Horatio/DC#14: Even heroes have the right to bleed

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I am still attempting to learn how to navigate the new format for this discussion board. I am going to try to treat DC fans with one of my fav pics of him. Enjoy


The Good Rebecca
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Welcome back, Rebecca_V. :) The Miami Info & Help Thread has some updated information regarding recent changes if you'd like to take a look, however, you may even choose to use it as a general refresher as well. And feel free to send myself or Wyoming a PM if you have any questions or concerns regarding the new board system.

That's an awesome image, thanks for sharing.

None of my family likes Caruso either (or my friends for that matter) but they also haven't started watching Miami since the beginning. They started out watching seasons 4,5,6, so it's hard to really get to know the 'original' aspects of the character that were presented in earlier seasons. He's the one character that seems to have changed the most, in my eyes and I can understand why some find him unappealing. That said, he's still one of my favourites.

I actually had the opportunity to see 'King(s?) of New York' and 'Hudson Hawk' recently. They make me appreciate Horatio a lot more, I have to say. :lol: Well, the first isn't all that bad but I didn't quite understand HH. It was...out there, heh.
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Ok, been gone for forever.... and am TOTALLY lost at navigating the new boards!! It took me forever to figure out how to log in!!!

Good to be back on the HC thread though- WOOHOO!!!! :D

Anyways, I am here with the happy news (for me :p )! Our one channel, FST5 (Swedish-speaking channel ) started to show Hill Street Blues from the beginning and as everyone knows our lovely David was in it... I missed the first episode where he was, saw the 2nd and mad I was laughing so hard... oh the hair, the hat and the whole attitude with his character :lol: :lol:
LOL he looks sooooo different in a t-shirt and jeans! Heehee..that video looks kinda odd. The head angle is too straight!

But you gotta love the guy :)
it's ages sinces i have been up here,shift change at work means i don't have enough time:confused:. Managed to pick up the film Jade the other day watched it on friday night,it was slow to start with but once i got into the film i thought it was good
:eek::drool: this is sooooo cute, he loves his son. the best photo of dad and son. i hope we will see some new photos soon.:confused:
My affection for H is growing... I didnt like him at first, but his compassion in helping people has won his place!!

Plus he's kinda hot in glasses at times (hides under table! Shhhh!)
No need to hide, I think he looks kinda hot in his sunnies too!

But I somehow hate his look this season, not sure why, something doesn't look right on him...
i have got NEW pictures of David and his son!

^Thanks for those cute pics.:adore:
Plus he's kinda hot in glasses at times (hides under table! Shhhh!)
Oh, you're definately not the only one that thinks that. I think the sunglasses are becoming his best feature.:drool:
But I somehow hate his look this season, not sure why, something doesn't look right on him...
I know, I don't know what it is.....I think he needs to do something different with his hair or something. I loved the way he looked last season. He should go back to that look.
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