Horatio/DC#14: Even heroes have the right to bleed

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Thanks for the pic dogbert - that's great :lol:

Well, I know I haven't posted in here for yonks but I'm hoping I'll get season 4 of Miami on dvd for Christmas. Then I can finally catch up on some of H's more recent adventures :D even though a lot of people here have said the quality of the episodes declined somewhat during this season. Can't wait for some new doses of H :cool: When I start watching, I'll make sure to get here with my thoughts on H in the episodes :)

In the meantime...

Takes H fans back to the good 'ole S1 days, eh? ;)
Good to see you back here wibbs. :D

For me, it wasn't just the quality of the episodes that declined in Season 4, but the H character started to become a huge disappointment to me. He became detached from his team and very lacklustre. So many things didn't sit right with me about the entire season, but it will be interesting to read your thoughts on it. ;)
wibbs! *huggles* :D Here's to hoping you do get season 4 for Christmas so you can catch up and sit your tush in this thread more often. :p

It's the same for me ^ it's Horatio that disappointed me the most about season four--though that's not to say I didn't enjoy watching him onscreen, I just found him more detached, therefore I felt myself a bit detached from reacting to much of what was happening. Kind of that "Eh, whatever." type feeling. But to each his own, I hope to hear your thoughts wibbsy.

Excellent picture! Definitely the good ol' days. :D 'Golden Parachute' was a great episode.
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