Horatio/DC#14: Even heroes have the right to bleed

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Welcome back! I love your icon - too funny!

NYPD Blue was really good first season - I missed it the first time around, but got caught up thanks to TNT. He was so good, and I loved the part with David Schwimmer as the lawyer John has to deal with - cracked me up. You will feel the emotions in his last episode - it was a sad farewell.
john kelly is cocky and a smartass...it's fantastic. and that really came out in '4b or not 4b' and then he was really emotional when he gave that talk at the apartments. he's amazing!

all of the emotions that horatio lacks, john has. if i could somehow morph the two characters into one super dc character i would never leave the house.

i've heard what happens...not looking forward to it at all. :(
Early part of season 2, John was trying to keep his girlfriend from getting in trouble for a murder she did of a mobster, so it cost him his career instead. It was a nice goodbye scene at the end, though.
Welcome back ilh214 :) and thanks everyone for your welcome backs earlier on the page.

Unfortunately I didn't get season 4 of Miami on dvd for Christmas, so instead I ordered it from a seller on Amazon yesterday. Am hoping it will arrive early next week. But in the meantime I've been looking through the new posts in this thread and drooling all over the H/DC pictures people have been posting. Very yummy :devil: I can't make up my mind which colour suit (dark or white) I prefer H in...or perhaps just no suit at all? :devil:

Nice to see all this lovely eye-candy ;) Will be good to see him for real when I receive my dvds. Thoughts on best Horatio episode in season 4?
Thoughts on best Horatio episode in season 4?
I would have to say 'Felony Flight' and the NY crossover episode 'Manhattan Manhunt'. Or maybe that's because Mac Taylor was there too? :D 'Nailed' is also a great episode, but not because of H. I was so disappointed by Season 4 Horatio that I can't even recommend an episode based on how great he was. So, I guess I'm not much help! Sorry wibbs - but you know how I feel about Season 4. ;)
Well i am liking him in Season One of the show as in all of them. He played the papa bear/ authority figure very well in the lab. Everyone was good. I guess i'm becoming more of a fangirl of his than i thought possible.
i love S1 and S2 H!! and i must admit S6 H is a major improvement from last season!! let me tell ya!! best S3 ep for H HAS to be Lost Son for the most obvious reason in the entire world althoug i'm not going into the details cause i might start crying... best S4 ep...i think is Under Susupicion
*pops in*

Well, as far as seasons go, definitely season one. I miss the Horatio who used to put on a lab coat, a pair of gloves and then analyze the evidence like a REAL CSI! Although I think there was one episode somewhere in the recent past where he did do some analyzing, I just don't keep up with it enough to remember which episode it was. As for my favorite episode for H in season four, there is none. I hated season four with a passion, and I'm very glad it's over :D. I love H, but the story lines they gave him were a bit over the top for me.
Haven't posted here in a long time but I have been lurking. I think season 4 wasn't that bad, except for when H hooked up with Marisol. :rolleyes:

I think the earlier episodes of season 4 weren't bad, and I agree 'Under Suspicion' was very good. I like 'From the Grave' too. And I also enjoyed the NY cross-overs.
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