguizamo in the first ten minutes I'll never know!:guffaw: The ending wasn't right, of course - I was sat in front of the TV thinking, "No, you can't do that! That's not in the script!!"

And I have to say, I quite like David playing mean and moody badass characters, and I love the cursing... but that's just me!!

Now all this talk has got me in the mood to watch them all again so... I'm off to raid my DVD shelf! :lol: