Horatio/DC #15: 'Back To Basics'

fanilowchick,spoilers outside of the spoiler thread need to be listed with a spoiler tag because some don't want to know what's going to happen ahead of time.

Horatio will be okay!
That's why I didn't post all the info on the premiere. But come on, who on the Horatio thread doesn't want to know that Horatio
is alive?!!
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Just letting you know one of the rules fanilow.You can check with a mod if you like.There are posters on this board that don't even visit the spoiler thread because they really don't want to know anything until the episodes airs. It doesn't matter if you don't post all the info,it still needs to be under a spoiler tag.:)
That's why I didn't post all the info on the premiere. But come on, who on the Horatio thread doesn't want to know that Horatio
is alive?!!

I don't! I found out Jesse dies because someone put as their avatar a pic saying "RIP Jesse", and that was bad enough! :(
quick jump in subject for a second...maybe someone can tell me where the appropriate place is to address this, but I need to know. I ran across some stuff quite by accident today about DC that really kind of upset me. is there any credence to the rumors that he's a relapsed, abusive drunk who throws tantrums on the set of 'miami', acts like a total diva and makes life miserable for his co-stars? is it true he mentally abused the mother of his 2 kids and told her to abort Marquez and that he beats his kids? I thought he'd grown up and changed from the jerk he was during the '90's. I read too that the reason he's gotten heavier in recent years is because he started drinking again and is a total moron on-set. I am so sad by all of this I can't even say. I really believed that he'd become a nice, decent guy. I don't think I can watch csi miami anymore knowing this and that makes me so sorry.
^^^This sound like another case of "You can't believe everything you see on teh Interwebz!"

I don't know if you knew, but Caruso had a stalker a couple years ago who spread some really nasty and completely untrue rumors about him on the Internet, among other things. Since I haven't heard of any new stalkers, I assume the site you found that info on is what's left of the old stalker's smear campaign.

So, in short, NO, none of that stuff is true.
No elliecat, it isn't. He had an obsessed stalker who completely dragged his name through the mud and made threats to both him and his loved ones. The stalker who did this to DC has since been locked up, but unfortunately, once something is put out there on the internet its there forever. I strongly suggest ignoring any information you find out there unless it came directly from the man's lips or from a reputable news source.
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it was more than one article. when I read the first one I was so horrified that, stupid me, I kept looking. I'm assuming the person you are referring to is 'Vixen'? I know her blog is just a lot of hatred-spewing. but there was stuff on there that wasn't from her at all and it was just as bad. I know he used to be a flaming arse back in the day. but he was young and by his own admission arrogant and a little overwhelmed by his instant popularity. I'm an old time David fan, but it took me a long time to warm up to him again after the way he left NYPD Blue. I honestly hope it is all a lot of crap, especially the part about him giving Rory Cochrane a nervous break-down and his relapsing into alcoholism. much as it would suck I would have to stop being part of his fan base. I hope you're right, Raveyn.
Why are people always so willing to believe the worst?

"Because the worst sometimes, unfortunately happens to be true and it breaks hearts and spirits. I too want to know about this- is this rumor or is there truth to it- I want to believe the best about DC but I have noticed the bloat in his body over the past seasons and worried about it. To ask about the unpleasant side of things in Talk is to invite a firestorm- I've found that out- but I believe and I HOPE NONE of this is TRUE... however,truth is better. I'd like to request a mod to answer ellicatt and clear all of this up for those of us out there who want to know.

If it's not true and it's just rumor I'll breathe a sigh of relief. If it is- then I send prayers and thoughts to the poor man and his family- they'll need it...

Seriously- ruby&theheadmen
Whether it is true or not, these things are being put out there as rumors - meaning, there has never been confirmation, no headlining news, no words from reliable sources. It should not be discussed here.