Horatio/DC#14: Even heroes have the right to bleed

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*throws confetti* Congrats on the new thread guys! I love the title! Are you gonna let DC/H out long enough to party with us? ;)
Allright, I've let him out so he can party with all of us to celebrate the new thread! *Lets DC out of Hummer* :D :devil:

I've also brought cookies... dig in y'all!!! Let's celebrate another 999 posts of HC/DC goodness to come!!!
Yay new thread!! :D *does happy dancing*
Thanx for the cookies SpeedsDaughter!!

We need a pic to celebrate!! One of my personal favourites!!


I just love him! :) :devil: <3
YAY!!! new thread!! I hope you don't mind that i brought Speed along. seeing as he's handcuffed to me :D *throws confeti and passes out cupcakes and sodas* and nice pic Patricia!!!
Hooray! A new thread!

I know this headline belongs to a serious article about a serious subject, but seeing it cracked me up.

As foreclosures mount, D.C. debates answer

Wow, super H can fix mortgage issues too?? :lol:
I like the picture and the title. The title really fits Horatio, but hopefully we will see a happy Horatio this season. It would be nice to see him in a playful mood. David Caruso seems to have a great sense of humor. The writers should make more use of it.
What a great title!!! Definitely something I would written in one of my poems or in the lyrics for the metal band I used to play with :D

One of my favourite pics!!!
Yes, we need a happy Horatio!!! A nice Season 2 one would work... think they have any left? :D

Love the picture... very nice. Since DC seems to be having a nice time with y'all, I'll let him stay until someone else snags him. Until then... I'll take a soda there Need4Speed!!! :D
sure *hands soda to Speedsdaughter* and i hope you all don't mind that Speed is taggin along with me in the thread. seeing as we're handcuffed together...*points to location*
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